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Many Adventures of a Nomadic Poet A young poet with Asperger's makes travel his passion, and away he goes...

Photos: Lviv

UKRAINE | Tuesday, 23 Jul 2024 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Åland

ÅLAND | Sunday, 7 Jul 2024 | Photo Gallery

Part of Finland, but they speak Swedish and have their own flag
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Photos: Oulu

FINLAND | Tuesday, 2 Jul 2024 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Ålesund

NORWAY | Sunday, 16 Jun 2024 | Photo Gallery

Art Nouveau city with a gorgeous setting
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Photos: Faroe Islands

FAROE ISLANDS | Wednesday, 29 May 2024 | Photo Gallery

No such thing as a bad photo in the Faroes
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Photos: Copenhagen

DENMARK | Sunday, 26 May 2024 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Berlin

GERMANY | Sunday, 19 May 2024 | Photo Gallery

Germany's capital, and one of the world's great walking cities
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Photos: Cologne

GERMANY | Friday, 17 May 2024 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Kolkata

INDIA | Sunday, 12 May 2024 | Photo Gallery

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INDIA | Sunday, 12 May 2024 | Views [46]

Kolkata, which was once Calcutta, is India's former capital. It is where the flag of India was first raised by Mahatma Gandhi in 1947. Whilst you don't come to India for its cities, Kolkata is vastly more attractive than Delhi as it's noticeably greener, ... Read more >

Riding the Rails

INDIA | Friday, 10 May 2024 | Views [26]

Indian train journeys are an adventure like no other. Trains are often late, usually by several hours, or cancelled altogether. When they're running normally they're more like travel by plane elsewhere. I opted for the train from Delhi to Kolkata as ... Read more >

The Taj

INDIA | Thursday, 9 May 2024 | Views [76]

"A teardrop on the cheek of eternity" -Radindranath Tagore It's the ultimate monument to love. One of the most, if not the most, magnificent buildings in the world. The Taj Mahal finally called my name today after two days of frustration with trains ... Read more >

Photos: Agra

INDIA | Thursday, 9 May 2024 | Photo Gallery

Taj Mahal and Agra Fort
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Delhi Intense

INDIA | Tuesday, 7 May 2024 | Views [56]

Everything in India, and tenfold in Delhi, is intense. The heat, the pollution, the noise, the smell, the traffic, the crowds, the rubbish...is intense. Most certainly you don't come to India for peace and serenity. I seriously thought I had seen, heard, ... Read more >

Photos: Delhi

INDIA | Sunday, 5 May 2024 | Photo Gallery

Polluted, soulless, noisy, smelly, and very hot!
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Five-Sense Overload

INDIA | Thursday, 2 May 2024 | Views [144]

It's super loud, the food tastes great, the sights are amazing, it smells (good or bad) all over, and you often have to watch what you touch. Welcome to India. An overload of all five senses is the best way to put it. Many travellers before me have told ... Read more >

Photos: Punjab

INDIA | Wednesday, 1 May 2024 | Photo Gallery

Golden Temple, and my introduction to India
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NAURU | Friday, 9 Feb 2024 | Views [133]

It appears I have two extra days here on Nauru, as my flight was pushed back by two days. Whilst I'm happy about the extra time here, I'm looking forward to this Pacific journey coming to a conclusion. I'm pretty banged up already and I was itching intensely ... Read more >

Walk Around Nauru

NAURU | Tuesday, 6 Feb 2024 | Views [385]

There aren’t many countries where you can walk around the entire country in less than a day. In fact, Nauru may be the only one. Even in Vatican City it’s not possible to walk all the way around (although it’s likely possible to walk ... Read more >

Photos: Nauru

NAURU | Sunday, 4 Feb 2024 | Photo Gallery

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Isle of Phosphate

NAURU | Sunday, 4 Feb 2024 | Views [298]

Nauru! Another place where I’ve had to explain to everyone where it is. A tiny potato-shaped island 42 kilometres south of the Equator, Nauru is one of the smallest and least-visited countries in the world. Phosphate is what originally made Nauru ... Read more >

Malolo Island

FIJI | Saturday, 3 Feb 2024 | Views [43]

Very late this evening I'm off to Nauru but I still have some unfinished business here in Fiji. Yesterday I went to the Sigatoka Dunes but I didn't think they were worth it. It was very hot yesterday and I got lost, having to bush-bash my way out. Luisa's ... Read more >

Cyclone Force

TUVALU | Monday, 29 Jan 2024 | Views [136]

Wind and rain were the story of the day after the scorching heat yesterday. There’s a saying in Tuvalu that it’s always hot on Sunday due to the “sun” and that it’s a day of resting and worshipping the Lord. Tuvalu is one ... Read more >

A Sinking Country

TUVALU | Friday, 26 Jan 2024 | Views [236]

Pun intended, I'm having "fun" here in Funafuti, the largest and main atoll of Tuvalu. As one of the world’s lowest-lying, least-known, and least-visited countries, Tuvalu is seriously at risk of going under...not due to poverty, famine, wars, ... Read more >

Photos: Tuvalu

TUVALU | Thursday, 25 Jan 2024 | Photo Gallery

the world's lowest-lying country
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Anikka in Melbourne

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 4 Jan 2024 | Views [119]

Anikka, my special one, is here is in Melbourne. Anikka Double-K decided to take her first solo journey to visit a friend and she has taken some time to see me. Yesterday I took the train to Glenhuntly and I waited patiently. When I spotted my greatest ... Read more >

Royal Australian Mint

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 12 Dec 2023 | Views [40]

The Royal Australian Mint was only one part of my day. However, I missed out on the mint when I was in Canberra in '16. Like last time, I somehow chose to visit Canberra in the searing heat of summer (or just before the start of it). After what happened ... Read more >

Heatstroke Scare

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 6 Dec 2023 | Views [84]

Jervis Bay is part of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), and was established so the capital could have a seaport. Yesterday was a gorgeous albeit warm day and as I was told there is a lot to see, I got out there to explore. I had to walk more than ... Read more >

Photos: Jervis Bay

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 5 Dec 2023 | Photo Gallery

ACT's seaport
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Clearing the Map

NORFOLK ISLAND | Monday, 13 Nov 2023 | Views [57]

On three previous occasions I've cleared the map, finding every geocache on Norfolk Island. When I was here four years ago I learned I was Norfolk's top geocache finder. I shall remain so as I had 12 new caches to find when I touched down on Thursday.... Read more >

Norfolk 9th

NORFOLK ISLAND | Friday, 10 Nov 2023 | Views [118]

Every great traveller, no matter how many places they've travelled, has their sweet spot. For some travellers it may be a waterfall in Hawaii, the historical sites of Rome, getting lost in the crowds of New York City, the nature of the Rocky Mountains, ... Read more >

Anikka and Me

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 15 Aug 2023 | Views [167]

Two of the most beautiful days of my life happened yesterday and today. I've mentioned her in several previous stories and I'm writing about her again. Anikka "Miss Double-K" is the absolute dearest lady in my life. When I arrived yesterday I ran with ... Read more >

Nullarbor 2.0

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 12 Aug 2023 | Views [71]

Over the years I've accomplished what I call the "Triple Crown" of Western Australia (WA) hitchhiking adventures: the Nullarbor (the easiest), across the top through the Kimberley and Pilbara regions, and via the Great Central Road (the most difficult ... Read more >

Photos: Angkor Wat

CAMBODIA | Tuesday, 1 Aug 2023 | Photo Gallery

The world's largest religious complex. Also includes photos from Siem Reap
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CAMBODIA | Tuesday, 1 Aug 2023 | Views [41]

The world's largest religious complex is the temples of Angkor Wat. Karnak in Egypt isn't far behind. In Siem Reap I'm staying with a CouchSurfing host named Bumtha with his wife and children. They grow most of their own vegetables on their land, and ... Read more >

Mmm, Mmm, Thailand

THAILAND | Wednesday, 26 Jul 2023 | Views [62]

Thailand was my most recent journey before the pandemic. We had all heard of COVID-19 by the time I arrived in what was once Siam, and everyone in Australia was panic-buying toilet paper. However, nobody envisioned that COVID-19 would seemingly bring ... Read more >

Photos: Johannesburg

SOUTH AFRICA | Saturday, 22 Jul 2023 | Photo Gallery

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Apartheid Museum

SOUTH AFRICA | Saturday, 22 Jul 2023 | Views [135]

Two months of gallavanting Southern Africa has come down to the final two days. Unfortunately I had only about five days in Botswana because I spent a lot more time than I originally planned in Angola. At the border yesterday I stuck my thumb out, and ... Read more >

Nancy and Botswana

BOTSWANA | Thursday, 20 Jul 2023 | Views [219]

Botswana beckoned, and in Botswana I am. A colourful country this is. Since I spent so much time in Angola and Namibia, my time in Botswana is limited to only a few days. People go to France to go to Paris or to Italy to go to Rome but nobody goes to ... Read more >

Photos: Gaborone

BOTSWANA | Monday, 17 Jul 2023 | Photo Gallery

Botswana's capital
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