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Europe 2019

FRANCE | Thursday, 13 Jun 2019 | By marfee7 | Views [36]

Monday 10 June 2019 Melbourne   Having taken 2017 off to look after our new, and first, grandchild, we decided this year that we better get back to our van to see if, after 2 years, the mice have left anything for us. It is with some reservation ... Read more >

Idling happily in Sarasota, FL

USA | Monday, 10 Jun 2019 | By margitpirsch | Views [92]

Sunday June 9th 2019 Easy living in the early summer in Sarasota, FL. Not much riding these days....perfect idle in the comfort of great friends and inspiration. Also amongst furry friends and thriving chameleons we ... Read more >

Sex, Drugs and Rock-n-Roll

USA | Sunday, 9 Jun 2019 | By vagabonds3 | Views [32]

I SAW ELTON JOHN LIVE AT MADISON Square Garden in the summer of ’82.  I can’t imagine what my host paid the scalper but our seats were only 50 feet from his piano.  Sure, I liked his music — Daniel, Your Song, Honky Cat ... Read more >

One Step Closer

USA | Friday, 7 Jun 2019 | By vagabonds3 | Views [51]

WE’RE ONE STEP NEARER TO LEAVING.  Jim from Colorado Springs gave us a deposit on the RV, we can live in it until 30 June — and the check cleared — so that’s a burden lifted.  We still have the F-150 but we have offers ... Read more >

Over Crystal Pools

NORFOLK ISLAND | Sunday, 2 Jun 2019 | By kiwiaoraki | Views [48]

Norfolk Island has a million beautiful spots, but Crystal Pools is one of my absolute favourites. With Juliett I'd make it out that way today but first it was market today. After a coffee I hitched into town with a girl who recently moved here from King ... Read more >

Dominican Republic 2019

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC | Thursday, 30 May 2019 | By shaz | Views [36]

I arrived in Amber Cove and travelled down Malecon highway to Puerta Plata, the city in the North East of the Dominican Republic and ended the trip on Playa Dorada. The town of Puerto Plata was bright and colourful and very clean. This island is shared ... Read more >

Photos: Dominican 2019

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC | Thursday, 30 May 2019 | By shaz | Photo Gallery

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A Wet St Thomas & St John 2019

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 28 May 2019 | By shaz | Views [24]

It rained as I stepped on to US Virgin islands and it rained harder when I left. It was a wet day but at least it was warm The weather didn't stop me exploring although it should have. I started the day with a drive around the island which showed me ... Read more >

Photos: St Thomas & St John 2019

US VIRGIN ISLANDS | Tuesday, 28 May 2019 | By shaz | Photo Gallery

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The Merry Month of Margit...

USA | Monday, 27 May 2019 | By margitpirsch | Views [100]

...is here in Sarasota, FL   Celebrating my 60 years the whole year....getting more concentrated in May for the Merry month and then even more focused around the weekend of May 18th.  Working on my fotos and turning them into ... Read more >