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Each journey begins with a single step... Two kiwis escaping from the island to explore strange new worlds and boldly go where thousands have gone before... . .

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2023 A new year and about *** time

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 9 Feb 2023 | Views [260]

The thought of a new year, new adventures, new travels, new rides, was soul lifting but as we float (literally) on into the second month of 2023 I realise that someone forgot to tell the weatherman/person that it is now summer. Now of course I'm speaking ... Read more >

A Brave New World

NEW ZEALAND | Sunday, 13 Mar 2022 | Views [225]

New Zealand is finally opening it's borders. This is a HUGE move for us. We have been keeping ourselves quietly occupied and alive in our own sweet paradise while the rest of the world has been dealing with Covid 19. The number of deaths we have had ... Read more >

2022 is here

NEW ZEALAND | Tuesday, 15 Feb 2022 | Views [194]

Who would have thought we'd be living though this pandemic just 2 full years ago. Of course we are very lucky here in paradise islands, we are just, apparently, going to be feeling the effects of the dreaded COVID now while the rest of the world has ... Read more >


NEW ZEALAND | Wednesday, 22 Dec 2021 | Views [254]

I have returned to my home, my home, my home. It's a weird feeling returning. I'm out of sorts. I look around and see that I have entirely too much stuff. Things are in a mess and so many things need doing here that it becomes overwhelming to even think ... Read more >

Fire! Fire!

NEW ZEALAND | Friday, 10 Dec 2021 | Views [242]

Fire the boss!!  The bus was taken to have it's CoF but sadly it failed on some small and large things. Much frustration and discussion about the abilities and mindset of the testing officer ensued but despite the angst the work must be done. The ... Read more >

I haven't mentioned the goat

NEW ZEALAND | Saturday, 4 Dec 2021 | Views [306]

or the ram...  Barry is an adolescent goat, friendly, curious, non thistle eating goat. He is friends with the large unco-operative ram called Lawn. Originally there were two of each of these animals (Barry & Larry, Lawn & Mower) but unfortunately ... Read more >

A day in the life of...

NEW ZEALAND | Sunday, 28 Nov 2021 | Views [252]

It's Mr 9 yr olds day to make dinner. He takes a can of baked beans out puts them into a bowl and puts them in the microwave to warm them. Mum comes along " that's not enough dinner for everyone Mr 9" so Mr 9 goes to the freezer and gets out some frankfurters ... Read more >


NEW ZEALAND | Friday, 27 Aug 2021 | Views [375]

We are in lockdown again...  One person found with Covid19 and because of it's exponential behaviour Aotearoa went immediately into lockdown.  Now a lot of us find lockdown nice, yes nice. We are lucky enough to not have to go into it for ... Read more >

Special Arrival #7

NEW ZEALAND | Friday, 25 Jun 2021 | Views [251]

On the 21st of June my last (assumed) moko (grandchild) was born to my eldest daughter. I got to Auckland arriving after her birth and got to hold and dress this precious wee parcel. I am so grateful to be a Nanma and now have seven grandchildren, three ... Read more >

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