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Green Island

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 10 January 2007 | Views [1420]

As I circumnavigated the island

As I circumnavigated the island

My second day in sunny Cairns was another adventurous one. So, I’d like to recap my day. I woke up at 6:15 and got ready; because I really wanted go out to the Great Barrier Reef today. It was already hot and humid at 6:30, but I didn’t care. I stopped and got a Red Bull and some Arnott’s Pizza Shapes. The tour place I stopped at yesterday wasn’t open yet, so I kept walking toward the Esplanade. I stopped at a hostel, but their tour desk wasn’t open yet. Then I walked over to the Reef Front Terminal. I just waited in line and hoped for the best. I was in luck, but the tour was $105; a little more than I wanted to pay, but oh well. I got myself a “Steve Irwin hat,” which is a wide-brimmed hat. Steve Irwin is one of my heroes; it’s a shame what happened to him. He’s one of those people that I’d most want to meet. I got a Diet Coke and then waited for the boat. I was talking to this lady and her son, who were from Brisbane. They told me that when Steve Irwin died, it sent shock waves all around Australia. I’m sure it was very hard for many people. On the boat, they had complimentary tea and coffee, so I got a cup of tea. A half hour later, the boat was on its way to Green Island. It was hot out as usual, but I enjoyed the ferry ride. The ocean breeze eases the heat. I learned that Green Island is the only cay island on the Great Barrier Reef that has a rainforest, and that the island was discovered and named by Captain Cook. I’ve now been to three places of importance to Captain Cook: Botany Bay, the Cook Strait, and now Green Island. I would like to visit his burial place on Hawaii’s Big Island someday. I feel so blessed to be back in Australia. In 7th grade, I said on national TV that I would go here someday, and now I’ve been here twice! Toward the end of the ride, I noticed the water was a very bright turquoise blue. I’ve never seen ocean water crystal clear like that.

I can see the fish from out of the water. After getting off the boat, I took some pictures and walked down the pier and over to the shop. I picked the snorkeling tour for 10:30, so I had an hour to burn. The resort was beautiful, and I saw this unique flightless bird that looks like a miniature emu. I walked down to the beach and did some snorkeling on my own. I saw a few fish and then just played with the sand underwater. I snorkeled for a half hour and then walked back to the resort. On the way I got some chips (French fries) and I walked over to the shop. I got an underwater disposable camera and got ready for my tour. I rented a wetsuit for $5 to protect myself from being stung by jellyfish. The snorkelers and scuba divers were going together. I really wanted to do a scuba dive, but I’m not completely over my cold. The next tropical place I visit, I will definitely take an introductory dive. We got onto the boat and the leader put some de-fogging juice on each of our masks. The fog is very annoying, and I usually have to wipe spit on the inside of my mask. We went to about 3 kilometers offshore and we jumped on in. I immediately realized why this place is world renowned for diving. The coral is beautiful and the fish are so colorful. I saw fish in many shapes and sizes: from like ¼ inch to about a foot long. I couldn’t stop snapping pictures. I also saw a clam and this magnificent blue coral. I ran out of exposures after only about 20 minutes. I was enjoying it so much, I thought about asking if I could snorkel back to shore, but I figured they wouldn’t let me. I reckon it’s another world under the ocean. It’s beautiful and I’m so happy I decided to come here. Everyone at home picked on me because I haven’t been to Europe, but I don’t care what they think. I love Australia with all my heart, and you probably can’t see fish and coral this beautiful in Europe. After like a half hour of snorkeling, we were all called back to the boat. I was the last one up the ladder because I just kept watching the fish. My favorite was this bright blue and yellow fish. We rode the boat back and I returned my flippers and wetsuit. Our leader took pictures of us, but I didn’t want to buy any. I went and got lunch with my free lunch ticket. It was a buffet, so I stacked my plate about a meter high. I had rice, noodles, and curry stir-fry, and then had some pineapple and carrots, and some tea. I wanted to go to the crocodile show, but it wasn’t until 1:45, so I had to wait an hour. I went to the beach near the jetty and snorkeled. I saw heaps of fish and little guppies that are so tiny! I found a dead clam shell, but I didn’t keep it. If I kept everything I found interesting, I’d be taking home a 1-ton suitcase! I saw many more fish. This reef just teems with fish! There are probably more fish on this reef then there are humans on the entire planet! After about 45 minutes of snorkeling, I got out and started toward the Melanesian wildlife place, which is where the crocodile show was about to begin. I got a Diet Coke and then paid $12.50 to see the show. I walked through and saw 3 giant turtles. One was a green turtle and another was a hawksbill turtle. I don’t know what the third one was. At 1:45, the guy brought out a baby crocodile. He talked about it and explained that its name is “Stumpy” because he was born with a deformed foot. I then got a picture with it.

I felt like Steve Irwin holding it in my hands. It’s by far the coolest picture I’ve taken here. In fact I got three different pictures with the croc. After that, the host fed the turtles and then next up was watching the big crocodiles get fed. They are usually so still, but they act quickly when they see food. These crocs were like 20 feet long! I met this couple from Brisbane, and I got the guy’s MySpace link. He knew that these were salties (saltwater crocodiles). Once the feeding was done, it was time to go. I browsed around the gift shop and got a Diet Coke and a few postcards. I went and had my ferry ride changed to 4:30 so I can stay longer. Next, I decided to walk around the edge of the island. It is so amazing! About halfway around, I cut my toe on a sharp rock, so I walked quickly back. I have no travel insurance, so the last thing I need is an infection of any sort. As I was walking on the wooden boardwalk, I cut the bottom of my foot. This place hasn’t been friendly to my feet, since I may have wrecked my shoes by getting them soaked on Fitzroy Island yesterday. I soaked my feet in the pool and I just relaxed. I had to just chill out, or else I’d probably injure myself more. As I began walking toward the jetty, I met two very pretty girls from Brisbane. They were only 16, but that’s cool. On the jetty I shot some final pictures of the crystal blue water. I’m so happy I chose Green Island. I actually liked it better than Fitzroy Island. I couldn’t pick a better place to travel than Australia, because it’s simply amazing here! The ferry ride back was about an hour. My ear is clogged up now. This trip early on has really taken a toll on my body: cuts, sunburn, and my clogged ear…all in two days. I’m having loads of fun, so I shouldn’t be complaining. I walked down the Esplanade, and took a picture of a McDonald’s in Cairns. They’re everywhere! I stopped at the internet café, but I got no emails. I visited a didgeridoo shop, and I finally figured out how to play one. I might pick one up here before I leave because they are so cheap here. I kept walking. I chatted with this very beautiful girl named Jessica from Northern California. She was here with a friend. We chatted for about 10 minutes and I took a picture with her and got her email. She gave me a very nice hug, which I was in need of, and I said goodbye. She’s one of the nicest girls I’ve met here. I continued walking and I saw this guy yelling and I thought he was yelling at me, but it was this guy that was annoying him. His name was Josh and he was with his girlfriend, Denni. They asked me to join them walking. So, we the 3 of us walked down to the Esplanade and then over to these shops. I saw this really cool wooden hopping kangaroo. I didn’t buy anything though. We then went to Woolworth’s and they bought some food and I got a pack of gum. I stayed with them for like an hour and then took the bus back to where they had to go. We then parted ways at the bus stop. I walked down Sheridan St. and stopped for a phone card and a couple of Red Bulls and some Weet-Bix. Next, I booked a night for the 12th at the Beach House hostel for only $19!! The place I’m staying at is very nice, but too damn expensive. I got some fish and chips and a Diet Coke. They were very good, but not as good as New Zealand fish and chips though. While eating I talked to this girl from Japan and this guy from the Philippines: two places I’d love to go. I then walked back to my room and jumped in the shower. I’m all sunburned and worn out. It seems like traveling is harder than work sometimes. At 11:30, I tried to call Mom, but I couldn’t get my phone card to work properly. I finally figured it out, but no one picked up. By then I was really exhausted. So, tomorrow I head up to Cape Tribulation and the Daintree River. I hope to spot some crocodiles. I’ve been up 18 hours and I have a long day tomorrow. Good Night.

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