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Busy in Bisbee

USA | Monday, 17 Jan 2022 | By graynomadsusa | Views [14]

“WARREN’S PLACE” IS A CUTE 1926 CRAFTSMAN house in the Mule Mountains, a mile-high and 25 miles from the Mexican border. When a search for AirBnBs in Sierra Vista came up empty we found this place in the old mining town of Bisbee. The ... Read more >

A Chili Day in Tombstone

USA | Saturday, 15 Jan 2022 | By graynomadsusa | Views [15]

TOMBSTONE—THE NAME BRINGS VISIONS of gunfights on dusty streets, saloons with wooden sidewalks, whisky and whores, Doc Holliday and the Earp brothers and a cast of seedy characters from the old West.           ... Read more >

Photos: Around Arizona

USA | Friday, 14 Jan 2022 | By graynomadsusa | Photo Gallery

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USA | Monday, 10 Jan 2022 | By dean_ian | Views [9]

TSV - SYD    Mascot SYD - SFO SFO - SEA   Pike Place Market Neto's Cat Cafe Kubota Garden Seward Pak Woodlands Park Zoo  

Slow Start to the New Year

USA | Friday, 7 Jan 2022 | By graynomadsusa | Views [72]

2022 IS GETTING OFF TO A SLOW START. Days are still 24-hours long and there are seven days in a week but we haven’t done much to fill them. The weather has been chilly with more rain than usual and, except for Connie, we’ve all been coughing ... Read more >

The Columbian Caribbean Coast: Tayrona to Cartagena

COLOMBIA | Thursday, 30 Dec 2021 | By krodin | Views [71]

The Columbian Caribbean Coast  Tayrona National Park is perhaps the most famous park in the country and for good reason. The rainforest mountainsides roll down like waves of multi-hued greens to meet the whitewater waves of the sea. The Santa ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, cities, history, museums, national park, towns

Photos: Lost in Bhutan - Day 2

BHUTAN | Thursday, 30 Dec 2021 | By iamdat | Flickr Photo Gallery

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Photos: Lost in Bhutan - Day 1

BHUTAN | Sunday, 26 Dec 2021 | By iamdat | Flickr Photo Gallery

The visual story about a country cloaked behind the mountains.
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NEW ZEALAND | Wednesday, 22 Dec 2021 | By nomad_kiwis | Views [43]

I have returned to my home, my home, my home. It's a weird feeling returning. I'm out of sorts. I look around and see that I have entirely too much stuff. Things are in a mess and so many things need doing here that it becomes overwhelming to even think ... Read more >

Sonora Desert Solstice

USA | Wednesday, 22 Dec 2021 | By graynomadsusa | Views [63]

NIGHTS IN THE SAHARA CAN GET COLD but it hardly prepared us for the weather in Omaha. Even our arrival from Atlanta was in doubt—wind gusts topping 100 mph had been reported all day, tearing off roofs and rolling semi-trucks on the interstate. ... Read more >