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Many Adventures of a Nomadic Poet A young poet with Asperger's makes travel his passion, and away he goes...

What Goes Up...Must Come Down

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 29 Jul 2021 | Views [20]

It was a long journey to the Tip of Australia, so it was gonna be a long journey down. This is one of those very special journeys where I've had to just roll with the punches. Regardless if I've had to sleep in a tent or give up after several hours with ... Read more >

Photos: Thursday Island

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 27 Jul 2021 | Photo Gallery

Torres Strait
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AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 27 Jul 2021 | Views [26]

Now that I've been to the Tip of Australia, I feel I have to go even further north. If it were possible at the moment I would try to get across to Papua New Guinea. Until recently I figured the Torres Strait Islands were somewhat like Norfolk Island ... Read more >

On Top of Australia!

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 25 Jul 2021 | Views [44]

I'm on top of the world!!!! A euphoric feeling I had today, like that feeling Jack had as he stood at the front of the Titanic. After reaching Bamaga yesterday I thought about making a B-line for the Tip but I thought I'd rather do it when I'm refreshed ... Read more >

Archer River to Bamaga

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 24 Jul 2021 | Views [44]

I made it as far as Weipa a couple of days ago and that's where my progress somewhat stalled. There's not a lot to do in Weipa but it's a good provision stop and the beachside campground is really lovely. I should add that I met some really lovely people ... Read more >

Journey to the Cape...Begins

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 21 Jul 2021 | Views [30]

An extraordinary adventure has begun. The Australian version of Alaska's Dalton Highway or Russia's Kolyma Highway is in my eyes. The journey to Cape York is known as the "Trip to the Tip." It's something of a pilgrimage or rite of passage for many Aussies;... Read more >

Photos: Cape York Peninsula

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 16 Jul 2021 | Photo Gallery

An extraordinary journey through some wild country. Cooktown, Hope Vale, and then all the way to the Top of Australia!
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Photos: Kuranda

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 13 Jul 2021 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Yarrabah

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 11 Jul 2021 | Photo Gallery

Indigenous community a short driving distance from Cairns, yet a world away...
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Like a Kid Again...

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 8 Jul 2021 | Views [40]

Travelling with Cate and her two kids has been a real highlight these past couple of days. This morning we started with a walk to Scallywags Cafe for brekkie. Coffee and a big breakfast would start another big day. Why didn't my parents take all of us ... Read more >

Photos: Magnetic Island

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 7 Jul 2021 | Photo Gallery

Koalas, wallabies, and a very peaceful air
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Isle of Attractions

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 7 Jul 2021 | Views [72] | Comments [2]

Of all aspects of travel, the people I meet are what I appreciate most. A stand-out tourist site or a beautiful beach will always be there but it's the people who often alter the course of your travels, and that happened to me the other day. Outside ... Read more >

Photos: Townsville

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 6 Jul 2021 | Photo Gallery

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TED Talk

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 26 Jun 2021 | Views [22]

What a day! Today I attended my first in-person TED Talk. A number of speakers were there covering a varying range of topics. My dream is to do my own TED Talk, and I can think of a number of topics I can discuss.  Being here today required working ... Read more >

Photos: Coolangatta and Tweed Heads

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 16 Jun 2021 | Photo Gallery

Two states in one day!
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Until We Meet Again...

NORFOLK ISLAND | Tuesday, 15 Jun 2021 | Views [25]

Sad I am today. Eight times I've been to Norfolk Island, and for the 8th time, I'm leaving the place I love most. Eight trips I've been to the Bounteous Isle, and eight times I've had a beaming smile during my journey.  Shout-outs go out to many ... Read more >

Bounty Day II

NORFOLK ISLAND | Tuesday, 8 Jun 2021 | Views [78]

Happy Bounty Day!! Today is the 165th anniversary of the Pitcairn Islanders landing on Norfolk Island. On 8 June, 1856, 193 settlers arrived on the Morayshire and landed on an island where two convict settlements were once formed. The islanders landed ... Read more >

Erratic Weather

NORFOLK ISLAND | Sunday, 6 Jun 2021 | Views [47]

The weather has been erratic for the past day or two but it hasn't stopped me from taking Norfolk Island by storm (no pun intended). One minute it's sunny and a few minutes later it's bucketing down as the winds thrash. After broken sleep last night ... Read more >

Norfolk Island 8th

NORFOLK ISLAND | Friday, 4 Jun 2021 | Views [60]

For the 8th time I've returned to my happy place: Norfolk Island that is! COVID-19 has thoroughly wreaked havoc of practically all my travel plans both this year and last year. The last time I was on a plane was when I flew back from Thailand last year, ... Read more >

The Greatest Conspiracy

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 17 Feb 2021 | Views [132]

When people think of conspiracies, they tend to think of the most off-the-wall things. Conspiracy theorists believe the Moon landings were a hoax, and that the CIA masterminded 9/11, causing the buildings to implode. Even this awful pandemic has resulted ... Read more >

Photos: Eungella National Park

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 9 Nov 2020 | Photo Gallery

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Heart Reef Overflight

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 12 Oct 2020 | Views [209]

A few days ago, a lovely lady named Chonita showed me a video of her at the controls of a small Cessna aircraft over the Great Barrier Reef, and said "Oh my, you've just inspired me." The other day I was the first customer at Le Shack in Airlie Beach, ... Read more >

Whitsunday Fun Days

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 22 Sep 2020 | Views [188]

I love Australia, plain and simple! COVID-19 hasn't exactly wrecked all of my travel plans; it's just placed them on the back burner. If things were normal, I'd be in Russia or somewhere in Europe at the moment. Despite the disaster of a year 2020 has ... Read more >

Photos: Whitsundays

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 21 Sep 2020 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Airlie Beach

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 9 Sep 2020 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Mackay

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 6 Sep 2020 | Photo Gallery

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AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 22 Mar 2020 | Views [310] | Comments [1]

COVID-19 has officially wreaked havoc. When I flew from Bangkok to Gold Coast last week a device was held to my forehead to see if I had a fever, and at Australian immigration I was asked if I've recently been to China, South Korea, Iran, or Italy. The ... Read more >

Photos: Khon Kaen

THAILAND | Monday, 9 Mar 2020 | Photo Gallery

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Thumb, Train, Thai

THAILAND | Monday, 9 Mar 2020 | Views [235]

Only two days left on this legendary Southeast Asian journey. It would only get more legendary today as I set out again toward Thailand. My plan was to stay two nights at Eddielin’s home but I opted to head back today to give myself a bit of a ... Read more >

Vientiane on Foot

LAOS | Saturday, 7 Mar 2020 | Views [178]

For the large part it was on foot today. My bizarre list of travel experiences only got even more bizarre today. When I went downstairs for breakfast the manager accused me of taking a piss in my room. Originally I paid for two nights but they told me ... Read more >

Lao or Laos?

LAOS | Friday, 6 Mar 2020 | Views [176]

After gorgeous weather during my five days in Chiang Mai it bucketed down the entire overnight bus ride to Nong Khai, across the border from Vientiane. In addition all of my stuff got wet due to a leaky roof and I had no way of charging my phone. Grab ... Read more >

Photos: Vientiane

LAOS | Friday, 6 Mar 2020 | Photo Gallery

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Hangin' Out with Elephants

THAILAND | Thursday, 5 Mar 2020 | Views [195]

You simply can't do a trip to Thailand without seeing elephants. These creatures are so majestic. This morning I said goodbye to Shirley and thanked her for hosting me. She's agreed to send me a postcard from Myanmar; one of the few countries I haven't ... Read more >

Doi Suthep & the Silver Temple

THAILAND | Wednesday, 4 Mar 2020 | Views [179]

This morning I made a B-line for Chiang Mai's raison d'etre , Wat Phra Doi Suthep. Shirley would drop me early at a convenient location on her way to work but the drawback was that I was out of Thai baht and there were no currency exchange places nearby.... Read more >

Chiang Mai Adventure

THAILAND | Monday, 2 Mar 2020 | Views [177]

After a few days in Bangkok, I'm in Chiang Mai. Whilst I planned on taking the sleeper train the other night I ended up taking the bus. What a huge mistake that was, as I ended up getting almost no sleep. The silver lining was that I could keep my phone ... Read more >

Photos: Chiang Mai

THAILAND | Sunday, 1 Mar 2020 | Photo Gallery

Elephants, temples, great food...
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Temples, English Schools, and Khao San Road

THAILAND | Thursday, 27 Feb 2020 | Views [218]

The group of men in their late 60s and early 70s ahead of me on the plane were overzealous with an overdose of libido on their way to the Land of Smiles. Larry, aged 74, had a passport with mostly stamps from Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines. ... Read more >

Photos: Bangkok

THAILAND | Wednesday, 26 Feb 2020 | Photo Gallery

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Emily Bay in Colour

NORFOLK ISLAND | Sunday, 12 Jan 2020 | Views [253] | Comments [1]

From Anson Bay to Emily Bay, It's my final full day on Norfolk Island. The colour was magical today. I slept in reasonably late after walking all the way home last night. Several days ago I met a Fijian lady named Jipa when she offered me a lift home.... Read more >

Screaming for Rain

NORFOLK ISLAND | Tuesday, 7 Jan 2020 | Views [166]

Norfolk Island is so dry at the moment I can hardly recognize it. The grass is brown practically everywhere and I get painful thorns in my feet when I walk barefoot. This morning would bring some cooler temperatures and grey skies. As I called into the ... Read more >

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