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Branson for a Day

MALDIVES | Monday, 5 March 2018 | Views [1021]

I'm not sure if I should say Richard Branson or James Bond, because I had a sexy Russian (well, Ukrainian) lady by my side all day. Oksana traveled solo to the Maldives to escape -30 cold on the Black Sea coast. I met her yesterday and I immediately had an eye for her, so I shot a few photos of her, invited her for a swim, and then had her in my arms in the warm waters off Maafushi. She suggested taking a day trip to a resort island...something I never would have done solo. Just for the day costs $105 and includes a buffet lunch and unlimited drinks, but being a resort allows one to do things not really possible on the inhabited islands. Oksana and I would rendezvous at a hotel whilst she was in traditional dress and we booked our tickets. After a celebratory papaya juice, she gave me a kiss goodnight and told me to have good dreams.

This morning it was no dream, but the nearest thing to it. On the speedboat toward Adaraan, Oksana and I sat side by side, arm in arm. She's 45 and a neurologist. We stepped onto the dock and the double wooden doors to Adaaran Prestige Vadoo Resort opened before us. Oksana and I were suddenly transported into a a world (pretty much) away from the rest of the Maldives...in a way. There's still bath-warm water and sand between your toes, but on Maafushi we weren't able to outwardly show displays of affection but at a resort we have more freedom, though it still isn't Ibiza or the French Riviera.

Oksana and I would go for a romantic walk around the resort and I'd snap some sexy photos of her. Ukrainian (and Russian) women are renowned the world over for their beauty and charm, and I feel honoured to have Oksana at my side. For years and years I've had to do so many trips solo because I've had no other option, and upon arriving in the Maldives I felt sad that I didn't have my special one beside me. It can be very difficult watching honeymooning couples whilst I'm alone. However, I got my wish as I met Oksana only yesterday.

The cost of staying in one of these overwater bungalows costs at least $900 and can go into the stratosphere. As I powered Juliett into the sky, I got some good photos of the bungalows and then had Oksana lie in the sand so I could snap her majestically. Sexy is she!

Juliett's shadow would complicate matters a little bit though.

Oksana and I would lie side by side in a beach chair. Content I was next to my sexy Ukrainian companion, the time would fly so fast we'd almost forget about our delectable buffet lunch. Braised mutton and Italian pasta shells were only two of the things on offer for our tasty lunch. Though our cost includes unlimited drinks, I was content with an orange juice. Although there's little alcohol in the Maldives, you won't be bored. There's a lot to do and after a day or two you won't even be thinking about the drink.

After our excellent lunch, it was time to fly Juliett again and I snapped a gorgeous photo of some bungalows.

Soaring her higher, I'd see how small the island is...

I think I've snapped as many photos with Juliett as I have with my camera. Using a GoPro the other day meant this is the first trip in which I've used photgraphic media from land, sea, and air (camera, GoPro, and drone). A security guard would tell me it's not permitted to fly drones at the resort and whilst I thought it was due to the seaplanes, it's for the privacy of the resort guests.

With many great shots of Oksana today, I had my eyes on another Ukrainian lady here for her honeymoon. This is Alona.

She says she's never modelled but I told her next time I hear from her, that she'd better have a modelling contract. Alona is one of the most gorgeous girls I've ever seen, let alone photographed. I've really built up my confidence in asking ladies to pose for me, and I've met and photographed some amazing girls on this journey.

As the sun started to dip toward the horizon, it was time to to watch the jackfish being fed. These are hungry, carnivorous fish who get into a scrum for bits of raw chicken.

Before the day at Adaaran was finished, I needed one final photo with my sexy Oksana in my arms.

In all my excitement with Oksana, I forgot my thongs (flip-flops) at the boat launch and didn't realize until we were nearly back at Maafushi. Hell, they're a $2 pair of thongs. I can't complain when I have a sexy Ukrainian lady in my arms whilst at a Maldivian resort; I'll take that a million times over lost thongs. On Maafushi it was back to reality but with gorgeous Oksana by my side in the Maldives, I sure feel like Richard Branson.

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