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Trip: Living in the Land Down Under

There are [168] stories from my trip: Living in the Land Down Under

Norfolk 9th

NORFOLK ISLAND | Friday, 10 Nov 2023 | Views [25]

Every great traveller, no matter how many places they've travelled, has their sweet spot. For some travellers it may be a waterfall in Hawaii, the historical sites of Rome, getting lost in the crowds of New York City, the nature of the Rocky Mountains, ... Read more >

Anikka and Me

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 15 Aug 2023 | Views [93]

Two of the most beautiful days of my life happened yesterday and today. I've mentioned her in several previous stories and I'm writing about her again. Anikka "Miss Double-K" is the absolute dearest lady in my life. When I arrived yesterday I ran with ... Read more >

Photos: Devil's Marbles

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 30 Apr 2022 | Photo Gallery

Magnificent rocks along the Stuart Highway
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Karlu Karlu

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 30 Apr 2022 | Views [166]

I’m ahead of schedule on this journey, as I started out only 11 days ago. I was going to give myself a week in Laverton to get a lift on the Great Central Road but I only had to wait a little more than two days, and I was prepared to spend multiple ... Read more >

Uluru and Kata Tjuta, 15 Years Later

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 27 Apr 2022 | Views [134]

15 years ago I was a rookie traveller, having been to only about three countries. Hitchhiking was only a distant dream, and I would buy stacks and stacks of postcards and trinkets to bring home. I was a tourist with a basic camera and no phone, just ... Read more >

Mission Accomplished!

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 26 Apr 2022 | Views [143]

As a day of remembrance, Anzac Day is never a particularly busy day. I was warned that I likely wasn’t going to get anywhere yesterday. Keeping my hopes high, I got on out there with all of my gear, including 10 litres of water. A ham and cheese ... Read more >


AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 24 Apr 2022 | Views [161]

For two full days I waited in Laverton for a lift. How am I not frustrated? Hitchhiking, especially when undertaking extreme journeys like this one require the 4 P’s: patience, persistence, provisions, and power. Alex and Felix remarked that I’... Read more >

Dusty Laverton

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 22 Apr 2022 | Views [188]

Several years ago I hitchhiked across the Nullarbor from Perth to Sydney, thumbing more than 4,000 kilometres. Last October and November I hitched from Airlie Beach to Perth via the top of Australia, and I ended up doing more than 8,100 kilometers along ... Read more >

Photos: Great Central Road

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 21 Apr 2022 | Photo Gallery

An epic journey of more than 1,000 kilometres with almost nothing around!
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COVID-19 Isolation

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 11 Apr 2022 | Views [134]

A few weeks ago I was in Albany briefly, and I decided to I wanted to come here again and spend a bit more time. The soldiers bound for Gallipoli during WWI left from Albany, so it's home to the National Anzac Centre. The setting for this coastal city ... Read more >

Great Southern Adventure

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 22 Mar 2022 | Views [196]

Western Australia (WA) has too many gorgeous places to count. I won't be able to see all of them on this stretch, but I've seen a good chunk of them and I'm doing my best before I leave for Queensland next month and then Papua New Guinea in May. Continuing ... Read more >

Photos: Albany and Denmark

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 21 Mar 2022 | Photo Gallery

Albany, Denmark, Kojonup, and the surrounding area make up the Great Southern Region
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Photos: Kalbarri National Park

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 15 Mar 2022 | Photo Gallery

Nature's Window!
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Nature's Window

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 15 Mar 2022 | Views [197] | Comments [1]

Back in November I undertook a most extraordinary journey. A journey across the world's six largest country, doing a total of 8,100 kilometres using only my thumb. Unfortunately, my plans were altered; not due to COVID-19 but because of bushfires. Altering ... Read more >

Photos: Kalgoorlie-Boulder

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 1 Mar 2022 | Photo Gallery

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Wave Rock

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 22 Feb 2022 | Views [275]

Well, I've done a lot more than just Wave Rock (there is no "the" in the name) over the past couple of days. Part of my quest is to find a geocache in every local government area (LGA) in Australia, and there are many small LGAs in the southwest corner.... Read more >


AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 15 Feb 2022 | Views [172]

Over the past few months I've traversed Australia on the diagonal, and have done the whole journey using only my thumb. The previous July I was at Cape York, better known as the Tip of Australia in the northeast corner and now I'm in Augusta, which is ... Read more >

Photos: Augusta

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 15 Feb 2022 | Photo Gallery

Southwest corner of Australia
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Photos: Rottnest Island

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 8 Feb 2022 | Photo Gallery

quokkas, clear water, and great walks
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Tribute to Bec

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 31 Jan 2022 | Views [227]

With my Christmas Island adventure wrapped up, I wasn't sure where I was going. I thought about making a B-line for the east coast again but I decided to stick around Perth for a bit so I could explore a bit of Western Australia (WA). It was here in ... Read more >

CI Flight Drama

CHRISTMAS ISLAND | Friday, 3 Dec 2021 | Views [204]

Travel plans have been altered...again. A flight to or from Christmas Island has been cancelled...again. Altering travel plans has become second nature during the days of COVID-19. Since I arrived (three days late due to my flight being cancelled), at ... Read more >

Winifred Beach

CHRISTMAS ISLAND | Thursday, 2 Dec 2021 | Views [286]

When I'm in small places like Christmas Island, I aim to do as many walks as possible. On both Pitcairn and Norfolk Island, I've walked practically every major trail. I won't have time to do 'em all here but I've done my best. The hike to Winifred Beach ... Read more >

The Dales

CHRISTMAS ISLAND | Tuesday, 30 Nov 2021 | Views [231]

The red crab migration has largely passed, although there are still a few stragglers making their way back toward their burrows inland. For much of my first few days here, I was focused on the crabs but now I'm focused on seeing some stuff further afield.... Read more >

Blowholes and...More Crabs

CHRISTMAS ISLAND | Sunday, 28 Nov 2021 | Views [295]

Awake at dawn I was again to see the majestic red crabs migrating to and from the sea. Crabs with eggs attached are moving toward the sea whilst those without are moving away from it and back toward their burrows. I feel like I've been here ... Read more >

Sebastian's Christmas Island Jamboree

CHRISTMAS ISLAND | Saturday, 27 Nov 2021 | Views [293]

Weeks ago, millions of crabs began their journey en masse toward the sea in a great migration. It's one of the world's great spectacles; something akin to seeing the aurora borealis in Sweden or the glowworms at Waitomo Caves in New Zealand. I've yet ... Read more >

Island of Santa Claus

CHRISTMAS ISLAND | Tuesday, 23 Nov 2021 | Views [320]

Santa Claus is nearly always envisioned as living somewhere cold and snowy rather than warm and balmy. My good friend Amanda sent me a video years ago. It was of a traveller with clips where he was dancing gleefully in dozens of places all around the ... Read more >

Photos: Christmas Island

CHRISTMAS ISLAND | Monday, 22 Nov 2021 | Photo Gallery

red crabs galore!
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Home Island

COCOS (KEELING) ISLANDS | Thursday, 18 Nov 2021 | Views [243]

West Island is where most of the expats live, and Home Island is where most of the locals live. Only a short ferry ride away is the eastern part of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. The weather was fickle today as Kaylene advised me to bring a rain jacket ... Read more >


COCOS (KEELING) ISLANDS | Wednesday, 17 Nov 2021 | Views [239]

Australia's most far-flung inhabited outpost I arrived yesterday. Welcome to the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. Discovered by Capt. William Keeling in 1609, these flat islands are more than 2,000 kilometres from the nearest point on the mainland. Everything ... Read more >

Photos: Cocos (Keeling) Islands

COCOS (KEELING) ISLANDS | Wednesday, 17 Nov 2021 | Photo Gallery

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The Final Push

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 11 Nov 2021 | Views [160]

Wow! I’ve hitchhiked more than 6,500 kilometres and I still had another thousand or more to go. Despite all the places I’ve been, Karijini is one of those rare places where I can purely scream out WOW! at the top of my lungs. It is simply ... Read more >

Photos: Wheatbelt

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 11 Nov 2021 | Photo Gallery

The area around Perth includes many interesting country towns
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Gorgeous Gorges

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 9 Nov 2021 | Views [177]

Karijini is another place in that long list of very special places in my book. Whilst I originally planned on two nights in the park, my new Danish friend Annie suggested doing three or more. After all the drama yesterday I really had no choice. Yesterday ... Read more >

Photos: Karijini National Park

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 7 Nov 2021 | Photo Gallery

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Zion In Oz

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 7 Nov 2021 | Views [197]

It's not a palindrome, but an anagram. Years ago, my friend Krista spent close to two years in Australia. She raved about Karijini National Park, therefore when a good friend speaks so personally about a place it must be special. When I looked at it ... Read more >

Tags: adventure, australia, hiking, national park, rocks

Dampier Detour

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 5 Nov 2021 | Views [201]

The most unexpected moments occur when you have room in your schedule for spontaneity. These days, people tend to leave no "wiggle room" in their lives for these unexpected detours that could turn out for the better. You never know what those detours ... Read more >

Photos: The Pilbara

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 4 Nov 2021 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Broome

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 2 Nov 2021 | Photo Gallery

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Broome Broome Rocks!

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 2 Nov 2021 | Views [190]

From the Queensland coast I've now hitchhiked more than 3,500 kilometres. Yesterday I had to say goodbye to Annie, my new Danish friend. She dropped me in Broome whilst she decided to continue her journey west. I thought about camping again but I booked ... Read more >

Kimberley With Annie

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 1 Nov 2021 | Views [185]

In the searing heat I stood just out of Kununurra, just after entering Western Australia (WA), wondering when my next lift was going to be. I've hitchhiked more than 3,000 kilometres already. A gorgeous lady named Annie pulled up in her maroon vehicle.... Read more >

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