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Blue Lagoon

ICELAND | Friday, 22 June 2007 | Views [3040]

This is SOOOOOO relaxing!

This is SOOOOOO relaxing!

Today was my 10th full day in this beautiful land. I woke up in my tent at 8:30. It was my fifth straight night of camping. But, it’s the cheapest way to sleep. As I was washing up, I saw J.T. again. He’s the young man from South Korea that I met in Skaftafell yesterday morning. We sat and relaxed for like an hour because his flight was leaving at 3:00 PM today. He showed me all the flags he had, and I was a bit surprised when he showed me one form North Korea. He has been there too! He said when he worked for Hyundai, he got to go there. At 10:30, he had to go and I had to start walking. An interesting thing I’ve noticed on the houses here is that on the street corners, the street names are on the side of the houses as well as on a pole on the street corner. As I was walking, I stopped and walked around the Hofði House so I could get a better photo. The Summit in 1986 marked the beginning of the end of the Cold War. I then walked past the Sun Craft (Viking Ship) again and into town. It was cloudy and gloomy this morning like it was my first few days here. I stopped at the Salvation Army and got a cup of tea and then went out again. I stopped at the bank and cashed a traveler’s check. It felt good to have real money instead of using my credit card all the time. I stopped at the supermarket and got two croissants for breakfast. I went back to the Salvation Army and got postcards and stamps. I sent one to Pearl (in Australia), Jessica & Kyle, Mom, Bob, and one to myself to see the postmark. Jessica & Kyle helped me out a lot in Australia just like how Ísak and Þorbjörg have here. I never really got a chance to thank them, and I feel bad. Pearl helped me a lot too! And I miss her. I sure hope to get back to Australia very soon! I relaxed for a bit at the Salvation Army and then went out for lunch. I went to the same pizza place that I went to on National Day because they have excellent pizza. After eating I walked around the souvenir shop across the street. I didn’t see anything I wanted though. As I walked past the skate park, I saw kids playing basketball and stuff, so I decided to be a kid again and join them. I played for like 15 minutes and then walked to the Salvation Army. It is a fun place to hang out! I got a cup of tea and talked with a girl that works there. At 3:30, I started walking to Ísak’s house. I took a longer route and stopped at the store for a bag of chips on the way. There was no one at the house when I got there, so I just hung out in the driveway. Ísak showed up with Þorbjörg at 5:00 and he just had to get his bag before we were off. First, we drove to Þorbjörg’s house and I met her mother. Her mom’s last name is O’Brien because her father is from Illinois. Most Icelandic female last names end with “dóttir.” We mad some sandwiches before we left. I made mine with this Icelandic jelly that that tastes like cranberries. Þorbjörg’s mom told me about some interesting places that are on the way back form the Blue Lagoon. Afterward, we packed up and headed off to the lagoon. We drove out of Reykjavik past Hafnarfjörður and out into the stretch of empty land. The land in this area is so rocky that it looks like it just came from the Earth. After more than a half hour of driving, we got to the Blue Lagoon at 6:30. It is freezing cold out! I was having a hard time imagining us swimming when it’s this cold! We took some pictures in front of the Blue Lagoon sign and then went on in. The setting looks like it came straight out of a movie, and the interior of the building is very modern. Admission was 1,800 kronur. We went in and put our stuff in a locker and then showered. The shampoo and conditioner they provided is great stuff. I washed up well because it’s the first time I’ve had a good shower in four days. I then threw on my shorts and headed out to the lagoon. There’s an area inside that you bathe in first to get adjusted to the temperature. Then, there is a door in that part so you can go straight outside (so you don’t have to get out of the water). Outside, there is a cave we could relax in. The Blue Lagoon actually looks like the “green lagoon.” I later asked one of the lifeguards and he said it’s because more algae grows in the summer. I put some of the facial masque on that is provided at the lagoon. You’re supposed to leave it on for 5-10 minutes and then wash it off. I waded over to near where the hot spring is and the water is even hotter there. In some areas it was too hot! Near there, there was this cream-like stuff at the bottom of the lagoon that is supposed to be good for your feet. After hanging out there for a few minutes, I went over to the waterfall and got a powerful hydraulic massage. It felt super good! I wanted to get a massage from one of the girls here, but they’re like $30 for 10 minutes! I then had one of the lifeguards take pictures of Ísak, Þorbjörg, and I in the Blue Lagoon. I noticed a lot of people bringing their digital cameras into the lagoon, but I was too afraid to take mine in. I went inside and got a Diet Coke, and I could take in the lagoon. No other place I know of (other than the beach) allows drinks in the water. I jumped back in and went back to the area near the hot spring. I’ll tell you a little about the Blue Lagoon. The water is actually seawater that travels underground and is superheated to above the boiling point. It is later cooled to around 37-39°C for pleasant bathing. This lagoon is so amazing! And it feels great! It is also known to cure skin ailments such as psoriasis and eczema. At 8:45, Ísak and Þorbjörg were ready to go. So, I went back to the waterfall for one final massage and I took a few pictures of the lagoon. We then went in and showered. I washed up well again and got changed. I then used the moisturizing cream that I got with my ticket. This place is totally amazing! I’d come back to Iceland again just to relax in the Blue Lagoon. It felt so great! The three of us got a hot dog and sat down to eat after a relaxing time. After eating, we left the Blue Lagoon and started driving south toward the fishing village of Grindavík. Ísak stopped for gas and then we started driving through more of those rough lava fields. They look like large fields filled with pieces of busted up asphalt. The ride was very bumpy because of the dirt road. We stopped at another one of those rock-stacking fields similar to the one that I was at near Skaftafell. Ísak told me that rock stacking is an old Viking tradition. We hung around for a few minutes and then kept going. We were driving through many miles of no buildings until I spotted a tiny church. I took a photo and then we took the road north. The next place we stopped at was the geothermal field of Súltur. We parked and Þorbjörg and I got out while Ísak stayed in the car. The area was just like Whakarewarewa without the geyser, only the area smelled far worse!! As I had my jacket around my nose, I was taking pictures and short videos of the bubbling mud pots. These geologic features are quite awesome, well, except for the awful rotten egg smell. Þorbjörg and I walked all the way up the hill and spent a few minutes before coming back down. I just couldn’t handle the smell, unlike in New Zealand. We then drove along a lake and back toward Reykjavik. It was getting very late by then but I was enjoying the ride. We got back to Reykjavik, and at about 11:00, Ísak dropped me off at the Laugardalur campground; the same place I stayed last night. I went into the youth hostel and checked my email. Chrissy wrote to me telling me that the fact I don’t want kids is bothering her, and that it’d be best if we were just friends. I talked to her last month about this, and I think it’s better for us to worry about the present and not the future. I mean, she’s only 17 years old! She shouldn’t be thinking of kids at this age! I lover her very much though! As I was at the computer, I saw Ketsia again. She gave me a really nice, warm hug because I was feeling a bit down. I’m also sad because I’m leaving Iceland in two days. Ketsia stayed with me for a few minutes and she gave me her email. I’ll miss her too! She then went to her tent to go to sleep. I emailed everyone and then went to my tent. What will I do when I leave Iceland! Where will my next destination be? When will I be traveling again? I don’t know what the future holds for me as far as traveling goes. Well, tomorrow is my final full day in this beautiful land. I’d better get some rest and make the most of it. Good Night!

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