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Photos: Vanuatu, Fiji and New Caledonia

FIJI | Thursday, 22 Feb 2024 | Photo Gallery

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Adventures in Paradise

VANUATU | Friday, 16 Feb 2024 | Views [160]

THE WIND PICKED UP ON FRIDAY EVENING and was blowing a gale by when we arrived at the Majestic Princess. Circular Quay is a refreshing change from the commercial ports where cruise ships often dock and we spent the afternoon watching as ferries and ... Read more >

Winding Down Our Oz Odyssey

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 10 Feb 2024 | Views [194]

THE BEST PLACES TO STAY AREN’T ALWAYS at the beach. Tim’s AirBnB in the bush-town of Wandandian is idyllic; green fields, towering eucalyptus, chickens, horses—even Soxy, the affectionate English Chocolate Lab. I wish every host put ... Read more >

Bateman's Bay

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 5 Feb 2024 | Views [189]

BATEMAN’S BAY IS ABOUT HALFWAY BETWEEN Mallacoota and Sydney. It also happens to be about the only place along the South Coast with halfway affordable lodging at this time of year. Our AirBnB is a bit shabby but works as a base for exploring South ... Read more >

It's the Journey, Not the Destination

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 1 Feb 2024 | Views [202]

SOMEONE FOLLOWING OUR ZIG-ZAG ROUTE might think we suffer from terminal Attention Deficit Disorder. Yes, it would have made more sense to come directly from Bairnsdale to Mallacoota near the Victoria-NSW border. But Mallacoota is a popular holiday destination ... Read more >

Photos: Mallacoota to Sydney

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 28 Jan 2024 | Photo Gallery

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Australia Day—Always Was Always Will Be

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 27 Jan 2024 | Views [207]

OFFICIALLY AUSTRALIA DAY CELEBRATES the day Australia was “discovered,” January 26, 1788—roughly the equivalent of Columbus Day in the US. Indigenous Australians vehemently disagree—they have been in Australia for 60,000 years ... Read more >

Around Canberra

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 24 Jan 2024 | Views [84]

SUNDAY WAS OUR LONGEST DRIVE YET—450 kilometers from Bairnsdale through Victoria and New South Wales into the Australian Capital Territory. This is the final week of the Christmas school break and lodging at holiday destinations are scarce and ... Read more >

Photos: Canberra—Australian Capital Territory

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 21 Jan 2024 | Photo Gallery

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At the Beach with Australian Fairy Terns

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 20 Jan 2024 | Views [92]

IT WAS BLOWING A GALE when we arrived at MacLeod Morass Wildlife Reserve yesterday. The wind on the water and the scutting clouds made for some good photos but poor birding. When the wind threatened to blow us off the boardwalk we decided it was time ... Read more >

The Great Alpine Road

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 18 Jan 2024 | Views [79]

AS ROAD TRIPS GO, THE GREAT ALPINE ROAD isn’t as well known as The Great Ocean Road—heck, we were all the way to the charming town of Myrtleford before we even realized we were on it! But for our money the 300+ kilometer Great Alpine Road ... Read more >

At the Crossroads

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 17 Jan 2024 | Views [79]

WE WERE A BIT SKEPTICAL ABOUT STAYING at the Old Crossroads Store—it’s hard to imagine what once was a 1930s general store as an AirBnB? Surprise, not only is it a slice of Wangaratta history, the Crossroads Store is charmingly well-appointed.... Read more >

Photos: Victoria—Great Alpine Road

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 14 Jan 2024 | Photo Gallery

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Endangered!—Australia's Hooded Plovers

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 13 Jan 2024 | Views [90]

HOODED PLOVERS ARE ENDEMIC TO AUSTRALIA—this means they are found nowhere else in the world. Fewer than 7000s—possibly only 3000—individuals all live along the sandy beaches of South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales.... Read more >

My Kind of Town

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 11 Jan 2024 | Views [73]

IF WE EVER MOVE TO AUSTRALIA—not unthinkable considering the political climate back home—Victoria would be our first choice, probably a suburb of Geelong, a place like Newtown.  Just an hour from Melbourne and half that from some ... Read more >

Return to Oz—Melbourne

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 9 Jan 2024 | Views [71]

IN A STROKE OF PURE GENIUS, if I may pat myself on the back, I booked a room in Sanur for our last day in Bali. We had no intention of spending the night, just a chance to get out of the heat, shower and change clothes before our midnight flight from ... Read more >

Photos: Victoria—Melbourne and Geelong

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 6 Jan 2024 | Photo Gallery

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The Seaweed Farmers of Nusa Lembongan

INDONESIA | Thursday, 4 Jan 2024 | Views [49]

BEFORE THE ARRIVAL OF MASS TOURISM IN BALI, seaweed farming  was the major industry on Nusa Lembongan. Even after the island became a destination for diving and surfing and most residents took jobs in tourism, some families continued to farm seaweed.... Read more >

Blood, Sweat or Tears—Getting Around the Island

INDONESIA | Wednesday, 3 Jan 2024 | Views [41]

IT IS POSSIBLE TO WALK EVERYWHERE on Nusa Lembongan. It’s only about ten miles around so it isn’t not the distance but the heat and humidity that will do you in. There are few cars and no taxis so motor scooters reign supreme. Everyone rides ... Read more >

Paradise Found

INDONESIA | Monday, 1 Jan 2024 | Views [46]

WE FINALLY FOUND THE TROPICAL PARADISE we were searching for just a 30-minute “fast-boat” ride from Bali’s touristy Sanur. One of fourteen small islands in the Penida Archipelago, Nusa Lembongan is what Bali must have been like fifty ... Read more >

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