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Kenmare > Ring of Beara > Galway

IRELAND | Saturday, 16 Mar 2019 | By lizscar | Views [28]

Oh my. So much driving.  If we had to do this trip again, we’d drive less. Jared is a trooper and did a great job but it was a TONS of hard, hard driving. We (or I should say I) woke up early and I made breakfast with bread and jam. ... Read more >

Photos: Tadoba, Maharashta

INDIA | Friday, 15 Mar 2019 | By dawnandmark | Photo Gallery

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Tadoba, Maharashta

INDIA | Friday, 15 Mar 2019 | By dawnandmark | Views [32]

The main purpose for travelling to this quite remote area is to see tigers. We did have a fairly quick way to get here that involved two flights and a 2.5 hours car drive. Unfortunately the airline cancelled the flights the week before and it wasn't ... Read more >

Cork to Kenmare

IRELAND | Friday, 15 Mar 2019 | By lizscar | Views [18]

(We woke up in Cork in our lovely downtown apartment and walked across the quay to the museum (need name of museum in Cork). I walked around the museum and really enjoyed it - there was a few more Harry Clarke stainglasses which I enjoyed. Jared and ... Read more >

Voyager de manière responsable

FRANCE | Friday, 15 Mar 2019 | By globetrotteuse | Views [31]

L'essor du tourisme de masse a donné naissance à de nouveaux modes de voyage plus respectueux de la nature et de la culture locale. Le  voyage-authentique  est une façon de voyager qui a pour objectif principal la rencontre ... Read more >

Tags: eco-friendly, environment, travel

Photos: Travel Pictures

FRANCE | Thursday, 14 Mar 2019 | By globetrotteuse | Photo Gallery

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Laissez-vous chouchouter du côté de Dubaï !

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Thursday, 14 Mar 2019 | By globetrotteuse | Views [36]

Du 15 au 17 avril 2019 , les professionnels de la beauté vous donnent rendez-vous à Dubaï à l’occasion du Beauty World Middle East and Wellness & Spa Exhibition . Durant ces trois jours consacrés au bien-... Read more >

Tags: beaches, dubai, uae

Why You Should Live A Nomadic Life and Travel All Around the World

USA | Wednesday, 13 Mar 2019 | By anthonyspradlin | Views [26]

We all see lustful photos on Social media of places that look like paradise, a person in a yoga pose on a deserted beach, or a selfie atop of an elephant or of a camel. Those are the pictures of digital nomads who travel all around the world and constantly ... Read more >

How Norway became the most electric car-friendly country

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 13 Mar 2019 | By morganpfrank | Views [39]

  The UK has plans for all new cars to be electric by 2040. Given that we have less than 11 years before the effects of climate change are irreversible, some politicians have suggested that this transition needs to happen sooner. Some ... Read more >

Tags: electric car, norway

Dublin to Cork

IRELAND | Wednesday, 13 Mar 2019 | By lizscar | Views [29]

Whew. It’s late and I don’t want to forget anything but today was a day of serious driving. We woke up and packed up our Dublin Co. house. I made coffee for breakfast and some quick oats I had bought at the store the night before (on my evening ... Read more >