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My Book Cover

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 27 Mar 2014 | Views [707]

As I slathered a glob of freshly-made pesto onto sourdough bread with my morning cuppa, I had thoughts on my plan for today: return to the Mt. Arthur Lookout. Years ago I went with an Israeli girl and I fell in love with the view (though not as much ... Read more >

Photos: Golden Bay

NEW ZEALAND | Tuesday, 25 Mar 2014 | Photo Gallery

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Linwood & the Digbys

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 20 Mar 2014 | Views [651]

No, the Digbys don't live in Linwood. They live in Tawa, an outer suburb of Wellington. Shannon & Rob Digby along with little Olivia and Isaac are my latest CouchSurfing hosts. They're my fifth hosts in the Wellington area, and I've ended up in the ... Read more >

Waiheke Euphoria

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 13 Mar 2014 | Views [640] | Comments [1]

With a deep sense of euphoria, I climbed the stairs on the ferry. On top of the life rafts I stood, arms outstretched, tea bottle in hand, head high, breathing deeply. In my head I was screaming "I'm on top of the world!!!" For several minutes I just ... Read more >

Art Deco, wine, & sunshine

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 27 Feb 2014 | Views [859]

Napier is the world's Art Deco capital. Welcome! Yesterday I got a lift to CouchSurfer Dave's house, but I'll share more about him later (don't get me wrong though, because he's one of the best guys you could ever meet and CouchSurf with). I got a lift ... Read more >

Photos: Napier

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 27 Feb 2014 | Photo Gallery

Art deco, wine, and sunshine
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Greatness personified

NEW ZEALAND | Sunday, 16 Feb 2014 | Views [710]

It started with a dream. It was a short dream of me walking onto the farm unexpected. Excitement abound, Nikki gave me the biggest hug and the nicest smile, and she was the happiest to see me. Then it was back to reality. I woke up crying; crying because ... Read more >

Cross-Island Track

COOK ISLANDS | Wednesday, 12 Feb 2014 | Views [1361]

It’s my third day here, second day waking up in paradise. It was 7:22 AM when I awoke yet I was ready to make the most of today! On my agenda was the Cross-island Track. Rarotonga isn’t as big as New Zealand or Ethiopia so there’s no ... Read more >

My First Dive

COOK ISLANDS | Tuesday, 11 Feb 2014 | Views [1162]

Today I went scuba diving for the first time ever! The roosters woke me early but I’m glad they did because I wanted to be up early. Thanks to Natalie and her husband I got to sleep in a private bungalow with a sea view!  Although I was up ... Read more >

Photos: Rarotonga

COOK ISLANDS | Monday, 10 Feb 2014 | Photo Gallery

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Territorial Vineyards & Wine Co.

USA | Friday, 24 Jan 2014 | Views [543]

Territorial Vineyards & Wine Co. is a fabulous wine bar in the heart of the Whiteaker District. Before tonight I'd never even been to a wine bar but as a warm up to my coming-soon time in Spain I thought I'd sit at the bar, order a bottle, and indulge.... Read more >

Photos: Oregon

USA | Saturday, 18 Jan 2014 | Photo Gallery

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Friends, coffee, and Seahawk Fever!

USA | Friday, 17 Jan 2014 | Views [958]

I'm on a skidaddle; a "Seattle Skidaddle" that is, filled with friends, 12-cent coffee, Seahawk fever, and Ethiopian girls coming at me marvelling at my jersey. Brian and Bree picked me up last night and dropped me at the Green Tortoise Hostel, located ... Read more >

My 29th, Seattle style!

USA | Friday, 20 Sep 2013 | Views [1256] | Comments [1]

Today I'm 29, and I'm in Seattle! There aren't many places better where I can celebrate! And there couldn't be a better friend and her family who could make it special! This morning I was up extra early due to Bree having an orientation at the University ... Read more >

Oh Canada, Here I am

CANADA | Wednesday, 18 Sep 2013 | Views [635]

For days I bugged Brian and Bree for us to take a trip to Victoria. Admittedly, logistics are a bit tough for getting there from Seattle. First you have to get across Puget Sound (either by auto ferry or via bridge in Tacoma) and then drive about two ... Read more >

Photos: Vancouver

CANADA | Wednesday, 18 Sep 2013 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Snoqualmie Falls

USA | Tuesday, 17 Sep 2013 | Photo Gallery

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VIPs at Microsoft

USA | Tuesday, 17 Sep 2013 | Views [715]

Today I learned an important and powerful travel lesson. It was a mostly chill-out morning with a little drizzle and we sat around the house for awhile. These past few days I've been anxious to go to Victoria as a pre-birthday trip but Brian said we're ... Read more >


USA | Monday, 16 Sep 2013 | Views [814]

Over the course of my travels I've stayed with many lovely people and many lovely families. The other day, Brian and I pulled up to the home of Bree and her family with roses and a bottle of wine in hand. Bree is Brian's friend. Her younger sister is ... Read more >

The Emerald City

USA | Saturday, 14 Sep 2013 | Views [1137]

Seattle! The city of Starbucks, loads of rain, a great vibe, and even more greenery. The Emerald City is a gorgeous city! The "American Amazon" in the words of a wise traveller. I simply love it here! I was here three years ago and now I'm back. Brian, ... Read more >

Photos: Redwood Forest

USA | Thursday, 12 Sep 2013 | Photo Gallery

California's mighty redwoods!
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Photos: Rocky Mountain National Park

USA | Monday, 24 Jun 2013 | Photo Gallery

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Rockies in a day

USA | Monday, 24 Jun 2013 | Views [566]

On my seemingly endless travel quest, the only time I'd ever seen the Rocky Mountains was out the 12" by 8" window of an airplane...until today. Jace and I have been having a blast in Fort Collins but today it was Anna's turn to spend time with me. She ... Read more >

Tags: mountains


USA | Saturday, 22 Jun 2013 | Views [1332]

Jace was unable to pick me up after flying into Denver, so this provided me with an opportune time to add more distance to my "hitchhiking CV." First I was picked up by a young man from Saudi Arabia who stocked me up with snacks for my journey, and then ... Read more >

Photos: Fort Collins

USA | Saturday, 22 Jun 2013 | Photo Gallery

Horsetooth Reservoir, Old Town, and surrounding areas
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Photos: Tucson

USA | Saturday, 15 Jun 2013 | Photo Gallery

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Desert memories!

USA | Friday, 14 Jun 2013 | Views [1499]

Brian and I crossed the border into Arizona after visiting White Sands and driving seemingly endlessly along the I-10. Almost instantaneously, various memories were brought back to me since I lived in Marana, Arizona as a little boy. Memory #1: Gorgeous ... Read more >

Photos: White Sands

USA | Friday, 14 Jun 2013 | Photo Gallery

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White Sands National Monument

USA | Friday, 14 Jun 2013 | Views [680]

Whenever I set my heart on a place I want to visit I always seem to make it there, whether it's Australia, Cuba, Ethiopia, Zion National Park, or wherever. Someway, somehow, I always find my way. Today, Brian and I would make it to White Sands, ... Read more >

Photos: Ruidoso

USA | Thursday, 13 Jun 2013 | Photo Gallery

"Top of the World" of New Mexico
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Land of Enchantment, Kaitlyn's way

USA | Thursday, 13 Jun 2013 | Views [1179]

After only two nights in Texas I was ready to get the hell out! Even Brian complains about it and he's from Texas! He can't stand the humidity but I can't stand everything being spread out and all the Republican-ness, as in seeing a Mitt Romney bumper ... Read more >

Photos: Roswell

USA | Thursday, 13 Jun 2013 | Photo Gallery

Roswell, New Mexico
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Photos: San Antonio

USA | Wednesday, 12 Jun 2013 | Photo Gallery

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Alamo and the Lone Star road

USA | Wednesday, 12 Jun 2013 | Views [592]

There's no getting around San Antonio by bicycle! Everything is so spread out and everywhere you go there's "Go Spurs Go" displayed with a cult-like status. Coffee was free at Valero since they won last night so that was the first stop. Brian ... Read more >

Photos: Eastern Sierras

USA | Saturday, 25 May 2013 | Photo Gallery

Sierra Nevada Mountains!
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Kearsarge Pass

USA | Saturday, 25 May 2013 | Views [1040]

Oh, California! How beautiful you are! With all my travels I haven't seen much of the state that I've called home most of my life, but here I am in the Eastern Sierras sitting by the fire. I reckon I must tell you about the Kearsarge Pass, but more importantly ... Read more >

Turkish Delight, on a Moonlit Night

TURKEY | Friday, 22 Mar 2013 | Views [1161]

A steamy Turkish bath would be the highlight of this blustery Istanbul day! After a delicious breakfast Ali and I set out, and I had to find a place to stay for the next couple of nights because he told me his flatmates didn't like me staying there; ... Read more >

Tags: baths, culture

Now it's Istanbul not Constantinople

TURKEY | Thursday, 21 Mar 2013 | Views [1218]

This morning I woke up fairly late at 9:30, which is extremely late for this journey. In Ethiopia I was up everyday by about 7 AM but sometimes much earlier. These days it's known as Istanbul but I'd visit one landmark built during the days of Constantinople ... Read more >

İstanbul was Constantinople

TURKEY | Wednesday, 20 Mar 2013 | Views [1244]

Onto the metro of İstanbul I go and suddenly I feel like I'm back in civilization. After two tough months in Ethiopia and Somaliland I feel like I'm reborn and back into a land where I can go to Burger King and Starbucks and it's actually cool enough ... Read more >

Photos: İstanbul

TURKEY | Wednesday, 20 Mar 2013 | Photo Gallery

Turkısh delight on a moonlit night
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