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NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 14 Aug 2017 | Views [110]

The trip from Memphis to Houston was uneventful and really not that interesting. It was great to spend a couple of days with my sister and husband and also got to visit with one of my oldest brothers and some of his whanau. After arriving back in ... Read more >

Memphis welcome

USA | Monday, 24 Jul 2017 | Views [111]

We were welcomed into Memphis with sunshine, a rainbow and storm clouds!  We had 2 storrn fronts of both sheet and forked lightning. We drove through the first which was pretty exciting, lightning hitting the fields on either side. One bolt was ... Read more >


USA | Sunday, 23 Jul 2017 | Views [120]

Whilst traveling I lost my phone. I had became aware of the fact when we were in the car. 5 of us traveling south in Iowa USA. First thought was where had I used it last. It was the motorcycle museum we had visited an hour or so back. I searched where ... Read more >

The trip begins

USA | Monday, 17 Jul 2017 | Views [90]

It was great to meet up with my sisters in Winnipeg. We stayed, 5 of us, in a great AirBNB right in the middle of town. We had a rental car and attended all the ceremonies organised by the early settlers organisation. We were interviewed by the local ... Read more >


USA | Saturday, 15 Jul 2017 | Views [110]

We are all on the Aspergers spectrum somewhere it's really just a matter of whether our level is noticeable by others or not.  I for example am often too direct in my speech and not the best socially and that helps me relate to my man who is ... Read more >


NEW ZEALAND | Wednesday, 28 Jun 2017 | Views [113]

Knowledge or our understanding of the rules of the universe is expanding faster and faster because the base of our knowledge continues to grow. So, like Cantons ideas on infinity, the gaps between the lines create questions to be answered in themselves.... Read more >

World Without End

NEW ZEALAND | Saturday, 24 Jun 2017 | Views [154]

By Ken Follett, a good read, second book of his I've read. Talk about a corrupt society. Sadly it is a constant in our world. I had thought New Zealand to be less affected than other countries I have travelled in but I have come to realise that it is ... Read more >

Thoughts on a bus

NEW ZEALAND | Saturday, 20 May 2017 | Views [118]

 We see everything in terms of light and shade. If all colour were removed we would still see the scene because each item in the scene is a differing shade of grey. Think about that - each item! Each leaf on each tree of a forest, each blade of ... Read more >


NEW ZEALAND | Friday, 19 May 2017 | Views [174]

Apparently I'm 'WHITE', it's not a thing I have noticed myself much but lately it is hitting me often in the face especially on social media. I haven't noticed colour really in relation to people, friends and family, but I'm being asked to more and more.... Read more >

May B for Birthday

NEW ZEALAND | Wednesday, 17 May 2017 | Views [147]

I had a wonderful birthday this year. It was a lovely day and I couldn't think of anything more enjoyable than using my bike as it will get cold and gloomy soon enough. I rode to Maori class, the class was fun and interesting, my brain is not the best ... Read more >

Spinal fusion

NEW ZEALAND | Saturday, 29 Apr 2017 | Views [135]

Not for me but for my daughter-in-law. Apparently it is a common, do it every day, operation now but it sounds seriously scarey to me! The operation was yesterday on the back of the neck and they go in through the front of the throat, do they use a cut ... Read more >

My paradiem

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 2 Mar 2017 | Views [94]

I've had a shift in it, my paradiem that is. I thought I had a solid Grandmother to Grandchild relationship going on, an unbreakable direct link that went straight from my heart to theirs. It was a link I could feel. A link that kept me from being away ... Read more >

Summer! Summer? Summer.....

NEW ZEALAND | Tuesday, 28 Feb 2017 | Views [137]

Spring looked promising, summer looked like it was going to be a doozy however it's been very much an on again off again affair to say the least. I suppose in it's favour we haven't had to light the fire or anything drastic like that but it's been a ... Read more >

becoming knight

NEW ZEALAND | Sunday, 11 Dec 2016 | Views [206]

There are times that one or other of my children treat me like a dunce or a muppet or just like I am an annoyance that they just have to deal with. It is hurtful and disrespectful and if it weren't for my grandchildren I would quietly withdraw myself ... Read more >

Shock, sadness, anger, disbelief, grief

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 8 Dec 2016 | Views [253]

I have just returned from attending the funeral of a friend. It is Thursday 8th December 2016. She took her own life on Sunday 4th December. On Saturday she was here with us, walking, talking, partying, today she is dead. This has affected me more ... Read more >

Botswana and back to Jo'burg

BOTSWANA | Friday, 12 Aug 2016 | Views [275]

Back to Maun and on the way the clutch gave up in our Land Cruiser. We first flagged down a ute but it was a French tourist who said 'too complicated' and drove off and left us there. The second vehicle was a delivery truck, he immediately got out a ... Read more >


BOTSWANA | Thursday, 4 Aug 2016 | Views [292]

Botswana has been a wonderful experience. We started with being upgraded from our booked accommodations to a beautiful huge Lodge on the Chobe River. Went for a river cruise in the afternoon until sunset and saw all sorts of amazing animals coming to ... Read more >


ZIMBABWE | Saturday, 30 Jul 2016 | Views [277]

At Motopo, The Farmhouse we were right next to the park and some of the areas huge boulders which we climbed for some fabulous views. We got a day following White Rhino on foot and got to sit within about 20 feet of them, they aren't white but have big ... Read more >

Photos: Tour begins

SOUTH AFRICA | Wednesday, 27 Jul 2016 | Photo Gallery

J'burg to Zimbabwe border
See all 16 photos >>

First week on tour

SOUTH AFRICA | Wednesday, 27 Jul 2016 | Views [282]

Day 1 Started at 6am, we headed west towards the Kruger National Park stopping at Hazyview, where our guide Antony lives, for the night. We went to a local show but got there late missing most of the performance and the meal whilst interesting was not ... Read more >

Photos: Johanesburg

SOUTH AFRICA | Monday, 18 Jul 2016 | Photo Gallery

The city of Jo'burg
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Afrika begins

SOUTH AFRICA | Monday, 18 Jul 2016 | Views [302]

Finally the day had arrived. We headed to Auckland and flew out with Air NZ on one of their new planes with dimming windows and individual movie modes. Surprised to be offered food as our itinery said we got none but our tickets said we had 'The Works' ... Read more >


NEW ZEALAND | Friday, 8 Jul 2016 | Views [316]

This boring blog is about to get some life injected once again - WHAT????   Yes! We are to do some travel once more albeit a miniature travel. We are off to Afrika for 4 weeks. This trip will be a little different than our previous travels ... Read more >

Biker chick

NEW ZEALAND | Wednesday, 22 Jun 2016 | Views [309]

I love my Sporty but find it a little high for me. My feet are on the ground but it's such a heavy bike that when I have to pull it backwards, usually into a park, I find it very difficult to handle. I went looking at other bikes, thought hard about ... Read more >


NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 9 May 2016 | Views [267]

Isn't about feelings, it's about what you will give and what your partner will accept. You may be willing to give all but if your partner doesn't want it all then it can lead to a sticky situation. It has taken a few  years for Kent and I to ... Read more >

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