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PHILIPPINES | Friday, 28 Oct 2016 | By manuel | Views [18]

Era el momento de ponerse el equipo de buceo, de sumergirse y explorar el profundo mundo submarino de Filipinas. Después de la primera inmersión para ver a los tiburones zorro y con la constatación de que mi oído respondí... Read more >

Tags: bohol, buceo, chocolate hills, dive, fiilipinas, submarinismo, tarsiers

Top Ways To Save Money When You Visit Paris - The City Of Love

FRANCE | Friday, 28 Oct 2016 | By zacharymorris | Views [17]

The cobblestone street, delicious food, historic architecture, amazing music and tip to toe smartly dressed locals all add up to the essence of Paris. It makes it the perfect holiday destination!   For many, visiting Paris is like a dream ... Read more >

Tags: paris, visit paris

Bobbing for apples

UGANDA | Friday, 28 Oct 2016 | By ameuganda | Views [17]

My month in Uganda has been a buzz of constant movement and activities. Today I allowed myself some time to relax. I delivered food to only two more houses in the early morning. The first house was a woman and her aged mother. The woman was on the list ... Read more >

Scaling a Cathar Castle & the Medieval town of La Cite

FRANCE | Friday, 28 Oct 2016 | By billh | Views [18]

Moved on to the southwestern France coastal city of Perpignan and what a welcome change -- this is how the south of France should be.  Staying in a lovely ground floor flat decorated in a Moroccan theme and a patio covered in a grape arbor -- just ... Read more >

Photos: Italy

ITALY | Friday, 28 Oct 2016 | By joshandkaren | Photo Gallery

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From the desert to the West Coast

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 28 Oct 2016 | By mekikepilala | Views [15]

We left our sanctuary behind and headed off to the west coast of Namibia to the town of Swakopmund. The drive across was very scenic particularly watching the landscape change from desert to sandy coast dunes. After a brief drive by of the coast, we ... Read more >

Gladiators & Romans in the South of France

FRANCE | Friday, 28 Oct 2016 | By billh | Views [18]

From the scenic countryside of Bailly, I was off on a mad dash to the south of France.  The "south of France" is portrayed as an idylic land of blue skies, green water and pastel villas clinging to the hillsides -- someone should sue them for false ... Read more >

Guedelon & Underground in the Bailly Caves

FRANCE | Thursday, 27 Oct 2016 | By billh | Views [19]

Moved on the next day to a tiny place called Bailly -- doeesn't show-up on GPS and you need to go to the highest resolution on Googlemaps (and know where you're looking) to even find it (which made it real challenging to find the first day).  It's ... Read more >

DAY 1. Top Bunk Sleeper

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 27 Oct 2016 | By joyaroundtheworld | Views [2]

Finally departed LA after a frustrating but fortunate overnight layover. The flight to Fiji was long and hard to sleep through. Fiji was cloudy but humid and adorned a small, rundown airport. Grabbed a coffee and waited a few hours for the next flight.... Read more >

Tags: aucklsnd, new zealand, nz

Crossing the desert

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 27 Oct 2016 | By mekikepilala | Views [23]

So after leaving our camp site and being thankful we don't have to use our tents again for a few nights, we set off in our trusty truck...road runner...who makes a 'beep beep' sound everytime you open or lock the doors, we made the drive across Etosha ... Read more >