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Melk and Durnstein

AUSTRIA | Saturday, 30 Jul 2016 | By jaynem | Views [8]

This morning we did a walking tour of the Stift Melk Monastery. This monastery was a Prince Bishop’s Palace donated to the Benedictine Monks by the Prince Bishop in the 1200s. It is still a Benedictine Monastery today and the 33 monks all work ... Read more >

Various Questions that Come in your Mind while Renting a Car in Dubai

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Friday, 29 Jul 2016 | By herbyarthur | Views [20]

When you are in Dubai and you are going to stay for a few days or for few months, what mode of transport you would use to move around? Having a car would be an awesome thing. So, if you are in Dubai, the very best option for you would be Rent luxury ... Read more >

Tags: dubai car rental

Day 119 – 28th July 2016 Thursday – Danang

VIETNAM | Friday, 29 Jul 2016 | By wendyandkevin | Views [15]

Kevin went riding alone to Montgomery Golf Links. I headed to Danang to renew my drivers licence. Well, as we all know, the Vietnamese change the rules all the time, so now I am unable to renew my licence as I don't have temporary residence papers. WTF.... Read more >

Tips how to get around in Milan

ITALY | Friday, 29 Jul 2016 | By mariakel | Views [14]

Milan is the largest city in the Lombardy region and often perceived as a business related city, not much attractive for tourists. However, this assumption is completely wrong, as Milan is one of the best cities to explore where the old meets the new.... Read more >

Tags: milan, tips, trip

Arrival: A Journey Back in Time

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 29 Jul 2016 | By tattoo_traveler | Views [27]

I'm exhausted. Sleep deprived. But as the clouds clear and I finally get a view of Scotland's landscapes, I gain a bit more energy. There are so many shades of green. And the rolling hills! We fly over a few castles, lochs (keeping an eye out for Nessie ... Read more >

Third Annual Perros Art Festival

NETHERLANDS | Friday, 29 Jul 2016 | By kimswim | Views [6]

Last weekend, Perros was hosting an Art Festival. The grounds of the Palace de Congress (like a convention center) have been set up for the artists to display their work. There must be between 35 to 40 artists showing. Last evening we walked around ... Read more >

Keeping Cool in Wilmington

USA | Friday, 29 Jul 2016 | By genovevalewis | Views [12]

Hello! My name is Genny, and I'm currently writing to you from the coast of North Carolina. I just returned home after serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer with my hustband Stephen in the South American country of Paraguay, and we are preparing to embark ... Read more >

Tags: beach, intracoastal waterway, rpcv, summer

Photos: Cest Moi

USA | Friday, 29 Jul 2016 | By efout | Photo Gallery

Es ist mich
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I found a job of sorts.

EL SALVADOR | Friday, 29 Jul 2016 | By mickthewaterboy | Views [13]

I know it has been a while since my last post but I have been busy with stuff and injured. I have been suffering with a strained thigh or hip or something, it hurts to walk first thing. Pain eases once I have been ambulatory for a while but I was ... Read more >

Tags: course, crater, diving, ilopango, lake, open water, padi, volcano

5 Amazing Theme Parks for Individuals with Special Needs

USA | Friday, 29 Jul 2016 | By francesmelson | Views [20]

It was in 1955 that Walt Disney opened the first-of-its-kind theme based park, Disneyland, in California. Back then, nobody would have thought that this industry would grow into a worldwide phenomenon. In 2015, this industry celebrated its 60th ... Read more >

Tags: theme parks, theme parks for individuals with special needs