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Trip: Northern Lights

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Viking Ship Museum, Bygdøy, and...OH 3%@^

NORWAY | Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018 | Views [926] | Comments [2]

For some reason I haven't been sleeping well at all on this journey. Late nights chasing the aurora and limited daylight mean I have to be out there as much as possible. You can't stay inside when the sun rises after 9 AM and sets at 2:30 PM. Yesterday ... Read more >

Tags: close calls, museums, vikings

Photos: Oslo

NORWAY | Monday, 10 Dec 2018 | Photo Gallery

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An Oslo Stroll

NORWAY | Monday, 10 Dec 2018 | Views [449] | Comments [1]

For much of this trip I was dreading having to spend time in Oslo. The Norwegian capital just doesn't stand out the same way as London, Rome, or Vienna. People travel to France just to go to Paris and to the Netherlands to go to Amsterdam but you'd be ... Read more >

Photos: Tromsø

NORWAY | Sunday, 9 Dec 2018 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Abisko

SWEDEN | Friday, 7 Dec 2018 | Photo Gallery

Northern Lights!
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Dancing Lights!

SWEDEN | Friday, 7 Dec 2018 | Views [397]

Weeks ago I asked the Northern Lights on a date, and she accepted. However, she (the aurora) and the weather have both been, respectively, flaky and annoying. Three nights already I've been in the north of Scandinavia, and for three nights, no date with ... Read more >

Photos: Narvik

NORWAY | Thursday, 6 Dec 2018 | Photo Gallery

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Feeling Hopeless...

NORWAY | Thursday, 6 Dec 2018 | Views [448] | Comments [1]

When the clouds firmly cover the sky and the weather is foul, you can’t stay in one place when searching for the aurora. Today I made a move from Gibostad, on the island of Senja, to Narvik, 2 1/2 hours south. Two nights gone and two nights of ... Read more >

Hoping for the Aurora

NORWAY | Wednesday, 5 Dec 2018 | Views [401]

One night of my five nights in the north of Norway is already in the books. The weather and the clouds haven't let up, and I was so exhausted last night I ended up sleeping in until 3 PM today. It was dark by then, and there isn't much to do when it's ... Read more >

Photos: Senja

NORWAY | Tuesday, 4 Dec 2018 | Photo Gallery

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The Great Northern Light Chase

NORWAY | Tuesday, 4 Dec 2018 | Views [402]

After today I'll think twice about flying with Norwegian on a future trip to Norway. Though my flight wasn't until 12:30 PM, I was on the road at 7:30 AM after thanking Nina and Zeljko for their hospitality. Hønefoss is only about a 55-minute ... Read more >


NORWAY | Sunday, 2 Dec 2018 | Views [378]

"Norway in December, you are a brave soul" -Sara Wall, fellow perpetual traveller About two months ago I had a dream: one where I was viewing the Northern Lights. As I woke up I thought "why have I not seen them?" Plenty of times I've thought of going ... Read more >

Photos: Hønefoss

NORWAY | Sunday, 2 Dec 2018 | Photo Gallery

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