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A rough day

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 24 January 2007 | Views [914]

            Today was my 16th day in this “holy land.” I woke up at 9:00 and packed up my stuff. I went down to the reception desk, and Louise was there. She was excited to see me and I told her about my travels in the Red Centre. I gave her a hug because I was unsure if I’d be back tonight. I started walking toward the tour place, because I wanted to go up to Noosa. When I got there I asked about the canoe safari in the Noosa Everglades, but I had to go get some money. The girl told me she’d give them a call and I then decided I’d come back later. I got a Red Bull at the corner store and then looked around for a bank. This lady directed me to a currency exchange place, but I don’t go to them because they rip you off. I walked and walked until I found a bank and I cashed the rest of my traveler’s checks, or “cheques,” as they’re spelled here. Afterward, I got lunch at McDonald’s. While at the food court, a nice bloke gave some fries from Red Rooster, a popular fast food chain out here. I then went to the souvenir shop and bought an Australian-made sleeveless shirt for only $10. One reason I don’t really care for souvenirs is because many of them are made in China; I’d rather have Australian products. I went back to the tour place at 1:30, but there would be no space on the canoe safari until Saturday. Another girl then invited me to join a tour to Moreton Island for tomorrow and I agreed, but it wasn’t sure to happen. I had to wait until these guys called back. I jumped on the computer for free and I put a heap of pictures on MySpace. I got comments from Vanessa and little Stephanie. I kept waiting and waiting and then finally gave up and left at about 4:30, really upset because I could have gone up to Noosa or taken a ferry over to Moreton Island and did my own tour. Although, next door I met a gorgeous girl named Scarlett. She’s from Sydney and she’s such a sexy Aussie! She had tried to book a room at Cloud 9, but they wouldn’t let her because she didn’t have a backpack. That makes no sense! She also told me it was Louise who turned her away. So, Scarlett and I looked around for a backpack. She bought one for $40 and repacked everything and then threw away her old bag. I have to admit I was really attracted to her, although she has a boyfriend. The two of us then walked back and we both got a bed at Cloud 9. We threw our stuff on the bed, and she wanted to go get food. She was picky because she’s a vegan. We walked around like a cute couple, and she suggested we get food at Hungry Jack’s. I knew there was one down the mall in central downtown, but we just couldn’t find it. We found a Hungry Jack’s Express, but they didn’t have what she always got, so we kept walking. We finally found the mall, and we went to Hungry Jack’s there. I got my usual stuff and she got a veggie burger. We sat down to eat, and Hungry Jack’s, although it is affiliated with Burger King, has a 1950’s theme like In-N-Out Burger. I was really enjoying my time with her, and we kept walking after we ate. Scarlett suggested going to the showgirls club tonight, and I thought that would be a fun time. Earlier, the girl at the tour place promised me a free voucher for the boomerang workshop. So, I ran down there while Scarlett got stuff at the store. I got my voucher to paint my own boomerang, which I’ll do in the next couple days. I then caught back up with Scarlett, and we walked back to the hostel together. My day was really boring until I met her; she’s so sweet! Scarlett had to go meet a friend and I gave Pearl a call. She said we could meet up at 10:30 tomorrow morning at the Ipswich train station. I was excited to talk to her and I saw Louise again. I really missed her and Erica while I was in the Outback. I showed them a few pictures and then Louise had to leave. I kissed her goodnight and then hand washed my Fiji shirt. I’m better at washing clothes in the sink now because I learned that the trick is to use soap. I hung it to dry and then it started raining, therefore it didn’t dry. I then showered and lay down. Scarlett then came back and I was happy to see her. I talked to her and then this guy named Robby, from Britain, came back. He said he’s been in the same bed for two months, and that he’s out of here tomorrow because he’s sick of bed bugs and the lack of air conditioning. It’s so hot and stuffy in here. It literally feels like Cairns. Then, a few minutes later, like the strangest and grossest thing happened: this guy (a gay Kiwi) walked into our room and pissed all over the floor. He was super drunk! He then crawled into bed with this guy he didn’t even know, from Sweden. It was bad! After realizing what he did, he apologized and cleaned up the piss, but I can bet you that he’s probably going to get kicked out for that. Scarlett, Robby, and I then just chatted and let out some laughs. So, tomorrow I’m going to see Pearl, and then possibly head up to Noosa. I’m going to sleep tight and hope the bed bugs don’t bite. Good Night.

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