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Trip: Living in the Land Down Under

There are [106] stories from my trip: Living in the Land Down Under

The Greatest Conspiracy

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 17 Feb 2021 | Views [101]

When people think of conspiracies, they tend to think of the most off-the-wall things. Conspiracy theorists believe the Moon landings were a hoax, and that the CIA masterminded 9/11, causing the buildings to implode. Even this awful pandemic has resulted ... Read more >

Photos: Eungella National Park

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 9 Nov 2020 | Photo Gallery

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Heart Reef Overflight

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 12 Oct 2020 | Views [150]

A few days ago, a lovely lady named Chonita showed me a video of her at the controls of a small Cessna aircraft over the Great Barrier Reef, and said "Oh my, you've just inspired me." The other day I was the first customer at Le Shack in Airlie Beach, ... Read more >

Whitsunday Fun Days

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 22 Sep 2020 | Views [149]

I love Australia, plain and simple! COVID-19 hasn't exactly wrecked all of my travel plans; it's just placed them on the back burner. If things were normal, I'd be in Russia or somewhere in Europe at the moment. Despite the disaster of a year 2020 has ... Read more >

Photos: Whitsundays

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 21 Sep 2020 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Airlie Beach

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 9 Sep 2020 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Mackay

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 6 Sep 2020 | Photo Gallery

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AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 22 Mar 2020 | Views [282] | Comments [1]

COVID-19 has officially wreaked havoc. When I flew from Bangkok to Gold Coast last week a device was held to my forehead to see if I had a fever, and at Australian immigration I was asked if I've recently been to China, South Korea, Iran, or Italy. The ... Read more >

Emily Bay in Colour

NORFOLK ISLAND | Sunday, 12 Jan 2020 | Views [210] | Comments [1]

From Anson Bay to Emily Bay, It's my final full day on Norfolk Island. The colour was magical today. I slept in reasonably late after walking all the way home last night. Several days ago I met a Fijian lady named Jipa when she offered me a lift home.... Read more >

Screaming for Rain

NORFOLK ISLAND | Tuesday, 7 Jan 2020 | Views [144]

Norfolk Island is so dry at the moment I can hardly recognize it. The grass is brown practically everywhere and I get painful thorns in my feet when I walk barefoot. This morning would bring some cooler temperatures and grey skies. As I called into the ... Read more >

Norfolk Lucky 7

NORFOLK ISLAND | Sunday, 5 Jan 2020 | Views [248]

To the "duchess of my travels" I've returned, the same way MacArthur vowed to return to the Philippines. Every time, before I leave Norfolk, I utter MacArthur's famous words. Every time, I've returned to where I love most. Coming to Norfolk is always ... Read more >

Unloading Ship and Emily Bay

NORFOLK ISLAND | Monday, 3 Jun 2019 | Views [148]

More adventures with Juliett took place today. It's my final full day on my latest adventure on "the Rock" as many locals call it. Norfolk is so dependent on the ship that things can be out of stock for weeks at a time. I've never seen the shelves of ... Read more >

Over Crystal Pools

NORFOLK ISLAND | Sunday, 2 Jun 2019 | Views [372]

Norfolk Island has a million beautiful spots, but Crystal Pools is one of my absolute favourites. With Juliett I'd make it out that way today but first it was market today. After a coffee I hitched into town with a girl who recently moved here from King ... Read more >

Above the Bounteous Isle, Juliett Soars...

NORFOLK ISLAND | Thursday, 30 May 2019 | Views [204]

On Norfolk Island, I'm always awake early. The pure air, plentiful sunshine, and wind rustling through the Norfolk pines make it too alluring to sleep in until 11 AM. As I smeared some local avocado onto my toast and sipped my coffee, I kept hoping, ... Read more >

The Duchess of My Travels

NORFOLK ISLAND | Tuesday, 28 May 2019 | Views [228]

A couple of weeks ago, feeling like LeBron or Steph Curry I, from Adelaide, fired a long-distance 3 pointer in the direction of Norfolk Island, hoping for nothing but net. In the week of launching that shot, I had some frustrating waits with my thumb ... Read more >

The Australian Bushman

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 15 May 2019 | Views [309]

Before yesterday, I had my worst stretch of hitchhiking ever! Four days it took me to get from Port Augusta to Broken Hill: a distance of only about 400 km. For the first time in Australia I was thinking I may have to bite the bullet and get a train ... Read more >

Photos: Back of Bourke

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 13 May 2019 | Photo Gallery

Hitchhiking journey from Adelaide to Tiaro
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Four Days of Frustration

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 13 May 2019 | Views [11]

My big journey from Adelaide to Tiaro has officially begun. Anikka and her mum didn't wake up until early afternoon a few days ago, and I couldn't just pack up my gear and leave without saying "I'll see you soon" to the greatest lady in the world. In ... Read more >

Anikka Reconciliation

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 11 May 2019 | Views [340]

Anikka! I've written about her many times and I can never write enough about her. After more than a year of no contact, we're friends again. What a lovely visit I had the other day with her, her sister Chrystal, and mother Mel at the "Lagana Canteen" ... Read more >

Champion of the Grampians

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 9 May 2019 | Views [282]

A gloomy day it was today though not so gloomy on the sightseeing front. Upon reading a fantastic article about how you shouldn't write off the rain when you're travelling, I must make it a point to see the positives during those days of precipitation.... Read more >

Photos: Grampians National Park

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 8 May 2019 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Country Victoria

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 1 May 2019 | Photo Gallery

There's more to Victoria than just Melbourne :)
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The Fate of A349

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 1 May 2019 | Views [171]

Flight A349 has crashed and there's a lofty task ahead. It's my job to figure out where it crashed and recover the cockpit voice recorder (CVR). The doomed plane would have gone down anywhere in Victoria so it's a very large search area. The black box ... Read more >

Balinese Money-changers

INDONESIA | Monday, 4 Feb 2019 | Views [239]

Money changers are everywhere in Bali, and seem to dot every corner in Kuta or Legian. Every other business here is, seemingly, either a money changer or a massage joint, each with varying degrees of dubiosity. You don't need a degree in nuclear physics ... Read more >

Pura Lempuyang

INDONESIA | Thursday, 31 Jan 2019 | Views [210]

Oksana and I went to Batur yesterday, and today we'd do an excursion to Pura Lempuyang and the rice terraces of northeast Bali. First, I'd like to talk about another travel lesson regarding something that (nearly) happened to me yesterday. When I went ... Read more >

On the Back of an Ojek...

INDONESIA | Sunday, 27 Jan 2019 | Views [218]

For the last couple of days I've been a tourist: breakfast at the hotel followed by going to the beach. The monotony broken by a bit by flying Juliett (my drone) and then going to dinner at a touristy restaurant in the evening. This kind of travel is ... Read more >

Bali & Oksana

INDONESIA | Saturday, 26 Jan 2019 | Views [253]

For the third time I'm in Bali. As I've professed before, Bali is one of those places I like but don't love; I enjoy it but it doesn't have my heart the same way as Norfolk Island or New Zealand. I like it for the fact that there's a little bit of everything ... Read more >

Photos: Byron Bay

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 28 Dec 2018 | Photo Gallery

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Fire-Breather of Midas

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 12 May 2018 | Views [380]

Many geocaches I've done where it's a short walk or bike ride, or a simple or challenging puzzle to solve, but never have I done one involving a multi-day trip. The legendary Midas...everything he touched, including his daughter, is said to have turned ... Read more >

Photos: South Coast

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 8 May 2018 | Photo Gallery

On the Quest for the Golden Dragon
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Anzac Day Clash

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 25 Apr 2018 | Views [461]

It's Anzac Day, and I'd attend another event that a connoisseur of Australia should have on their radar: the Anzac Day Clash. The Essendon Bombers and Collingwood Magpies of the Australian Football League (AFL) play every year on Anzac Day, and is the ... Read more >

A Grey Day, a Grey Social Life

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 26 Mar 2018 | Views [748] | Comments [1]

Here I am at the Sandridge Lookout (commonly known as the "singing lookout") in Melbourne. Port Melbourne to be exact. It's windy and this tin structure has a singing effect on this grey day where rain is threatening to hammer down at any moment. Here ... Read more >

Photos: Barossa Valley

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 24 Sep 2017 | Photo Gallery

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Barossa Valley

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 24 Sep 2017 | Views [1067]

World-famous for its varietals, the Barossa is a region I've always dreamed of visiting. Today we'd go for a lovely drive out that way with Anikka, Mel, Chrystal, her friend Louise, and Daisy the dog. Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of Adelaide, ... Read more >

Lovely Day with Her

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 22 Sep 2017 | Views [660]

Anikka and I had yet to do anything by ourselves before today. The weather was absolutely gorgeous today, and she suggested we take the bus into the city and go to the South Australian Museum. I was keen to visit the Royal Geographic Society of South ... Read more >

Magic of Anikka: Birthday Edition

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 20 Sep 2017 | Views [626]

With all the stories I write, I feel like I'm running out of titles. This morning I woke up to a very sweet birthday text from Anikka. I'll admit these past couple of days have been very emotional. Love is extremely powerful, and when you're not loved ... Read more >

Adelaide 3-3

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 18 Sep 2017 | Views [542]

Every year for my birthday I aim to be someplace special or with someone special, and this year in particular I had a very difficult time deciding where I'd like to spend my 33rd birtday. Weeks ago I narrowed my choices down to Niue or Norfolk Island.... Read more >

Colonial Tramcar Restaurant

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 18 Apr 2017 | Views [452]

Today I'd partake in another event that I've always wanted to do whilst in Melbourne, and that's the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. Weeks ago I told Jo that it's "one of those things I'd much rather have a date to, rather than being alone." I got my wish, ... Read more >

Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 26 Mar 2017 | Views [458]

What a great prize I had in store for me today, no pun intended. For the past two years I've heard the sounds of the fighter jets and some of the world's fastest cars, and last month I said to myself "I'm going to the Grand Prix this year." When ... Read more >

Photos: Adelaide

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 14 Jan 2017 | Photo Gallery

Anikka Double-K
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