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Cambodia and Vietnam 2016 A quick look at Cambodia and then visiting our favourite country, Vietnam for a 5 month stay. Look out Hoian here we come!!!

Day 161 – 8th September 2016 Thursday – Shopping and AO Show

VIETNAM | Friday, 9 Sep 2016 | Views [592]

We were down at breakfast next door at 7am. A very basic egg choice with bread roll and a coffee or tea. Considering we are only paying US$25 I think this is acceptable. Kevin of course is complaining about the room, the shower, the air conditioning ... Read more >

Day 160 – 7th September 2016 Wednesday – To HCMC

VIETNAM | Thursday, 8 Sep 2016 | Views [640]

Well we were up early and had breakfast. Kevin went tiff to meet Michael for a coffee while I took a couple of loads of boxes to Vicky’s. By now it is 7.30 and Vicky and Gary came to collect the fan and my motor bike helmet and foodstuff. I had ... Read more >

Day 159 – 6th September 2016 Tuesday – Packing Day

VIETNAM | Wednesday, 7 Sep 2016 | Views [558]

Kevin had his last ride to Marble Mountain this morning. I did some more washing of towels for packing away. I then went to the gym and did my last workout and was impressed that I ran for 38.5 min out of a total of 48min. Impressive even if I say so ... Read more >

Day 158 – 5th September 2016 Monday – First Topica Lesson

VIETNAM | Tuesday, 6 Sep 2016 | Views [568]

Kevin was up early and went riding. I did a little more sorting of what was to stay and what needs to go home.  I washed the sheets and packed them for staying .  was then off to the gym by 8am  and met Vicky there. We worked out for nearly ... Read more >

Day 157 – 4th September 2016 Sunday – Victoria Hotel Brunch

VIETNAM | Monday, 5 Sep 2016 | Views [680]

Day 157 – 4th September 2016 Sunday – Victoria Hotel Brunch Kevin didn't ride this morning and I didn't go to the gym. It was a total day of rest. It is Father's Day so I rang Dad to wish him a happy Father's Day and had a chat for a while.... Read more >

Day 156 – 3rd September 2016 Saturday – Boys Night Out

VIETNAM | Sunday, 4 Sep 2016 | Views [592]

Kevin went riding to Marble Mountain. I went to the gym at 8am as I needed to be home by 10.15 for my henna application. Mikayla was on her computer looking at designs when I arrived. I finally chose one and after only 20min it was done. I then had to ... Read more >

Day 155 – 2nd September 2016 Friday – Girls Night Out

VIETNAM | Saturday, 3 Sep 2016 | Views [555]

Kevin went riding with Michael and Andrew. I went to the gym and then to the pool after my workout. It is a hot humid day today and the breeze is hot and unpleasant. Stayed at the pool until 3ish. Went home and dropped everything off before heading into ... Read more >

Day 154 – 1st September 2016 Thursday – Last Bowls Night and Roast

VIETNAM | Friday, 2 Sep 2016 | Views [588]

Kevin took the day off using as he has a sore groin. He went out for a coffee shortly after breakfast. I got a call from Vicky and she wanted to meet at Dingo Deli for a coffee as a friend had committed suicide late yesterday. We sat and chatted for ... Read more >

Day 153 – 31st August 2016 Wednesday – Pamper day for Kevin

VIETNAM | Thursday, 1 Sep 2016 | Views [593]

Kevin was off riding again and I did a load of washing before heading to the gym. The cloud cover was nice but it soon lifted and was very hot. My gym session was really hard today and I was perspiring heavily. Vicky came while I was there and she joined ... Read more >

Day 152 – 30th August 2016 Tuesday – Same, same but different

VIETNAM | Wednesday, 31 Aug 2016 | Views [565]

Kevin rode by himself over the new bridge. I went to the gym and saw Monika and JA and I arranged to catch up for dinner tonight. When I told Kevin he wasn't happy as he had arranged to go with Mark to Hoa Hien and he didn't want us there. So I messaged ... Read more >

Day 151 – 29th August 2016 Monday – TESOL studies completed

VIETNAM | Tuesday, 30 Aug 2016 | Views [536]

Kevin rode with Michael on another new route, over the new bridge for a 38km ride. I hadn't slept very well so was up a little later than usual. I decided to have a rest day from the gym and only went to the pool. Claire and Gerry were there and we talked ... Read more >

Day 150 – 28th August 2016 Sunday – Pool day and Football buddies

VIETNAM | Monday, 29 Aug 2016 | Views [561]

Kevin went riding again to Marble Mountain and I  went to the gym. I was waiting for Topica to sent an email of last minute available lessons so I could try and get some teaching this next week before heading back to AU. When I finished at the gym ... Read more >

Day 149 - 27th August 2016 Saturday – Study time

VIETNAM | Sunday, 28 Aug 2016 | Views [522]

Kevin went riding on his own while I went to the gym for a workout. I met Monika and JA at the pool and we chilled together until lunch time. Kevin ordered from the pool menu but us girls went out to AM Vegetarian on Le Ty To. It was an excellent meal ... Read more >

Day 148 – 26th August 2016 Friday – O’Malley’s Irish Bar

VIETNAM | Saturday, 27 Aug 2016 | Views [524]

Kevin went riding with Michael on a new route to Danang and back. He said they rode at a pace where they could talk easily. Michael then invited Kevin to his local fruit juice and coffee stall before showing him where they lived. Kevin was quite impressed ... Read more >

Day 147 – 25th August 2016 Thursday – Bowls night

VIETNAM | Friday, 26 Aug 2016 | Views [522]

Kevin went riding alone to Marble Mountain whilst I messed around with Topica setting up emails and arranging speed tests etc. I then went off to the gym leaving Kevin making his breakfast. I stayed at the pool until 2pm and then headed home to Skype ... Read more >

Day 146 - 24th August 2016 Wednesday – Another Pool Day

VIETNAM | Thursday, 25 Aug 2016 | Views [524]

It rained most of the night and so Kevin cancelled his ride with Michael and Andrew. I went to the gym and pool like most days. Unfortunately I am still quite sore and stiff from my bike ride and so I only ran for 20min and not 30min. I am considering ... Read more >

Day 145 - 23rd August 2016 Tuesday – Exam Results

VIETNAM | Wednesday, 24 Aug 2016 | Views [521]

Happy birthday Ebony and Hien, my student. Kevin rode by himself again this morning. I meanwhile had a lazy morning watching episodes of How to get away with Murder – season 2. Kevin washed the floors which haven't been done for weeks. My Skype ... Read more >

Day 144 – 22nd August 2016 Monday – Dinner at Hien’s House

VIETNAM | Tuesday, 23 Aug 2016 | Views [579]

Kevin ride with Michael today as Andrew and Kevin had words over the incident that occurred in the Port v Crows game and Andrew was huffy and so rode slower with Lee.  I went to the gym and pool. Monika and JA were there doing a workout. For ... Read more >

Day 143 – 21st August 2016 Sunday – Massive Bike Ride

VIETNAM | Monday, 22 Aug 2016 | Views [545]

Kevin was off riding on his own again. It appears he has learnt his lesson about hydration and is now preparing better and drinking more on his rides. I hate to say I have been telling him since buying the bikes that he is not drinking enough but does ... Read more >

Day 142 – 20th August 2016 Saturday – Another Exam attempt

VIETNAM | Sunday, 21 Aug 2016 | Views [548]

It is a hot humid day today. 37C but feels like 42C. Kevin went riding alone to Marble Mountain. I went to the gym for a workout and then to the pool. Appears there are a few sore heads today, Vicky, Claire, Sharon after last nights party. Stayed at ... Read more >

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