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Photos: Beat Herders Festival - In the sun!!

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 17 Jul 2018 | By dawnandmark | Photo Gallery

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5 Exciting Places to Visit in North America

AMERICAN SAMOA | Monday, 16 Jul 2018 | By naseembibiseo | Views [11] | Video

You may be reading this because you’ve been bitten by the travel bug and are ready to venture out to your next destination, or perhaps you need inspiration for your next getaway. Seeing as the world is a big place, there are several places that ... Read more >

Tags: exciting places, exciting places north america

Lisbon, Monday 16 July

PORTUGAL | Monday, 16 Jul 2018 | By europe2013 | Views [6]

Up and out to the train station on time – and of course the train was late, so, we didn’t make it to Porto until about 2pm.  We are now masters of negotiating the train/metro and found our way to our accommodation – and wow! ... Read more >

Lisbon, Sunday 15 July

PORTUGAL | Sunday, 15 Jul 2018 | By europe2013 | Views [15]

Happy birthday dad!!  Hope you had a great day. Headed off to Belem today via metro and tram and fluked a street festival with marching bands, bands on horseback and market stalls with interesting local goods for sale – but just browsing.... Read more >

Top Volleyball Shoes 2018 – A Guide for Women And Men

UNITED STATES OUTLYING ISLANDS | Saturday, 14 Jul 2018 | By bestvolleyballshoes | Views [16]

Best volleyball shoes is a well known game, yet the vast majority don't understand that the shoes worn by volleyball players are uncommonly intended for playing volleyball. Similarly as golf shoes are intended for the individuals who play golf, picking ... Read more >

Tags: best volleyball shoes, best volleyball shoes 2018, best volleyball shoes for men, best volleyball shoes for women

Lisbon, Saturday 14 July

PORTUGAL | Saturday, 14 Jul 2018 | By europe2013 | Views [18]

Another good tour – this time a walking one although it did start with a ride on the number 28 tram which is iconic to Lisbon.  The trams here are nearly all old as the newer trams cannot negotiate the narrow streets and tight corners. ... Read more >

Lisbon, Friday 13 July

PORTUGAL | Friday, 13 Jul 2018 | By europe2013 | Views [23]

Booked a full day tour to Sintra (and more).  Our little group of 8 met and headed for Pena Palace, which sits on a hilltop with a view of Sintra National Park and the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately for us there was no view today – the fog ... Read more >

Faro, Thursday 12 July

PORTUGAL | Thursday, 12 Jul 2018 | By europe2013 | Views [23]

Happy Birthday Brydie Jane. Off to Lisbon on the early train out of Faro.  Both of us dozed on the way up – the previous night some of the street residents had been a bit loud.  Made it to the motel easily and managed to talk to Brydie ... Read more >

5 Tips for Finding Cheap Accommodation on Your Next Road Trip to Melbourne

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 11 Jul 2018 | By mathew | Views [38]

Where you sleep at night is one of the biggest expenses you’ll face while travelling. If you’re planning a road trip into Melbourne, chances are you don’t want to be spending your money on luxury hotels. You want to see the sights and ... Read more >

Tags: cheap accommodation melbourne, cheap hotels melbourne, motels, motels melbourne

Photos: Alaska/Canada

CANADA | Wednesday, 11 Jul 2018 | By welcometomyworld | Photo Gallery

Road tripping Alaska/Canada 2018
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