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Photos: Murchison falls safari

UGANDA | Monday, 24 Oct 2016 | By ameuganda | Photo Gallery

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Bring it on baboon

UGANDA | Monday, 24 Oct 2016 | By ameuganda | Views [16]

I have mastered my aim with the death trap toilets here; they make short-calls while camping look like child’s play. This weekend involved a girl’s safari trip in northern Uganda. This part of Uganda is definitely better funded through tourism ... Read more >

My Last Days in the British Isles

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 24 Oct 2016 | By billh | Views [13]

It seems like just yesterday but it was over three and a half months ago that I boarded a ferry from the mainland to England, not knowing what I'd find or even pretty much how I'd entertain myself.  The Schengen Agreement prohibited me from staying ... Read more >

Exeter Cathedral, Passages, Maiden Castle & Beaulieu Abbey

FRANCE | Monday, 24 Oct 2016 | By billh | Views [11]

From Plymouth, the next stop was Exeter to visit Exeter Cathedral and the "Underground Passages" (tourist-speak for the Medieval water tunnels under the town). Stayed in a small town twenty minutes out of Exeter and took the train in on a sunny Sunday ... Read more >

Plymouth and the "Pilgrims"

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 24 Oct 2016 | By billh | Views [13]

Ranting Alert!  Thought I'd make a quick stop in Plymouth, England and check-out the Mayflower Steps -- supposedly the actual steps used by the Pilgrims back in 1620 to board their ship to America -- and did I get a history lesson!  Seems like ... Read more >


INDIA | Sunday, 23 Oct 2016 | By manuel | Views [18]

Desde que vi en la revista de la aerolínea Air Asia una fotografía de una máscara sonriente de una celebración local, que además coincidía con mi estancia en Filipinas, no lo dudé. Soy un hombre de fiestas ... Read more >

Tags: bacolod, feria, masskara festival

Koh Phi Phi - Part 2

THAILAND | Sunday, 23 Oct 2016 | By kirmily | Views [13]

During our last few days on Koh Phi Phi, we enjoyed two excursions, both of which I highly recommend.  On October 14, we went on the Original Sunset Cruise boat trip, which included a tour of four different islands.  We met at the shop at 1:... Read more >

Tags: #kirmily, #kohphiphi, #pumscookingschool

Photos: Koh Lanta, Thailand

THAILAND | Sunday, 23 Oct 2016 | By kirmily | Photo Gallery

Koh Lanta
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AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 23 Oct 2016 | By vincek | Views [8]

Question:So you think your an expert on packing and level master at knowing what to pack and not pack? Answer: Wrong,just when i thought i  had it off i realise im just a begginner when it comes to mountaineering and know what to pack and fit ... Read more >

France - Part 2 - June

FRANCE | Sunday, 23 Oct 2016 | By iain_and_tamara | Views [47]

We swept into Paris on a tide of enthusiasm which was equally matched by a flood tide of river waters.   During the few days of our visit we watched with bated breath as the River Seine rose higher and higher from the ankles to the waist ... Read more >

Tags: alps, floods, friends, kayaking, mercedes, road trip