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Radio Norfolk Interview III

NORFOLK ISLAND | Friday, 4 September 2015 | Views [708]

Three times on Norfolk and three radio interviews. Not bad, eh? Like always I was up early. You can't spend only a week somewhere and sleep in until noon. A cuppa is always good with toast and avocado. After three days of gorgeous weather, it would turn foul on me today and would cause for another one of those "only on Norfolk" moments. After making a lot of progress with geocaching yesterday I felt confident I could find all 35 caches before I leave on Sunday. On my list for today are the two caches at Crystal Pools and Bumboras. With the usual run into town I got a coffee at Cafe Tempo before I stored my bike and sauntered off toward Crystal Pools. The wind was powerful and the area provided little in the way of protection from wind and rain. Except for coming to Foote Nort last year I'd never been to Crystal Pools before today. Dave told me people have been swept away and killed after attempting to swim when there are powerful waves. The geocache I was looking for is a small bison tube meant to blend in with the surroundings. The clue is "not at ground level, not on a Norfolk" meaning it wasn't attached to a Norfolk pine. Suddenly, with no cache in hand, the rain came down hard. Running did no good because I had nowhere to go, and the trees offered minimal protection. As always, it's not myself it's my camera and phone that I have to keep dry. Heading up the hill quickly I spotted an open garage door: the middle of three green garage doors. Good things come in threes: three visits, three interviews, and three garage doors (with one open). Searching around I didn't spot anyone but it's Norfolk; I'm sure they wouldn't mind if I just took shelter and stored my stuff for a few minutes. Duncan helped me out with some info via text and I was determined to not give up on this one! Soaking wet I strolled down there again making sure not to take too long because I didn't want to be late for my interview. Beneath a tree I spun around, and there it was! Duncan would later tell me it took him a few attempts to find this one. Log signed! With not a moment to spare to get to Bumboras I was now focused on getting back to town. It rained hard and a car whizzed by as I stood in the garage, so I would keep dry but wouldn't get a lift. Deciding to brave it I buried my camera deep in my bag and hoped for the best. As much as I love "Norfolk shoes" some of these roads can really hurt your feet! Finally about 200 metres up the road I got a lift. The driver was like "you picked a pretty miserable day be out here!" Safe for now I was content for (yet another) hot coffee at Cafe Tempo as I had about 25 minutes to spare. My bike was at the garage so I had to walk to Radio Norfolk. Trying to take a shortcut I had to cut through the police station and around cattle shit whilst still getting wet. Dripping wet and soaked, there I was! Louci wasn't sure if I was even going to make it. Darls (Darlene) would interview me today! As an honourary Nuffka (Norfolker) I know quite a few locals by their nicknames. The first thing I said on air was "the thing I like about Norfolk: it's a place to get wet, a place to get dirty!" Louci showed Darls her signed copy of my book and she was intrigued.

Thanks fe me Radio Norfolk

Then I discussed how I'm breaking ground for a book about Norfolk. Darls then asked me about where I've travelled and how I make a living doing so, and about my upcoming trip to North Korea. Everyone is worried but I'm going regardless. There would be no Racheal-style shout-outs or anything funny, just a normal, professional interview. Though, again I put out a request for someone to take me out to Phillip Island. Would the third time be lucky? Darls would love to speak with me again as I eagerly await Radio Norfolk Interview IV. As I was set to leave I ran into another familiar face: Denise Quintal. Seemingly surprised I've returned I gave her one of my shiny new business cards. All interviewed up, what was next? The rain had cleared and I was ready for more. What is dull on the Bounteous Isle? Exactly! More geocaching, and pizza this evening. Cynthia is a beautiful lady who has a daughter with autism. We met last year and I agreed to bring a copy of my book to the League's Club tonight. There's a fair few copies of my book floating round the island and, as I've been told, my presence seems to bring joy. The other day a lady at the Fish & Chook shop said I waved gleefully to her and that I seem to be very happy and content. I attempted to get to Cascade so I could find another geocache but gave up and decided before tea I wanted to go down to the cemetery and get some info for another geocache. The view from Queen Elizabeth's Lookout is gorgeous at this time of day!

Finding the info would be tough going but I got some really good photos of the world's most photogenic cemetery.

Norfolk Cemetery

If you die on Norfolk your only option is to be buried; there's no crematorium. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful final resting place.

Whilst I'm not giving up on life, I had to make the conscious choice of abandoning my quest of finding every single geocache on the island. Tomorrow I'll have a go at the Bumboras cache, and then 31 out of 35 caches on Norfolk Island isn't bad going! Time is running out and there's bound to be more caches next time I return. Up the huge hill I had to pedal all the way back to Dave's house where I cooked up the pizza. With a glass or two of wine it's never dull. In no particular hurry to get to the League's Club, I was on island time! It's been another fantastic day! At some point I had to get out there because more good times would await me. Cynthia bought my book and I chatted to several guys who fondly remembered me from Foote Nort. Another nice time it was tonight, though it was slightly quiet by Friday standards. Pizza, wine, geocaching, memorable moments, and another interview on Radio Norfolk. Thanks fe me, I reckon! 

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