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Trip: The World (Part 4)

There are [111] stories from my trip: The World (Part 4)

Time Out at Misawa

JAPAN | Monday, 2 Sep 2019 | Views [75]

WE ARE TAKING A FEW DAYS OFF — MAINLY BECAUSE WE CAN!  We're staying here at Misawa Joint Air Force/Navy Base.   It’s a little noisy with the F16s and the Navy P3 Orions taking off and landing at all hours, but we can handle it.... Read more >

Guardian Rabbits of Hirosaki

JAPAN | Saturday, 31 Aug 2019 | Views [77]

LIKE A ROLLING STONE, CONNIE GATHERS NO MOSS.  As soon as she wakes up, she’s out of bed and soon on her way — unlike a certain slug-a-bed who will remain nameless.  She is pretty religious about her morning walks as her iPhone ... Read more >

Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road

JAPAN | Thursday, 29 Aug 2019 | Views [116]

JOHN IS PRETTY COMFORTABLE DRIVING ON THE LEFT as they do here in Japan.  He has had enough practice, after all — nearly a year in Australia and New Zealand, half a year in South Africa, several trips to the UK and even six months in Uganda ... Read more >

Chūson-ji and the Golden Hall of Konjikidō

JAPAN | Tuesday, 27 Aug 2019 | Views [155]

IT WASN’T EASY TO LEAVE NIKKO.  EVEN THE Frank Lloyd Wright designed station seemed to tug at our sleeves.  But the shinkansen was coming faster than a speeding bullet and we didn’t want to miss the train.      ... Read more >

Photos: Hiraizumi and Hirosaki

JAPAN | Tuesday, 27 Aug 2019 | Photo Gallery

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Two Shrines and a Temple: Nikko's Tōshō-gū

JAPAN | Sunday, 25 Aug 2019 | Views [93]

CONNIE DID INDEED SAVE THE BEST FOR THE LAST.  The Tōshō-gū Buddhist Temple is the cherry on the sundae that is Nikko.  The restoration for the 400 th anniversary of Tōshō-gū won’t be completed until 2024, but it’s easy to forgive ... Read more >

Two Shrines and a Temple: Nikko's Rinnō-ji

JAPAN | Saturday, 24 Aug 2019 | Views [86]

NIKKO COULD JUST BE THE JERUSALEM OF JAPAN.  Both cities have UNESCO World Heritage status and each has three important religious sites.  It’s probably a poor analogy — there is no strife in Nikko — Buddhist and Shinto practitioners ... Read more >

Much Ado About Nikko

JAPAN | Friday, 23 Aug 2019 | Views [142]

IT ISN’T OFTEN THAT THE FIRST PLACE YOU VISIT in a new town is a cemetery.  And not a famous one like Arlington National Cemetery or Normandy, either.  We had to work with a map and the lady at Nikko’s Tourist Information Center ... Read more >

Photos: Nikko

JAPAN | Friday, 23 Aug 2019 | Photo Gallery

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A Rough Road to Nikko

JAPAN | Thursday, 22 Aug 2019 | Views [107]

WE HAD THE DEVIL OF A TIME GETTING FROM Takayama to Nikko, a route that ended up requiring a bus —two depending on how you count — and five different trains.  We were in the second car of a two car train heading to Toyama with four ... Read more >

So Long Vagabonds3 — Hello GraynomadsUSA

JAPAN | Wednesday, 21 Aug 2019 | Views [53]

WELL, HERE WE ARE AT OUR NEW HOME, journals.worldnomads.com/graynomadsusa  If you have just discovered us, you can get our backstory (don't you just love that word?) at journals.worldnomads.com/vagabonds3 (2015-2019) , journals.worldnomads.... Read more >

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