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Many Adventures of a Nomadic Poet A young poet with Asperger's makes travel his passion, and away he goes...

Anikka and Me

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 15 Aug 2023 | Views [41]

Two of the most beautiful days of my life happened yesterday and today. I've mentioned her in several previous stories and I'm writing about her again. Anikka "Miss Double-K" is the absolute dearest lady in my life. When I arrived yesterday I ran with ... Read more >

Photos: Angkor Wat

CAMBODIA | Tuesday, 1 Aug 2023 | Photo Gallery

The world's largest religious complex. Also includes photos from Siem Reap
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Photos: Johannesburg

SOUTH AFRICA | Saturday, 22 Jul 2023 | Photo Gallery

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Apartheid Museum

SOUTH AFRICA | Saturday, 22 Jul 2023 | Views [6]

Two months of gallavanting Southern Africa has come down to the final two days. Unfortunately I had only about five days in Botswana because I spent a lot more time than I originally planned in Angola. At the border yesterday I stuck my thumb out, and ... Read more >

Photos: Gaborone

BOTSWANA | Monday, 17 Jul 2023 | Photo Gallery

Botswana's capital
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A Zoo in Reverse

NAMIBIA | Thursday, 13 Jul 2023 | Views [64]

The Africa of my childhood imagination came to be today. With a private driver I was off into Etosha National Park, which is a land of thousands of animals that are symbolic of Africa. Shortly after entering through the Namutoni Gate, the first animal ... Read more >

Photos: Etosha National Park

NAMIBIA | Thursday, 13 Jul 2023 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Serra da Leba

ANGOLA | Saturday, 8 Jul 2023 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Tundavala

ANGOLA | Friday, 7 Jul 2023 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Lubango

ANGOLA | Friday, 7 Jul 2023 | Photo Gallery

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Centre of Angola

ANGOLA | Tuesday, 4 Jul 2023 | Views [40]

Leaving Huambo behind, I wanted to take a trip to the geographical centre of Angola. A minibus would get me to Kuito which, from what I saw from the bus window, looks like an attractive town. Getting to Camacupa (sometimes spelled "Kamacupa") involved ... Read more >

Photos: Camacupa

ANGOLA | Tuesday, 4 Jul 2023 | Photo Gallery

The centre of Angola
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Photos: Huambo

ANGOLA | Saturday, 1 Jul 2023 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Lobito and Benguela

ANGOLA | Tuesday, 27 Jun 2023 | Photo Gallery

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Piedras Negras

ANGOLA | Saturday, 24 Jun 2023 | Views [11]

I’m still wondering…how the hell was I the only foreign visitor at Kalandula Falls? If it were Victoria Falls I’d be jockeying for space with many other visitors and I likely couldn’t fly Juliett (my drone). Yesterday I ended ... Read more >

Photos: Piedras Negras

ANGOLA | Friday, 23 Jun 2023 | Photo Gallery

A spectacular series of rocks with practically no visitors
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Photos: Kalandula

ANGOLA | Thursday, 22 Jun 2023 | Photo Gallery

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Quedas de Kalandula

ANGOLA | Thursday, 22 Jun 2023 | Views [26]

Luanda isn't as bad or as expensive as some people make it out to be, and I certainly felt safer walking round Luanda than round Cape Town or even Windhoek. However, I didn't come to Angola to spend all of my time in Luanda. After quickly arranging ... Read more >

Questioned and... Appreciated

ANGOLA | Sunday, 18 Jun 2023 | Views [30]

Angola doesn't get many visitors. Most foreigners who are here are working, not taking pictures. Police, soldiers, and the average local wonder why someone would travel from all the way around the world to take a photo of a building. Today ... Read more >

Taking on Angola

ANGOLA | Friday, 16 Jun 2023 | Views [22]

It looks like a creature struggling to be accepted but reaching out and asking for a hug or a handshake; that's what Angola is shaped like. It is one of my favourite country shapes. "Why would you want to go to Angola?" one may wonder. Firstly, it's ... Read more >

Photos: Luanda

ANGOLA | Friday, 16 Jun 2023 | Photo Gallery

Angola's capital and largest city
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Photos: Cunene

ANGOLA | Thursday, 15 Jun 2023 | Photo Gallery

Where I entered Angola. Also includes photos from the bus journey to Luanda
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Photos: Windhoek

NAMIBIA | Monday, 12 Jun 2023 | Photo Gallery

Namibia's capital
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NAMIBIA | Saturday, 10 Jun 2023 | Views [7]

At 55 million years, the Namib Desert is the world's oldest desert as well as being how Namibia derives its name. Synonymous with sand dunes and sun, Sossusvlei is where I'd explore today. I had difficulty sleeping last night but I was up early with ... Read more >

Photos: Sossusvlei

NAMIBIA | Saturday, 10 Jun 2023 | Photo Gallery

Sand dunes and rich colour
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Photos: Walvis Bay

NAMIBIA | Thursday, 8 Jun 2023 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Dorob National Park

NAMIBIA | Wednesday, 7 Jun 2023 | Photo Gallery

sand dunes galore
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Photos: Swakopmund

NAMIBIA | Monday, 5 Jun 2023 | Photo Gallery

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NAMIBIA | Saturday, 3 Jun 2023 | Views [11]

Fish River Canyon is postponed for now. The 5-day hike I booked more than a year ago is off the table for the time being, not due to COVID-19 issues or visa-related issues, but due to badly straining my hip last week. For the past several days I was ... Read more >

Photos: Jakkalswater

NAMIBIA | Saturday, 3 Jun 2023 | Photo Gallery

Thanks to Valereis, a most spectacular area I stayed at deep in the heart of Namibia
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Photos: IIKaras

NAMIBIA | Friday, 2 Jun 2023 | Photo Gallery

Southernmost region of Nambia
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Lion's Head

SOUTH AFRICA | Saturday, 27 May 2023 | Views [56]

An absolutely gorgeous day it was today. Cape Town is up there with a place like Washington, D.C.; I can spend a few weeks here and still not be bored. There are many great hikes in the area. The two countries I've prepared for most in terms of safety ... Read more >

Bottom of Africa

SOUTH AFRICA | Thursday, 25 May 2023 | Views [44]

Cape Town on a one-way ticket...yessir! After 2 1/2 months in the USA visiting family and spending the time with my Dad, I'm eager to be out exploring the world again. I'll be with all of them again in September when my sister, Ashley gets married. My ... Read more >

Photos: Cape Town

SOUTH AFRICA | Thursday, 25 May 2023 | Photo Gallery

The most spectacular setting of any city I've ever visited!
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Photos: Toronto

CANADA | Sunday, 21 May 2023 | Photo Gallery

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Geocaching Day Tour

BERMUDA | Thursday, 4 May 2023 | Views [55]

It's my final full day in Bermuda, and I'm always really hard on myself when I set a goal. 100 geocaches I wanted to find in Bermuda in a week here, and I'm leaving tomorrow. Until today I'd searched for over a hundred but had only found 63. Last night ... Read more >


BERMUDA | Tuesday, 2 May 2023 | Views [45]

The water screams with electric blue. Pastel-coloured homes gleam serenity upon the most jaded traveller. Wind drifts across your face with that calm feeling. Bermuda is truly a magical place! Juan de Bermudez, who discovered Bermuda in 1505, is who ... Read more >

Bermuda, Ahoy!

BERMUDA | Saturday, 29 Apr 2023 | Views [77]

"You can go to heaven if you want to. I'd rather stay in Bermuda." -Mark Twain For the first time I've taken a journey where geocaching is my dominant goal as there are a lot of them in Bermuda. Upon landing yesterday on my Delta flight, I immediately ... Read more >

Photos: Bermuda

BERMUDA | Friday, 28 Apr 2023 | Photo Gallery

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National Mall...Continued

USA | Thursday, 6 Apr 2023 | Views [36]

The National Mall...I just can't get enough of it. D.C. simply has loads and loads (or in American terms, lots and lots) to see and do. It was warm and sunny today just like yesterday. Tickets for the Washington Monument were again booked out today. ... Read more >

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