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Photos: Scotland Blog

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 27 Jul 2016 | By tattoo_traveler | Photo Gallery

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Final Planning - departure in a few days - River Cruise on the Danube

USA | Wednesday, 27 Jul 2016 | By nn-onthemove | Views [7]

Once again getting ready for an adventure!! I have the credit and debit cards in readiness mode with notifications for my out of the US travel. I've notified the State Department (the STEP program) of my itinerary. I'm finalizing my packing ... Read more >

Scottish Jitters

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 27 Jul 2016 | By tattoo_traveler | Views [49]

I head out of the heat in Tucson tomorrow morning and within 24 hours I will be enjoying the delightful 50-degree weather in Scotland. The biggest challenge with traveling is leaving my three doggies, but I decided to endeavor on a solo journey throughout ... Read more >

Tags: #scottishhighlands #ukbackpacker


ECUADOR | Wednesday, 27 Jul 2016 | By toali | Views [7]

Ecuador está localizado en América del Sur, es un hermoso país rodeado de vegetación, montañas, playas, selva y como olvida el mejor lugar del mundo Galápagos. La capital del Ecuador es Quito aquí puedes ... Read more >

Tags: ecuador, quito


GERMANY | Tuesday, 26 Jul 2016 | By jaynem | Views [9]

Up early and on the buses to visit Nuremburg, where Hitler held his Nazi rallies and the Nurmeburg Tribunals were held. The tour was by bus and it was disappointing that we did not have the opportunity to stop and take photos. It was so interesting to ... Read more >


PAPUA NEW GUINEA | Tuesday, 26 Jul 2016 | By jaynem | Views [9]

Today was a bit slower day and we just relaxed in the morning. There was a Fruhschoppen held in the lounge before lunch which we skipped. Furhschoppen is a Sunday morning German tradition where people gather in hotels and drink beer and eat sausages.... Read more >


GERMANY | Tuesday, 26 Jul 2016 | By jaynem | Views [8]

This morning we were on the coaches by 8.30am to go into Wurzburg to visit the Wurzburg Palace Residence. What an amazing place. Based on the Palace of Versaille the building is so impressive from the outside, but once you get inside it is breath taking.... Read more >


GERMANY | Tuesday, 26 Jul 2016 | By jaynem | Views [8]

Today we continued our cruise on the Rhine River and this morning we had a very entertaining demonstration by one of the leading glass blowers of the region. Family Ittig has been on the glad blowing business for generations. Hans has learnt the trade ... Read more >

A Long and Rich History

FRANCE | Tuesday, 26 Jul 2016 | By kimswim | Views [15]

The closest big town to us is Lannion and like most of the places around here, it is quite rich in HISTORY! Traces of early man have been found dating back to 10,000 B.C. During the Middle Ages, the British even controlled it for a period of time. Located ... Read more >

Photos: New York

USA | Tuesday, 26 Jul 2016 | By joshandkaren | Photo Gallery

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