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Only on Norfolk

NORFOLK ISLAND | Sunday, 6 September 2015 | Views [431]

Up extra early I was again. Except for my first day I've been up far earlier than normal because I want to make the most of each day. Sadly I'm leaving Norfolk Island for the third time today. The only places I've ever left crying are Norfolk Island and London. Today I'll talk about various things that seem to occur only on Norfolk. It's one of the few places in the world where the customs officials have greeted me like a long lost friend, and the only place where you'll see them out and about. The other day I chatted to Margaret at Cafe Tempo, Natalie at Foodlands, and Alan on the side of the road (all three are customs officials). As I bit into some wheat toast with a glob of homegrown avocado I realized how much I'm going to miss it here, and only on Norfolk are there such big avocados. Norfolk is the only place where I could text somebody and say "hey, will you look in the phone book for Duncan's number?" Elsewhere that person wouldn't know who that is. At the same time whilst geocaching I took shelter in an open garage when the rain came down; only on Norfolk could you do something like that and nobody will care. Doors on cars and homes seem to always be unlocked, and Dave's 4-year-old daughter walks home or to the Minischool alone. At 15, my mother was worried about me walking my brother's friend home at night. It's only on Norfolk where I could fall asleep in a patch of grass on the side of the road and my camera will still be there when I wake up; the only thing I have to worry about is a cow walking over me and taking a shit. Wanting to give Racheal a hug goodbye I called her and she said to call in at her house. Racheal gave me my so-called "special hug" (pick-up hug) and told me firmly to let her know when I'm returning next time. Only on Norfolk would I have to be worried about a stalker but in retrospect I don't have to be worried in the least. Zero sightings of Bindi worked out to an excellent week! Next time I'm on Norfolk, Racheal, Alan, and I are going to plan a trip to Phillip Island. Dave, Heide, Keeley, Dash, and I would all drive to the airport so I could check in. Juliette set me up with a refundable ticket to Sydney like last time to satisfy New Zealand's onward ticket requirement. Oddly, Australia doesn't have such a requirement despite being an island (island-continent). All checked in, we all went out for a coffee and then a drive down to Kingston. Where else in the world can you check in for your flight and then go for a drive to the other end of the island? Beforehand I would catch up with Gaelene and Doosy to say "se yorlyi suun" because on Norfolk it's never "goodbye." Cafe Tempo was chock-a-block so getting a coffee there was out of the question. We got one at P&R Groceries before making a B-line for Kingston. We sat there admiring the waves where I snapped "50 shades of Kingston" (at least it wasn't "50 shades of fucked-up") with various camera modes.

As we sat sipping our coffee the plane flew in. Only on Norfolk is there no such thing as a bad photo. 

Air NZ plane flies in!

Only on Norfolk could you watch a plane fly in and know it's the one you're going to be on. Earlier today I got to say "se yorlyi suun" to Michelle the school headmaster. On my first visit she showed up at the airport to say goodbye, which is another "only on Norfolk" moment. Only on Norfolk would you find the only place where you can buy condoms is in vending machines in the bathrooms. Being a small community it'd be a bit awkward going through the checkout with condoms at Foodlands; chances are the cashier knows your parents, family, and best friends and could possibly spread gossip. Speaking of, rumours! This time round I was a lot more cautious because it's only on Norfolk (or seemingly, that is) that rumours get spread so quickly and so out of proportion. Last year, all sorts of rumours were thrown round about Racheal and I as well as other things but this time there were nearly none and what little I heard I learned to take in stride. There's no point in letting rumours get to you on Norfolk, though I learned to explain to people that what we discuss is between us. Of particular importance this time was getting people to understand that I didn't return to try and win back Racheal's heart; I returned for my love of the island. At around 11 AM it was time to head toward the airport. Snapping one last photo of the gaol we drove up the road, through town, and to the airport. We all sat and chatted to Hadyn for a bit and I had my chance to say "se yorlyi suun" to several people. As the last person to go through security and the last person to board the plane, I had my Norfolk flag towel draped over my back as I'm a proud honourary "Nuffka." As we began our flight southeast back toward Aotearoa today I got some great pictures of Nepean and Phillip Island.

Nepean Island

This will not be the nearest I get to these islands! The tears set in slightly, only to realize (in the words of General MacArthur) I shall return. Only on Norfolk would I return with as much enthusiasm and only on Norfolk would I, despite the words of a stalker, return fearlessly! 

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