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Rome in two days

ITALY | Friday, 19 Oct 2012 | Views [1184]

17Oct12 Rome We caught the mini metro down to the train station then only had a short wait for the train. We hopped on but there was no destination on the platform board. The cleaner came through the carriages, took a brief look at the toilet, probably ... Read more >

Photos: Rome again

ITALY | Wednesday, 17 Oct 2012 | Photo Gallery

Perugia 2

ITALY | Tuesday, 16 Oct 2012 | Views [1022] | Comments [1]

14Oct12 Perugia We snuck a quick look at a hall (sala dei notari) with fresco cover of Aesop's fables before being evicted by a team setting up for a tourism conference. Odd place for a conference considering the venue is normally free for public viewing.... Read more >

Photos: Perugia and Assisi

ITALY | Monday, 15 Oct 2012 | Photo Gallery


ITALY | Saturday, 13 Oct 2012 | Views [1143]

13Oct12 Perugia Big travel day from Cuneo Early start for our RV train from Cuneo to Torino. Quiet ride. Next RV train to Milan was large and busy. We had less than 10 minutes to get tickets and get onto our train so it was touch and go as to whether ... Read more >

Cuneo to France for Lunch

ITALY | Friday, 12 Oct 2012 | Views [1487]

12Oct12 Cuneo Day trip to Monte Carlo. We decided to have a look at Monte Carlo and thought the train trip might be interesting. There was a heavy fog so there was no way we could walk in the mountains. The train trip showed that this was incorrect.... Read more >

Cuneo to Limone

ITALY | Thursday, 11 Oct 2012 | Views [1086]

11Oct12 Cuneo Day trip to Limone. lay-mon-NEH. This is a little ski village on the edge of the Maritime alps. We had heard that these types of villages essentially shut down for a couple of months in autumn and reopen once the snow arrived. This village ... Read more >

Photos: Limone

ITALY | Thursday, 11 Oct 2012 | Photo Gallery


ITALY | Wednesday, 10 Oct 2012 | Views [1005]

10Oct12 Cuneo Travel from Lake Como to Cuneo. Fast train from Milan to Turino got up to 293km/h! Very smooth and it didn't feel anywhere near as fast as the registered speed. Arrived at Cuneo. Good looking town from the train. Supposed to be a compressed ... Read more >

Lake Como 2

ITALY | Tuesday, 9 Oct 2012 | Views [1007]

9Oct12 Lake Como Purchased day passes for the Boat service with the intention of heading as far up the lake as we could with the public ferry service. This is a lovely looking lake and there is no wonder why it is so popular. We did notice later in ... Read more >

Photos: Lake Como

ITALY | Tuesday, 9 Oct 2012 | Photo Gallery

Lake Como (Combover?)

ITALY | Monday, 8 Oct 2012 | Views [1610]

8Oct12 lake Como (comb over?) Slow start today. I did not want to be rushed so we were heading off on the 11am train. Added plenty of coins to the swear jar today. It was going so well until we got to Milan and transferred to Milan San Garibaldi. We ... Read more >

Photos: Alba White Truffle Festival

ITALY | Sunday, 7 Oct 2012 | Photo Gallery


ITALY | Sunday, 7 Oct 2012 | Views [1235]

7Oct12 Alba Off to an early start. Problem is that i am not feeling well. We are heading off to Alba to the truffle festival, medieval parade and donkey races. Alba is Italy's truffle capital and main market.October is the height of the white truffle ... Read more >


ITALY | Thursday, 4 Oct 2012 | Views [1054]

4Oct12 Turin The first part of the train trip was interesting as we shirted along the seaside to Genoa but the second half of the journey  was rather dull and a little  boring .The train route is  through rural farm land and the fields ... Read more >


ITALY | Wednesday, 3 Oct 2012 | Views [1008]

We jumped on the train to Parma home to  Parmigiano-Reggiano also known in English as Parmesan. It is a strange city as the museums are only open in the mornings. Disappointing for our day trip. Tourist information was not very friendly but we got a map ... Read more >

Photos: Cinque Terra

ITALY | Tuesday, 2 Oct 2012 | Photo Gallery

Cinque Terre lost

ITALY | Tuesday, 2 Oct 2012 | Views [1663]

Cinque Terre Sorry if this entry feels negative but I started believing the hype on this location and was disappointed. People often write nostalgically about how a location was in the past not how it is now. I believe that it was amazing 30 years ago ... Read more >

Florence to Cinque Terra Region

ITALY | Monday, 1 Oct 2012 | Views [1484]

1Oct12 Finally finished our pennants with our cheap room in Florence. We actually managed a full night sleep on one day out of five. Better than I expected. Tried experimenting along the way with various quantities of alcohol in the evening but ... Read more >

Florence day 4

ITALY | Sunday, 30 Sep 2012 | Views [985]

30Oct12 Florence Decided to spend the day looking around the free state museums then head off to Rufina for a festival starting at 1600. We walked into the old city only to be met by a sea of blue t-shirt clad people. It was a breast cancel fun ... Read more >


ITALY | Saturday, 29 Sep 2012 | Views [1222]

29 Sep 12 Florence What to do today. Domestic duties. We head off to a local laundry with our clothes walking next to us. They are as relieved as we are to get a wash. An old couple turned up and we noticed the accent sounded ... Read more >

Photos: florence

ITALY | Saturday, 29 Sep 2012 | Photo Gallery

Florence Day trip Certaldo-San Gimignano

ITALY | Friday, 28 Sep 2012 | Views [2492]

The dream is to walk in Tuscany. They reality is that it is hot and humid. Still we decide to ignore the reality of the situation and press on. Lonely planet have a walk to follow and we as their disciples believe in them. Train ... Read more >

Photos: Italy-Florence Day trips-Lucca,Certaldo,San gimignano

ITALY | Friday, 28 Sep 2012 | Photo Gallery


ITALY | Thursday, 27 Sep 2012 | Views [1006]

27 Sep 12 Lucca I believe that Napolean liked Lucca so much that he gave it to his sister. We caught an early train from Florence and initially were unaware that we were travelling with a columbian and  and an australia woman and child from Melbourne.... Read more >

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