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Photos: Austria - Innsbruck pt 2

AUSTRIA | Monday, 23 Sep 2019 | By dawnandmark | Photo Gallery

Been back to the bike park to complete another days downhill, very exciting. Also completed a fabulous cross country bike ride up to a restaurant at 1700 metres above sea level. Stunning views all round. Also spent the afternoon in Innsbruck, really lovely ... Read more >
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Sunny Sunday

JAPAN | Sunday, 22 Sep 2019 | By graynomadsusa | Views [20]

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES.  The rain has stopped, the wind has died down and the sky has patches of blue.  Typhoon Tapah left behind some scattered palm fronds, more rubbish along the high-tide line and empty store shelves.  One Family ... Read more >

Island Hopping: Miyakojima

JAPAN | Friday, 20 Sep 2019 | By graynomadsusa | Views [12]

WHAT BEGAN AS ON-AGAIN, OFF-AGAIN SHOWERS accompanied by strong, gusting winds graduated from a tropical depression to tropical storm Tapah and may even — or have already — become a typhoon.  (Internet weather reports seldom provide ... Read more >

Photos: Austria - Innsbruck pt 1

AUSTRIA | Friday, 20 Sep 2019 | By dawnandmark | Photo Gallery

Pitched up on a beautiful campsite by a lake. Been mountain biking using the ski lifts to get up the mountain. Fantastic riding but very challenging! Beautiful sunny weather.
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Back to the cost!

BRAZIL | Friday, 20 Sep 2019 | By margitpirsch | Views [22]

Sept. 18th 2019 We’ve been so used to dilly dallying, that we can’t find a reason to cycle any faster than 20- 30 km a day. That is less than what I rode daily at home on my way to work, plus I took power yoga and inferno Pilates classes ... Read more >

Blumenau, Brazil, on September the 16th 2019

BRAZIL | Friday, 20 Sep 2019 | By margitpirsch | Views [20]

And now we are in Blumenau. A wanna be German town. Dr. Blumenau and his wife were actually the first settlers of this town. It was highly recommended to us - especially to me. But  - even though it has it's German roots - it was mostly a facade ... Read more >

Oh, Oh, Okinawa

JAPAN | Wednesday, 18 Sep 2019 | By graynomadsusa | Views [10]

ORCHIDS LINING THE WALKWAY TO BAGGAGE CLAIM give the impression that Okinawa is an island paradise.  Outside the airport the reality, at least through my eyes, is something less.  Okinawa is the island of “cube cars” of all makes ... Read more >

Photos: Okinawa, Miyakojima and Ishigaki

JAPAN | Tuesday, 17 Sep 2019 | By graynomadsusa | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Luxembourg

LUXEMBOURG | Tuesday, 17 Sep 2019 | By dawnandmark | Photo Gallery

Spent the day in Luxembourg, beautiful and sunny. I was going to say what a lovely place it is but after the total stitch up of Boris I'm not so sure! Anyway here are the photos for you to decide if Luxembourg is nice!!
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Photos: Belgium- Houffelize, continued

BELGIUM | Tuesday, 17 Sep 2019 | By dawnandmark | Photo Gallery

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