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Bihar, India review piece

INDIA | Sunday, 21 Apr 2019 | By edrh23 | Views [8]

I visited Patna, in the North East of India in February 2017, where I met with a close friend of mine,Tina, who I networked with whilst living and teaching in Copenhagen during 2015 and 2016. The plan was to speak at a conference about my experiences ... Read more >

Tags: india, poverty, roads, rural, tibetan

Work Permit Paperwork for Vietnam

USA | Sunday, 21 Apr 2019 | By mwollak | Views [20]

The bureaucratic hoops have by far been the most frustrating part of the process thus far.  I had to collect, notarize, and authenticate too many documents to count and the process has been so confusing that I have oscillated between "I've ... Read more >

What Have I Been Up To For The Past 4 Years?

USA | Saturday, 20 Apr 2019 | By mwollak | Views [19]

I know it's been a long time - too long - since I've written anything but sometimes life comes at you fast and you just have to do everything in your power to keep your head above water.  Professional Life: I've stayed at the same school and ... Read more >

Honeymoon time!

HONG KONG | Friday, 19 Apr 2019 | By a_johnson | Views [22]

The time had finally come to leave for our honeymoon, and we were more than ready for it...yay! Landing in Hong Kong after a fairly smooth overnight flight seemed like a good way to start our honeymoon, that was until our bags took an hour to come ... Read more >

Tags: food, honeymoon, hong kong, maadhoo, maldives, ozen, street art, tian tan

Moving Abroad: A Quick Guide to Getting Started

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 17 Apr 2019 | By chrissilb | Views [22]

Whether moving abroad alone or with friends and family, it can be a daunting experience. The lure of more money in work, year-round sunshine or a better way of life, or even all three, have many of us dreaming of a new life in another country. So, what’... Read more >

Tags: apps, technology, travel, travel industry

Delay, delay, delay

NEW ZEALAND | Sunday, 14 Apr 2019 | By nomad_kiwis | Views [36]

I did wonder about just not doing this any more... but if there's anything I've discovered about life it's that what I feel or think one day will invariably change tomorrow, next week, next year. We have had an awesome summer in Kiwilandia this year.... Read more >


USA | Saturday, 13 Apr 2019 | By margitpirsch | Views [59]

April 12th   Well, James and I decided to head south to the Gulf Coast and Margie continued on the Adventure Cycling Rout east and we parted ways after lunching together in Cedar Creek. I liked the “gang of three”, but ... Read more >

What to do once they’ve said yes!

AMERICAN SAMOA | Friday, 12 Apr 2019 | By muzili | Views [30]

So you’ve decided on Affordable Engagement Rings and know when to buy the engagement ring and they’ve said yes - now what? Here are some things you need to do! Call friends and family This is normally one of the first things people ... Read more >


AMERICAN SAMOA | Thursday, 11 Apr 2019 | By muzili | Views [31]

The Halo Engagement Ring is a beautiful ring style that will last forever. So what is a halo style engagement ring? It is a ring style that features a halo circle or border of diamonds that surround a center stone. This style of ring started in the ... Read more >

Tags: engagement ring

A Sailin' We Will Go!

USA | Thursday, 11 Apr 2019 | By vagabonds3 | Views [36]

YOU MUST THINK US TERRIBLY SPOILED — dilettantes, perhaps.  Maybe so, but life is so short and let’s face it, you are dead for so long.  So we are off again, this time on a 24-night South Pacific cruise from Auckland NZ to San ... Read more >