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Many Adventures of a Nomadic Poet A young poet with Asperger's makes travel his passion, and away he goes...

Photos: Jakarta

INDONESIA | Tuesday, 14 Oct 2014 | Photo Gallery

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The Big Durian

INDONESIA | Tuesday, 14 Oct 2014 | Views [918]

As I stepped off the bus with my heavy bags, the searing heat and humidity bit hard! I had no clue where I was and I thought I was reasonably close to Amiel's flat but it turned out I was way off, and I was out of rupiah until I could get to an ATM. ... Read more >

Ticket out of Hell

INDONESIA | Monday, 13 Oct 2014 | Views [545]

As the bus converged upon Palembang I could immediately see how bad the smog is; worse than any place I've ever been! My immediate thought is "get me the hell out of this shithole" and I wasn't off the bus yet! A CSer accepted my request but there'd ... Read more >

Bukittinggi to Palembang

INDONESIA | Sunday, 12 Oct 2014 | Views [790]

The Sumatran journey continues! Last night I stayed in Bukittinggi, a town in the Sumatran highlands with a much cooler air than the lowlands. That made the stay rather pleasant. In Bukittinggi there's a few sights of interest including a few Norfolk ... Read more >

Taking on Sumatra

INDONESIA | Friday, 10 Oct 2014 | Views [512]

As I boarded the ferry to Dumai this morning, I was aware of the length of my journey ahead. I have two of the largest islands this side of the world to traverse and the state of roads in both are iffy at best. I had wondered if the ferry was even seaworthy ... Read more >

Photos: Sumatra

INDONESIA | Friday, 10 Oct 2014 | Photo Gallery

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33 Adventures, 33 Journeys

INDONESIA | Thursday, 9 Oct 2014 | Views [500]

33 is the magic number! Let’s put it this way: I’m thankful to be out of Singapore. The only place in this world I can say I hate is Las Vegas but one place I’m not terribly fond of is Singapore. Except for a wide variety of food it’... Read more >

Photos: Singapore

SINGAPORE | Wednesday, 8 Oct 2014 | Photo Gallery

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SINGAPORE | Wednesday, 8 Oct 2014 | Views [630]

After two days of getting here and dragging all of my gear around I finally had a bit of time to soak up Singapore. Many people I've spoken to thoroughly enjoyed Singapore, but would I feel the same? Before setting out I would enjoy a home-cooked Indian ... Read more >

Only in Retrospect

SINGAPORE | Tuesday, 7 Oct 2014 | Views [453]

"Never again" I think to myself. One of those moments you hate when it happens but in retrospect you'd do it again. "Travel is glamourous only in retrospect" is a famous quote by Paul Theroux. My harrowing account of how I got to Singapore last night ... Read more >

Temples in a Cave of Monkeys

MALAYSIA | Friday, 3 Oct 2014 | Views [1052]

KL is a place to rest and feast, but not really to explore. A walk in KL is no walk in the park. It's very hot, although the rain provides a cooling effect making it perfect for a sing and a dance (but I have to make sure my camera stays dry). Agosh, ... Read more >

Photos: Batu Caves

MALAYSIA | Friday, 3 Oct 2014 | Photo Gallery

Monkeys galore!
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Photos: Kuala Lumpur

MALAYSIA | Wednesday, 1 Oct 2014 | Photo Gallery

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Yuki & I in KL

MALAYSIA | Wednesday, 1 Oct 2014 | Views [1081]

"In Malaysia, anything is possible" Yuki said as we waited for the taxi last night. Beat and exhausted I was in the back seat, and out I was! Today I woke up rejuvinated. A few weeks ago, I was criticized by Bindi for "speaking of my tiredness" in my ... Read more >

Photos: Kyoto

JAPAN | Monday, 29 Sep 2014 | Photo Gallery

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Sleepless night in Kyoto

JAPAN | Monday, 29 Sep 2014 | Views [646]

Sara Wall indirectly said "you sleep on a train and you get your butt to Kyoto." Well, those weren't her exact words but in other words she was telling me I cannot miss Kyoto. For my next trip to Japan I have a laundry list of places to see and things ... Read more >

Photos: Kobe

JAPAN | Monday, 29 Sep 2014 | Photo Gallery

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Undokai Festival

JAPAN | Sunday, 28 Sep 2014 | Views [1362]

I get invited to the most unique events and places as a result of CouchSurfers and friends. Enter Maychew, Microsoft, and a Mayan ceremony. These are just a few examples of places and events I would have never seen had it not been for being invited. ... Read more >

Photos: Ichiu

JAPAN | Saturday, 27 Sep 2014 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Iya Valley

JAPAN | Friday, 26 Sep 2014 | Photo Gallery

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Washoku and Tatami

JAPAN | Wednesday, 24 Sep 2014 | Views [851]

Mika & Hiro are my hosts here in Wakimachi. They're feeding me washoku (Japanese food) and I'm sleeping on a futon in a tatami room. Mark told me in 10 years of living in Japan he's never visited a Japanese home but here I am staying with a Japanese ... Read more >

Photos: Wakimachi

JAPAN | Tuesday, 23 Sep 2014 | Photo Gallery

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Thumbing it to Shikoku

JAPAN | Monday, 22 Sep 2014 | Views [466]

With more than 36,000 kilometres of hitchhiking across several countries under my belt, I would start my first big Japanese hitchhiking adventure. I don't have a JR pass so hitchhiking would be my only option unless I wanted to pay through the nose for ... Read more >


JAPAN | Saturday, 20 Sep 2014 | Views [761]

The bus dropped me at the 5th station, and I immediately felt the difference in both temperature and oxygen level. I had to dress warmer and breathe deeper. I came early today because in the off-season there are only two buses a day from Tokyo. I was ... Read more >

Photos: Mt. Fuji

JAPAN | Saturday, 20 Sep 2014 | Photo Gallery

My Dirty-Fuji-30
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JAPAN | Tuesday, 16 Sep 2014 | Views [508]

There's a surprise around every corner in Tokyo, that's why I reckon if there's one word that fit it, it's serendipity. As I woke up at 7:30 AM in my capsule I was glad I paid extra to check out two hours later. It allowed me to have another bath and ... Read more >

Touchdown TOKYO!

JAPAN | Monday, 15 Sep 2014 | Views [935]

Tokyo at last! I’ve finally reached Japan, as my 30th country a week before my 30th birthday! Getting here was no easy feat though. It was my first experience flying with JetStar and my first time on the Boeing 787, better known as the ... Read more >

Photos: Tokyo

JAPAN | Monday, 15 Sep 2014 | Photo Gallery

In one word: serendipitous
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The Davy Girls

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 13 Sep 2014 | Views [327]

I’ve stayed with many people and many families, though it’d never happened where I’ve stayed with several members of one family at four different homes! In five days I’ve stayed with Emily & Hannah at their home, Jessie and ... Read more >

Photos: Kondalilla National Park

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 7 Sep 2014 | Photo Gallery

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Rushing Water!

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 7 Sep 2014 | Views [442]

As Diana, Eduardo, and I drove along the Steve Irwin Highway, we made our way toward Kondalilla National Park. It's hard to believe I'm back in Australia, where my travels all started nearly 10 years ago! In less than two weeks I'll be 30. Australia ... Read more >

Tags: hiking, waterfalls

Green Parrots

NORFOLK ISLAND | Monday, 1 Sep 2014 | Views [683]

Joel Christian would take me out today on a volunteer project. The Norfolk Island green parrot is one of the world’s rarest birds, and only found on Norfolk Island. We set out early for a monthly check of 23 green parrot nesting sites. These are ... Read more >

The Ship Unloads!

NORFOLK ISLAND | Thursday, 28 Aug 2014 | Views [1761] | Comments [1]

Imagine a V-dub being unloaded onto a rowboat, let alone a 22-seater bus. You dream of a bus being unloaded onto a platform being floated ashore on two rowboats tied together. On Norfolk Island however, this is no dream, it’s reality. This is how ... Read more >

A Norfolk Sunday

NORFOLK ISLAND | Sunday, 24 Aug 2014 | Views [496]

As in most places, Sunday is Norfolk’s quietest day. It’s not as quiet as Sundays on many other Pacific Islands; there’s the weekly flight from Auckland, the Sunday market, and people are out and about catching up and going to the beach.... Read more >

National Park in "Norfolk Shoes"

NORFOLK ISLAND | Saturday, 23 Aug 2014 | Views [779]

As I worked at Bindi’s grandmother’s house this morning I picked out a beautiful hibiscus for Racheal. It was nippy, windy, and chilly this morning as I moved around various potted plants and raked dead plant matter. The garden is really ... Read more >

Photos: Katikati

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 14 Aug 2014 | Photo Gallery

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Geocaching and Katikati

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 14 Aug 2014 | Views [531]

It would take me only two lifts to get to Tauranga and another couple of short lifts to get to Katikati, the only Ulster settlement outside of Ireland. A group of Ulster Scots came from County Tyrone, and settled in Katikati in 1875. I'm Irish yet I ... Read more >

Patagonia Chocolates

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 7 Aug 2014 | Views [1721]

Fergburger gets all the attention here in Queenstown; travellers are constantly told "you have to try a Fergburger." However, there's another place that's ten times better. Patagonia is where I call in nearly every day for a hot chocolate! They are the ... Read more >

Queenstown Hill Panorama

NEW ZEALAND | Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 | Views [708]

Since I left Norfolk Island two months ago I've been busy not doing much! I can't believe I haven't written anything in over two months! I'm on the cusp of a major journey that shall take me to a special place, a childhood dream, the top of a mountain, ... Read more >

Se Yorlye Suun

NORFOLK ISLAND | Sunday, 18 May 2014 | Views [1186] | Comments [3]

As I packed my stuff early, I was fighting back tears a bit; I knew that getting on the plane and leaving Norfolk would be extremely difficult. Cleaning the suite as much as possible I washed every dish, gave the kitchen a good wipedown and got rid of ... Read more >

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