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Pearl's House in Ippy

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 25 January 2007 | Views [1561]

            Today was my 17th day in Australia. I woke up in a good mood determined to make up for a rough day yesterday. Oh well, I shouldn’t complain because I’m in such a lovely country with such lively people. I packed up and gave Scarlett a hug goodbye before walking down to the reception desk. I checked out at 9:30. I then walked to the train station and got a Red Bull. I found out about a bus to Noosa, but I didn’t get a ticket because I wasn’t sure how long I’d be with Pearl. I bought a ticket to Ipswich and got on the train at 10:10. On the train I talked with this couple about their travels. They told me they’ve been around my country. I got to Ipswich at about 10:55, and Pearl was there. We waited for her daughter, and she came back after a few minutes. We then started walking. Pearl showed me around the Ipswich shopping center, and then went to the Ipswich Art Gallery. I had to leave my backpack up front, and we checked out some artwork. I’m not much into art, although Aboriginal artwork is interesting. We only looked around for like 20 minutes or so. After leaving the art gallery, we stopped at this bar and got a glass of water. There is some type of lottery game that Pearl likes to play there. We all relaxed for a few minutes and then walked down to Cole’s grocery store so she could get a DVD recorder. I ended up getting a Red Bull, some raisin bread, and donuts. We then went to the bus stop and got on the bus to Brassall. Awhile later we got off and we jumped the fence to get to Pearl’s house. She lives in one of those “stilt houses” similar to that I saw in northern Queensland. Another interesting thing I noticed is the rotary clothesline. Pearl told me that it’s an Australian invention. I relaxed at Pearl’s house while she hooked up the DVD recorder. Earlier she was telling me that she could tell I was tired, and she invited me to crash at her house. Her place is really small and cozy. There is a world map in the living room and Emily’s school pictures in the hallway. Pearl and I sat in her backyard and chatted and it was raining a little, which felt good. Tomorrow I really want to go up to Noosa for Australia Day. Pearl allowed me to stay tonight, and I’ll have to leave early tomorrow. I wanted to go to the store down the street and get some snacks and stuff. Emily walked with me. On the way, the dogs were barking at us. I then saw some rainbow lorikeets and magpies. I wish we had colorful birds like that back home. At the store, I got some chocolate mousse, 4 cans of Diet Coke, and a Bundaberg ginger beer, all for less than $10. Everything is way cheaper out here because this is way off the tourist track. We walked back to the house and Pearl was cooking dinner. Australians are so generous compared to people back home. If I were traveling around the States, I can make a bet with you that no one would let me stay at their place and no one would cook me dinner. She made pork chops with gravy, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables. It really was very good! Pearl is a great cook, just like my Mom! I also had some orange juice. After dinner I got on the computer and Dani wrote to me asking if I went to Byron Bay, but I don’t think I’ll have time to go because I’m heading in the opposite direction to Noosa. Pearl’s friend Brian came over and I talked to him about my travels. He told me he’s been skiing in New Zealand. I showed him all my pictures on MySpace. At sundown, the kookaburras began their laughing call and it sounded exactly the same as that song on the CD that Mr. Hanley gave me. I got a short video of the sound of the kookaburras calling. Pearl told me they always call at sunset and sunrise. So, they’ll probably wake me tomorrow. I really like the atmosphere out here. I feel like I’m seeing even more of Australia. I really wanted to watch the stars with Pearl tonight, but it’s too cloudy. It’s more fun staying here than at that hostel in Brisbane. I was all bit up by bed bugs last night, and that guy pissed all over the floor. Now, I can sleep in a normal bed. Pearl’s other friend came over for awhile. I think her name is Rhonda. They hung out outside and I went and sat with them for awhile, and it was still kind of gloomy out. Her friend left and then Brian left. Pearl decided on going to sleep early because she was very tired. I promised her a back massage earlier, but I never got around to it. She told me it was alright though. After she fell asleep, I just sat at the computer and checked basketball scores and all that. It’s very nice of Pearl to let me stay here. I’ll never forget the hospitality of Australians and I’ll most certainly never forget her. I love her, but I don’t consider her girlfriend material and I’m not ready to be tied down right now. I’m having heaps of fun seeing this beautiful world. Tomorrow is Australia Day, which is their independence day. I hope to head up to Noosa so I can celebrate. I’m sleeping at Pearl’s house tonight, and I’m going to sleep now—in a comfortable bed. See you tomorrow!

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