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Sicily: Off the Beaten Track in Palermo

Monday, 13 Mar 2023 | Views [105]

TRAPANI IS FARTHER FROM PALERMO than I first realized and too far from the airport for a morning flight. We shortened our Trapani AirBnB reservation by a day and booked a hotel nearer to the airport, giving us a full day to spend in Palermo. Palermo ... Read more >

Sicily: Trapani and Marsala

Sunday, 12 Mar 2023 | Views [119]

TRAPANI IS BEST KNOWN FOR SUMMER TRIPS to the Aegadian Islands of Favignana and Levanzo. We never had any intentions of swimming and the stormy seas would keep us ashore but we thought Trapani would make for a good stop before Palermo. If we had known ... Read more >

Sicily: Roman Villa of Casale and Valley of the Temples

Thursday, 9 Mar 2023 | Views [127]

YESTERDAY WAS A PERFECT DAY for sightseeing around Agrigento. The sun was shining, the almond trees were starting to bloom and our puffy coats remained in the car. But first we had to survive the drive from our AirBnB at the tippy-top of town down the ... Read more >

Sicily: Ragusa and Modica

Monday, 6 Mar 2023 | Views [109]

WITH APOLOGIES TO CROSBY, STILLS, NASH and Young, “Our house is a very, very, very fine house” . . . with three cats in the yard, a three-footed dog, two horses, a mule and a flock of chickens.           ... Read more >

Sicily: Taormina and Catania

Wednesday, 1 Mar 2023 | Views [120]

WITH SYRACUSE OUT OF THE WAY and heavy snow making Mt. Etna out of the question, we decided to drive to Taormina for the afternoon. We weren’t particularly interested in another 3 rd Century Greek theater but rumor has it Taormina is famous ... Read more >

Sicily: Siracusa

Monday, 27 Feb 2023 | Views [135]

TIME WAS RUNNING OUT ON OUR SCHENGEN VISAS forcing us to rush through Sicily our first time here. Four days wasn’t nearly long enough—this time we have 2½ weeks! Coincidentally, it was late February when we first visited so we won’... Read more >

Photos: Around Sicily

Sunday, 26 Feb 2023 | Photo Gallery

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All Roads Lead to Rome

Thursday, 23 Feb 2023 | Views [125]

ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME. And so do many airline connections. Rather than endure a long layover on our way from Istanbul to Sicily we decided to spend a few days in Rome. His Holiness couldn’t fit us into his busy schedule but we were still able ... Read more >

Photos: Vatican Vacation

Wednesday, 22 Feb 2023 | Photo Gallery

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Cruising in the Time of Covid

Wednesday, 10 Nov 2021 | Views [185]

EVERY CRUISE LINE HAS ITS OWN FLAVOR and Covid has turned everything upside down and all around. In addition to the cruise room/charge card that every cruise line uses, this time we have a bracelet that functions as a Covid-tracker in case someone on ... Read more >

Oops! My Bad

Monday, 8 Nov 2021 | Views [194]

I THINK I MADE A BIG MISTAKE. The Virtuosa hasn’t even left port and there’s talk of mutiny. Some of the passengers boarded in Barcelona so they’ve had more time to pile up grievances. They skipped Marseilles entirely and couldn’... Read more >

The Gardens of Villa d'Este in Tivoli

Sunday, 7 Nov 2021 | Views [257]

TIVOLI GARDENS IS AN AMUSEMENT PARK in Copenhagen. The garden at Villa d’ Este in Tivoli, Italy is, in a word, AMAZING! Despite the gloomy weather forecast—they haven’t been right all week—and fighting with the ticket machine, ... Read more >

Ostia Antica

Saturday, 6 Nov 2021 | Views [198]

IT SEEMED LIKE THE ROMAN GODS had conspired to keep us from visiting Ostia Antica. It was closed in 2012 due to snowy weather the first time we tried. Yesterday we again took the metro and a train to the site only to learn tickets were available only ... Read more >

Roamin' Around Rome

Friday, 5 Nov 2021 | Views [184]

LEGEND SAYS IF YOU THROW A COIN in the Trevi Fountain—right hand over left shoulder for best reults—you will return to Rome. We certainly got our euro’s worth—this is our fourth visit!         ... Read more >

Photos: Rome Again

Friday, 5 Nov 2021 | Photo Gallery

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Pompeii—It's A Date!

Tuesday, 2 Nov 2021 | Views [267]

FROM OUR 2012 JOURNAL ENTRY after our first visit to Pompeii— If you lived in Pompeii, August 24 in the year 79 AD would have been a good day to be out of town. Around noon, Mt. Vesuvius began pouring tons of ash into the sky.  It had been ... Read more >

Iconic Pompeii

Sunday, 31 Oct 2021 | Views [185]

IF YOU WERE A ROMAN IN POMPEII, August 24 in the year 79 AD would have been a good day to be out of town. That’s because a 79 AD eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, only ten kilometers away, initially covered Pompeii with three-meters of ash. The pyroclastic ... Read more >

The Names Have Changed But Paestum Is the Same

Saturday, 30 Oct 2021 | Views [166]

PAESTUM, THE CITY FORMERLY KNOWN as Poseidonia, was a thriving Greek port in the 6 th Century BCE—the Romans changed its name when they took over in 273 BCE. When the river silted up creating a malarial swamp, Paestum suffered from increasingly ... Read more >

Roman Ruins at Herculaneum

Friday, 29 Oct 2021 | Views [170]

CASA CINQUE DOESN’T HAVE MUCH CURB APPEAL. Our neighbors fight like Ralph and Alice and the bar downstairs is jumping on weekends, so we keep our earplugs nearby. The fourth floor flat— terzo piano —does have two bedrooms, a practical ... Read more >

Photos: Pompeii, Herculaneum and Paestum

Thursday, 28 Oct 2021 | Photo Gallery

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