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Trip: The World (Part 4)

There are [159] stories from my trip: The World (Part 4)

Going, Going . . . Almost Gone!

COSTA RICA | Tuesday, 29 Jun 2021 | Views [198]

PASSPORTS ✓ TICKETS ✓ HOTEL ✓ CAR ✓ AirBnB ✓ Pase de Salud —huh? It seems you need to complete an on-line health form to enter Costa Rica during these still Dark Times. Which means you also need a special travel insurance policy ... Read more >

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Photos: Costa Rica

COSTA RICA | Monday, 28 Jun 2021 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Full Circle: Colorado

USA | Monday, 10 May 2021 | Photo Gallery

See all 8 photos >>

Photos: Virginia Road Trip

USA | Friday, 16 Apr 2021 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: South Carolina

USA | Thursday, 8 Apr 2021 | Photo Gallery

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Itz Not the Ritz

USA | Monday, 8 Mar 2021 | Views [247]

WE ROLLED INTO TOWN JUST AFTER NOON yesterday and checked in at the Costa Inn.   Its major draw is that it had rooms available.  It also has secure parking and . . . Wait a just cotton-pickin’ minute! That was back in 2008 in ... Read more >

The Second Dose

USA | Thursday, 18 Feb 2021 | Views [279]

IT MIGHT SOUND LIKE WE’RE WHINGING—but we aren’t. Despite how crappy we felt last night, we are extremely relieved to have gotten our second dose of the Moderna Covid vaccine yesterday. Last month's 8-hour drive from Cocoa Beach to ... Read more >

Our First House Guest

USA | Tuesday, 9 Feb 2021 | Views [288]

AFTER SPENDING NEARLY A YEAR IN VARIOUS rental condos, we're having our first “sleep over.” Our 'sister' Linda—actually brother Mike’s widow—drove over from Houston to spend a few days with us. She found the chilly weather ... Read more >


USA | Saturday, 6 Feb 2021 | Views [331]

OUR FINAL MEMORIES OF COCOA BEACH will be of the blustery weather spawned by the storms that raked the Northeast. Only the heartiest souls were seen on the beach and the fishing deteriorated to the point that I fed the last of my bait and a small bluefish ... Read more >

Photos: Florida Panhandle

USA | Friday, 5 Feb 2021 | Photo Gallery

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Of Course I Still Love You

USA | Sunday, 24 Jan 2021 | Views [298]

THE SPACEX MISSION FROM CAPE CANAVERAL launched right on schedule—the revised schedule, that is. Yesterday’s launch was scrubbed due to atmospheric conditions but everything was A-OK this morning.          ... Read more >

Some Good News

USA | Wednesday, 20 Jan 2021 | Views [288]

THE GOOD NEWS IS WE GOT OUR FIRST Moderna Covid shots this morning. The Bad News is that we had to drive eight hours yesterday to Fort Walton Beach for the jabs and spend the night in a hotel. We will be only minutes away for Shot #2, which I guess will ... Read more >

Time For Cocoa

USA | Sunday, 10 Jan 2021 | Views [319]

WE’RE BACK IN COCOA BEACH AGAIN and I, for one, could use a cup of hot cocoa. I don’t expect you poor souls in Colorado, Minnesota or—gods forbid—New Jersey to feel sorry for us. It was 38° this mornig and the expected high ... Read more >

Somethin's Happenin' Here / What It Is Ain't Exactly Clear.

USA | Wednesday, 6 Jan 2021 | Views [309]

“GUESTS, LIKE FISH, BEGIN TO SMELL AFTER THREE DAYS.” Back when old Ben said that there was no refrigeration—heck, he hadn’t even done the kite in the thunderstorm thing yet. Even with refrigeration and air-con, Paul still must ... Read more >

Photos: Back in Cocoa

USA | Tuesday, 5 Jan 2021 | Photo Gallery

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Good Riddance 2020—Hello 2021

USA | Friday, 1 Jan 2021 | Views [268]

WE SEEM TO FIND OURSELVES AT BOYCE Thompson Arboretum every time we come to Arizona. We always enjoy ourselves and usually see something new. This time it was the brand new Wallace Desert Garden which adds another dimension—and 13 acres with a ... Read more >

Musical Instrument Museum

USA | Tuesday, 29 Dec 2020 | Views [339]

PAUL TENDS TO FORGET THAT WE HAVE visited him in Arizona before—five times if memory serves. This year we're here to support him through the best and worst of the holiday season, not to be entertained. But Paul, who can’t help being the perfect-... Read more >

. . . And Early to Rise

USA | Sunday, 27 Dec 2020 | Views [296]

THE DAY BEGINS EARLY IN ARIZONA, at least it does at Casa Paul. Connie is the earliest bird. She is one of those unfortunates who can’t go back to sleep once awake so she rises at oh-dark-whatever. Paul, I’m assured, gets up before six on ... Read more >

A Very Grinchy Christmas

USA | Friday, 25 Dec 2020 | Views [238]

WE CELEBRATED CHRISTMAS LIKE NORMAL FOLKS for the first time in years. We shared a delicious meal in the company of friends, quaffed a wassail or two and shared stories, both old and new. We didn’t exchange gifts or sing carols but Nick and Peggy ... Read more >

Arizona For The Holidays

USA | Tuesday, 22 Dec 2020 | Views [278]

COVID BE DAMNED, WE HAVE TRADED palm trees for cactus, the Gulf of Mexico for the Sonoran Desert, humidity for dust and manatees for coyotes. Yeah, we’re spending the holidays in Arizona—Gold Canyon to be more exact—with our friend ... Read more >

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