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Hot springs and hot showers

Saturday, 16 Mar 2013 | Views [4946]

It's coming down to my last few days in Ethiopia. This journey has been as frustrating as it's been rewarding, and I want to end it on a good note. These past couple of days I've been in Wondo Genet staying with a CSer named Dawit. He's so tall you'd ... Read more >

Photos: Wondo Genet

Friday, 15 Mar 2013 | Photo Gallery

Hot springs and Ethiopia's most reliable hot showers
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Photos: Awasa

Thursday, 14 Mar 2013 | Photo Gallery

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Thursday, 14 Mar 2013 | Views [1054]

When I got on the bus to Awasa earlier I noticed the side pocket on my pack was open, the strap had been cut, and my Nintendo 3DS was gone! It wasn't until I thought of a minibus ride earlier: I got on a minibus to Bole and the front seat was vacant.... Read more >

Addis: 700 km ahead

Tuesday, 12 Mar 2013 | Views [1021] | Comments [1]

Crossing back into Ethiopia from Somaliland yesterday, it marked the start of an epic, tumultuous, spectacular, and nerve-testing journey. When I crossed the border back into Ethiopia I was relieved (semi-relieved would be slightly more accurate), as ... Read more >

Hyenas and the Old Wall

Thursday, 7 Mar 2013 | Views [1430]

Last night I had a dream that I somehow forgot to go to Turkey, and was sad because I didn't check off my sixth continent. Anyways, today would be a big day of narrow alleyways, colourful buildings, old Peugeots, and feeding hyenas. After a few cups ... Read more >

The long way East

Wednesday, 6 Mar 2013 | Views [1166]

On the road again. This time to Harar in Ethiopia's eastern frontier. I've had at least three days where I've spent the entire day on a bus and several more in which I've had a good part of the day with my butt glued to a bus seat. Buses, at least in ... Read more >

Photos: Harar

Wednesday, 6 Mar 2013 | Photo Gallery

Old Peugeots chug along in the medina: Havana meets Marrakech
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And along came Mei

Monday, 4 Mar 2013 | Views [892]

On my travels I've met, written about, and photographed hundreds of ladies. On this trip alone, in the Simiens I met Anne from France, and in Maychew I met Lizzie from the US. And on my various travels I've met girls from dozens of countries on six continents! ... Read more >

Dust myself off

Sunday, 3 Mar 2013 | Views [1282]

After sleeping just a few hours after that wild and crazy bus ride yesterday, today I was ready for another adventure in the "Addis Fracas." I'm thankful to be alive after last night; Ethiopia has more road deaths per vehicle than any other country. ... Read more >

The Journey is the Destination

Saturday, 2 Mar 2013 | Views [837]

It was still pitch-black out and my headache had all but subsided. Yesterday the whole left side of my head hurt so bad I was incapacitated and I thought I had malaria. Unlike most other Ethiopian towns, Lalibela is astonishingly quiet when it's dark ... Read more >

Photos: Kombolcha

Saturday, 2 Mar 2013 | Photo Gallery

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Cornered Rat

Friday, 1 Mar 2013 | Views [722]

It's the beginning of March, and I've been in Ethiopia for an entire month now! Certainly it's been an experience of a lifetime, and today I have another crazy adventure to add to the "Farrell Chronicles." Yesterday I visited Bet Giyorgis and the Northern ... Read more >

The X-rock

Thursday, 28 Feb 2013 | Views [1082]

It's the symbol of Lalibela, if not Ethiopia. The Church of St. George (Bet Giyorgis) is the most striking of Lalibela's rock-hewn churches. Shaped like an "X" or a Greek cross, it is carved from solid rock and it's in a trench on its own away from the ... Read more >

Photos: Lalibela

Wednesday, 27 Feb 2013 | Photo Gallery

Ethiopia's jewel
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Photos: Maychew

Tuesday, 26 Feb 2013 | Photo Gallery

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PCV Lizzie

Monday, 25 Feb 2013 | Views [1468]

Lizzie meets me as I'm having a cup of tea at a small restaurant in downtown Maychew. She's a Peace Corps volunteer (PCV) whom I've been in touch with for awhile via CS, and I'm finally here to take up her offer. Maychew is pronounced like "my chow" ... Read more >

Photos: Danakil Depression

Saturday, 23 Feb 2013 | Photo Gallery

feels more like another planet
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Earth's Centre, or another planet?

Saturday, 23 Feb 2013 | Views [2233]

Florian, Adrien, and I would embark on an extraordinary journey this morning! To the centre of the Earth (enter Jules Verne)? Or perhaps to another planet? Whilst it feels like either is possible here, we climbed aboard a 4WD and journeyed down into ... Read more >


Wednesday, 20 Feb 2013 | Views [1903]

A journey around Ethiopia can really take its toll; physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically, and socially. From filthy bathrooms to restaurants with half of what's on the menu not available, someone not understanding you at all to someone ... Read more >

Photos: Mek'ele

Tuesday, 19 Feb 2013 | Photo Gallery

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Through Tigray

Tuesday, 19 Feb 2013 | Views [1801]

All bit up by mozzies last night, I was annoyed. Walking with the stars still shining with a glimpse of Scorpio I felt slightly better. Being driven in a minibus in the opposite direction of Axum's bus station I was even more annoyed! Bags of puke being ... Read more >

Photos: Tigray

Tuesday, 19 Feb 2013 | Photo Gallery

Adigrat, and the bus journey from Axum to Mek'ele
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Photos: Axum

Monday, 18 Feb 2013 | Photo Gallery

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Anne and the Ark

Monday, 18 Feb 2013 | Views [2640]

The word "ark" conjures up many images: Noah's Ark, a Star Trek-style interstellar ark, or a Biblical ark. I'm in Axum, reputedly home of the last of the three and perhaps the most famous: the Ark of the Covenant. Axum has been compared to Jerusalem ... Read more >

Dusty roads and Hairpin turns

Sunday, 17 Feb 2013 | Views [1420]

Bante woke me early as I was set for an epic journey to Axum. I slept well last night and not a single flea bit me! As I had a cup of tea, Bante told me he couldn't get a hold of a friend who was driving from Gondar to Axum, and that even if he did I'd ... Read more >

Photos: Debark

Saturday, 16 Feb 2013 | Photo Gallery

Gateway to the Simiens
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A Finish of Hospitality

Saturday, 16 Feb 2013 | Views [820]

It was a test of my nerves and patience today. Whilst the plan was to walk to Sankaber it would be 8+ hours walking along a dirt road getting blasted with dust every time a vehicle passed by. A guide named David flagged down the bus for me so I had to ... Read more >

Geech to Chenek

Friday, 15 Feb 2013 | Views [1716]

Chenek here I come! Thanks to Jan and Filip I decided to extend my trek by a day and head to Chenek instead of back to Buyit Ras. Dashaw said the best views would be today, and right he was! It was so cold when I woke up it felt more like I was in Nepal ... Read more >


Thursday, 14 Feb 2013 | Views [1203]

It may be Valentine's Day but today I'm headed for Geech. That reminds me, last year I spent Valentine's Day in Belize. When I woke up this morning I expected a more demanding trek and even more spectacular scenery to go along with it. The beginning ... Read more >

Photos: Simien Mountains National Park

Wednesday, 13 Feb 2013 | Photo Gallery

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A Great Trek begins!

Wednesday, 13 Feb 2013 | Views [984]

The Simien Mountains I am ready! After a horrible hangover yesterday and a failed attempt at getting on an organized trek at the tune of $220 I thought I'd get my ass up there myself and organize it myself. Yesterday I picked some kerosene and Yigzaw ... Read more >

Coffee Ceremony

Monday, 11 Feb 2013 | Views [1799]

Ethiopia may be the "Cradle of Mankind" but it's also the original home of coffee. Yigzaw's sister offered us (two other CSers, Yigzaw, and I) a coffee ceremony today and we gladly accepted.  Coffee is consumed in an art form in Ethiopia, and ... Read more >

Africa's Camelot

Sunday, 10 Feb 2013 | Views [1277]

Waking up in Yigzaw's flat (Yigzaw's puzzle) at 7 AM (the latest I've woken up in Ethiopia) I was ready for the coffee ceremony but it wouldn't be happening until later. As I went to wash up I had to step over a rotting cattle hoof, ugh! Slaughtering ... Read more >

Photos: Gondar

Saturday, 9 Feb 2013 | Photo Gallery

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Blue Nile Falls

Friday, 8 Feb 2013 | Views [1794]

Hearing the morning prayer call from the local mosque I was up before the crack of dawn, but last night I fell asleep early and stayed mosquito-free (my tent was my mozzie net). The Moon is a perfectly shaped Islamic crescent as the sky was still dark ... Read more >

Photos: Blue Nile Falls

Friday, 8 Feb 2013 | Photo Gallery

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Monasteries of Lake Tana

Thursday, 7 Feb 2013 | Views [1644]

Many people perceive monasteries to exist in places like Tibet, India, or Bhutan. If you've ever read about Barry the Bravest St. Bernard you may think of the St. Bernard Monastery in Switzerland. However, the islands of Lake Tana have their share of ... Read more >

Photos: Lake Tana

Thursday, 7 Feb 2013 | Photo Gallery

Lake Tana and its monasteries
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Via Ethiopian bus

Wednesday, 6 Feb 2013 | Views [1379]

Ethiopian buses! Required: heaps of patience, a need to deal with crowds and shady characters, a very cooperative bladder, getting up at an unholy hour, and a sense of adventure unmatched by anything you've ever experienced. Awake at 3:40 AM to take ... Read more >

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