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The ISV Crew

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC | Monday, 18 June 2012 | Views [2076]

The ISV Crew

The ISV Crew

Melissa. AKA Melly-Moo. She loves the environment. She loves the world. She loves animals! She'll walk up and talk to a cow like Dr. Dolittle. And she most definitely loves her men; like a school girl who cuts out photos of all the cute guys. Melissa is definitely one of the more colourful people I've met on my travels!


Kennedy. She loves the water and she's always smiling; beautiful with a golden glow of radiance!

Aaron. Kennedy's boyfriend. The extreme heat didn't deter Aaron from giving 110% everyday! A great listener; he really enjoys hearing one of my hundreds of stories

Teo. The comedian! Teo is a total class-act! He's the guy that makes everyone laugh and helps keep the morale high! 

Jace. With his flaming orange hat, he's the "Aristotle" of the group. He's very philosophical and has a theory to pretty much anything. Quiet, yet interesting at the same time, you never know what Jace will tell you next!

Larie. Always smiling is Larie. She's cute, sweet, talkative, and special all in one sentence, and she seems to keep the children entertained for hours.

Beverley. The bear, and she's unBEARably cute! The girls love her long-flowing blonde hair and her accent sounds like that of an English woman in the countryside offering a cuppa to a weary traveller like myself. 

Audrey. One of those girls you really don't hear much from or about. She's rather quiet and low-key, but she works hard. (photo courtesy of Torrie)

Cheta. She's not just Cheta, she's a cheetah! And she brings her enthusiasm across a sea, a channel, and an ocean in more ways than one. The little girls love her and she's a valuable part of the British trio.

Molly. Rather quiet but very sweet, Molly-Grace is very cute!

Carlee. Gorgeous blonde hair and gorgeous skin make for an extra gorgeous Carlee! And she's not afraid to get dirty on the construction site. She goes out there everyday and puts in her best! 

Mallory. She always walks on my back like a Thai therapist after a hard day of work! She could be my personal therapist if I had the means. From the heart of the Ozarks, Mallory is definitely one-of-a-kind!

Janine. Ah Janine! How many times did I have to rescue bugs and you at the same time! She gets freaked out easily, but when calm she's very huggy with a warm heart beneath it all. With a coconut in hand by the beach, she's an island girl

Angelica. Janine's bestie

Katie. She's an innocent-looking blonde lass from the heart of the Canadian shield. She's passionate about children and willing to get her hands dirty on the construction site. But watch out! Once she dons her red bikini she's got a fiery, devilish look to her. Although her blue eyes seem to calm the fire.

Jullia. She's got the funniest laugh. She's standing in the middle of the pigeons.

Anna. She works well with the kids, and in turn they love her and want to be like her when they grow up! Anna has a gentle demeanor, always keeps her cool, and has the prettiest red hair. "Enthusiasm" is the one fitting word for her!

Erin. She's very shy but very good-natured and cute. (photo courtesy of Torrie)

Haley. Haley Haley Hippo! (Haley is in the pink shirt to the left of Beverley in of the bottom of the photo, and Erin is to her left)

Sharon. She is so spontaneous with what she speaks that I can't picture "word planning" in her vocabulary. Definitely with a wild side and definitely unique, what will Sharon say next?

Alex. The supermodel! Alex may look like a sweet little girl but she's got a heart and a lot of strength beneath. 

Kalli. A well-figured girl who seems like she'll run her 10th marathon! Kalli has a great personality and will make a great teacher. Oh, and Alfonso loves her too!

Torrie. She loves to take photos and speaks her mind. Once upon a time I had a friend of the same name whom I referred to as my "Vanessa Williams" but this Torrie also has that aura to her.

Our project leaders:

Amy. Somewhat quieter than Courtney, Amy comes out of her shell when she needs to! As her first time as a project leader she can be a little tough, but wait until she has a few and hits the dance floor. That's when her good times begin!

Courtney. "Curls" is the enthusiastic and all-knowing project leader. And you couldn't ask for a better and more beautiful one. Whether it's diving off rocks into a waterfall or dirty and sweat-soaked after a full day of construction, she always maintains her enthusiasm and sexiness. The total package; Courtney never fails to impress!

Last but not least, I'm part of the ISV Crew as well!

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