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Finishing my dental work

COSTA RICA | Friday, 20 January 2012 | Views [1363]

Today was really intense! And I was almost not here today; when I went to board my flight to Costa Rica yesterday the lady at the counter told me that since I didn't have a ticket out of Costa Rica, that I had to either buy a plane or bus ticket. Fortunately, they let me board and I had no problems going through Costa Rican immigration. Anyways, when I got to the dentist today, I wasn't really expecting much. When I called last year, they told me that it's a total of three appointments. The first is to take the impressions, the second is the actual mounting of the crowns, and the third is a check-up. Whilst I was supposed to come back eight months after getting the implants, it turned out to be 26 months due to various financial problems.

First they did a thorough cleaning of my teeth, which always feels great. Then I was told they have to open the implants to take the impressions, which means anesthesia and being stuck in a chair. I'm one of those guys who'll never go "completely under" during surgery. It doesn't matter if it's brain, open-heart, etc. There's always the thought of not waking up from general anesthesia, and plus I'm not the biggest fan of having a needle in me for several hours. After the anesthesia kicked in, Dr. Cordero was so happy to see me and he began working his magic. He and the entire team make this whole thing seem effortless. Having my gums cut open and tasting (and swallowing) my blood wasn't the most plesant thing. What was a bit scarier was when Dr. Cordero used a rachet to screw some posts onto my implants. Tasting blood, all I could think of is a tasty glass of papaya juice. But, I was stuck, and they were putting all kinds of molds and the like in my mouth. When I'm at the dentist I tend to close my eyes, but Dr. Cordero told me it's more difficult for him when my eyes are closed because my facial muscles are more compressed, therefore my mouth doesn't open wide enough. It was pretty graphic today! In one mold that I had to put some red gel to take the impressions, and then some green gel to take more impressions. The worst though was when the girl was digging into my gums to put stitches to close the implant sites. That was about the only part today that really hurt. Oh man, eight hours at the dentist today!

It's the longest I've ever spent at a dentist, doctor's office, or hospital, and it felt great to get out. My next appointment is next Thursday, six days from now. Taking the bus back to San Jose I was still filled up with novocaine but my leg hurt a little bit because they gave me a pain injection in my butt. Whilst I was hoping my next appointment would be Monday so I can head north to Nicaragua, this will buy me some time to visit Parque Nacional Corcovado. So, I feel like the worst is over with. Next week I will have a full set of teeth and I'll feel like a new man!

After a trip to Jaco and five rather unexciting days in Heredia, here I am back at the dentist! My new teeth sit there in an impression created by the Prisma team. Dr. Cordero assured me that it wouldn't take as long as it did last week, but I was still a bit iffy thinking I'd be here until it's pitch black again. After being numbed up, Dr. Cordero went to work, opening one side of my gums and placing in what would be my new permanent teeth. With some work, he was ready to cement the crowns to my implants. Tasting blood, I was nervous and happy at the same time because I was only an hour or so away from having a full mouth again! After about on hour or so all the crowns were in! This all comes at a hefty (but worthy) price: $7,095. Dr. Rubenstein suggested that I wear a mouthguard to protect my work, which I opted to get at an addition $350. Even though it's Costa Rica it's still cost me a lot to get my work done. My mouth is going to hurt like hell for about a week, but the pain will eventually wear off! With new teeth, a face full of novocaine, and a prescription for pain killers I was off at about 5 PM. Tomorrow is my final appointment, which is a simple check up! Standing at the bus stop, my mouth hurt but I was ecstatic at the fact that I have new teeth! 

The following day I come in early for my final appointment. Dr. Rubenstein does a check of all my teeth, making sure I can bite properly and all and then I'm given the mouthguard. Dr. Rubenstein takes some photos to show my teeth before and after (the "before" were taken when I was here in 2009). Proudly I showed my teeth to another client who's set for some extensive work. I don't mind the attention and I don't mind being a celebrity, so I could be a model for their fabulous work! That night I exhibit my mood to celebrate! Peter (Andres' flatmate) and I meet up at Hon Yan, the vegetarian restaurant Mario and I visited last year and I'm ready to feast (though I couldn't feast too hard because my mouth still hurts). Having some delicious veggie "meatballs" I wash it down with some green tea in little Taiwanese style cups. After Peter and I walked back the real celebration begins as Andres' friend whips up a tipple of lime, ginger ale, and Costa Rican rum. And boy it was tasty! Having a good time with Andres and his friends I was ecstatic. Peter exclaimed "Look at those teeth!" as I opened my mouth to show them off. I ended up having a few of those rum and ginger drinks and I was tipsy. Time to celebrate though! I'm in Costa Rica, have new teeth and I'm a new man.

If any of you are considering travelling overseas for dental work I strongly recommend Drs. Rubenstein & Cordero! They'll take good care of you and will make you smile from ear to ear! Go and see them; they'll make you want to come back again and again and will actually make you want to visit the dentist!

Prisma Dental


1-866-741-8194 (Toll Free from the U.S.)


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