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Trip: Ticos, Che, and Nicas

There are [23] stories from my trip: Ticos, Che, and Nicas

Photos: Grand Cayman

CAYMAN ISLANDS | Wednesday, 25 Nov 2009 | Photo Gallery

I ended up on Grand Cayman due to a highly unusual, albeit frightening ordeal. As a result these are my only photos but I'll make it there again...on a good note!
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Emergency Landing!

CAYMAN ISLANDS | Wednesday, 25 Nov 2009 | Views [5790] | Comments [3]

My life flashed before my eyes today. Literally! This journey was going so smoothly: getting my dental work done, seeing the turtles in Tortuguero, a trip to Cuba, Isla de Ometepe. Up until a week ago, when I found out the border to Honduras was closed ... Read more >

Tags: misadventures

Bluefields and the Corn Islands

NICARAGUA | Thursday, 19 Nov 2009 | Views [10560]

What a mission! Getting to Bluefields was half the fun. Getting stuck there wasn't as much so, and getting to the Corn Islands proved to be the ultimate "mish." After taking an overnight bus from Managua to El Rama, I had to wait awhile before ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, boats, islands

Photos: Corn Islands

NICARAGUA | Thursday, 19 Nov 2009 | Photo Gallery

Corn Islands should be renamed "Paradise Islands." Two unknown isletas hidden deep in the west of the Caribbean Sea
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Photos: Managua

NICARAGUA | Monday, 16 Nov 2009 | Photo Gallery

The capital with no centre. There's not much to do here but I made the most of it. Ruben Dario would be proud
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The city with no centre

NICARAGUA | Sunday, 15 Nov 2009 | Views [2296]

Welcome to Managua: Nicaragua's capital as well as its heart & soul. When I arrived in Managua off the bus from Rivas I asked a taxi driver as best I could how far Centro Managua is. He didn't give me a solid answer so I thought my best bet was ... Read more >

Tags: cities

Photos: Isla de Ometepe

NICARAGUA | Wednesday, 11 Nov 2009 | Photo Gallery

What a majestic island! Two towering volcanoes surrounded by one giant lake. Get ready to stay much longer than expected on what has to be the world's most beautiful island
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Isla de Ometepe and my return to Granada

NICARAGUA | Tuesday, 10 Nov 2009 | Views [2363]

Riding in the back of a ute, I was making my way toward "The Great Sultan" as Granada, Nicaragua is called. It is Nicaragua's colonial jewel, much like Trinidad is to Cuba. Two year ago I was here, and two years later, I'm back! Getting dropped ... Read more >

Oy, what did I eat?

COSTA RICA | Saturday, 7 Nov 2009 | Views [1023]

Through my travels, I've shared the good and the bad, so now it's time for the ugly. All three elements are bound to occur (although I hope for mostly the first of three). As I lay here in a dilapidated room in Playa El Coco (situated on the Pacific) ... Read more >

Photos: El Coco

COSTA RICA | Saturday, 7 Nov 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Havana, and the journey back

CUBA | Tuesday, 3 Nov 2009 | Views [1627]

Getting back to Havana from Trinidad would be a long arduous journey but was half the fun! Juana woke me at 8:00 AM because I asked her to last night. Immediately I washed up and went to the kitchen por mi desayuno de bananos, guayaba de jugo, pan y ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, cities, food, hitchhiking, mojitos, old cars, people, socialism

Photos: Santa Clara and Trinidad

CUBA | Sunday, 1 Nov 2009 | Photo Gallery

home of Che and home of Cuba's colonial jewel
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Saluting Che....and a journey to Trinidad

CUBA | Saturday, 31 Oct 2009 | Views [1730]

Once I got off the Viazul bus filled mostly with well-heeled Cubans, jinteros immediately starting literally breathing down my back, saying "casa particular" over and over. Finally I turned around and got upset with one of the guys; it's annoying ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, beaches, che guevara, colonial architecture, hitchhiking

Photos: Valle de Viñales

CUBA | Friday, 30 Oct 2009 | Photo Gallery

One of the most beautiful areas of Cuba, filled with spectacular karst limestone formations and Martian-red tobacco fields
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Martian Red Soil

CUBA | Tuesday, 27 Oct 2009 | Views [3385]

After spending five days in La Habana, I decided to make a run for Viñales. Let me tell you first how I got there, because getting there turned out to be half the fun. After taking a taxi to the Autopista (Cuba's central highway) I wanted to hitchhike.... Read more >

Tags: caving, culture, hiking, karst landscapes, old cars

The Real Havana!

CUBA | Friday, 23 Oct 2009 | Views [2319]

This morning I woke up early but I was too lazy to leave. I don't know why. I paid Lisdey 30 CUC for my stay and I just lazed around for a bit. After having a few cups of tea I was finally ready to set out at about noon. My plan was to go to Angie's ... Read more >

Tags: history, people, socialism

Photos: Havana

CUBA | Wednesday, 21 Oct 2009 | Photo Gallery

Classic cars, socialism, free health care: Welcome to Cuba
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'50s Time Capsule

CUBA | Wednesday, 21 Oct 2009 | Views [3040]

When I first landed in Cuba, I must admit I was a little bit scared. In the "address in Cuba" I wrote the address of a casa particular that I had no intentions of staying at. Since I'm American I had to ask the customs official not to stamp ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, history, old cars, people, socialism

Turtles and Tortuguero

COSTA RICA | Friday, 16 Oct 2009 | Views [1972]

As I approached Tortuguero after the one-hour boat ride, I immediately thought "Venice of the Caribbean." However, once I walked into town I realized that only the few buildings near the dock are partially built on water. Tortuguero means ... Read more >

Photos: Volcán Irazú

COSTA RICA | Saturday, 10 Oct 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Eyes on both coasts

COSTA RICA | Saturday, 10 Oct 2009 | Views [754]

Standing at the corner of Avenida 2 and Calle 3, there's a sign for the bus to Volcan Irazu. The other day I had teeth pulled out and I have a mouthful of stitches, so I was ready for an escape from San Jose for the day. Earlier I asked Jonathan if he ... Read more >

Dental work in Costa Rica

COSTA RICA | Friday, 9 Oct 2009 | Views [7141] | Comments [1]

Now this is something to write about! I travelled to San José, Costa Rica to have dental work done! Scary? Not quite! First off, I'll tell you about the first couple of days in San José. When I landed, customs was a breeze, unlike two years ago when ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, medical

Photos: San José

COSTA RICA | Wednesday, 7 Oct 2009 | Photo Gallery

A very boring and dirty city but I still had all the fun I could. There are many great CouchSurfers there and they showed me some great places to go
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