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A True Travel Love Story

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 10 April 2011 | Views [2161] | Comments [1]

Her right hand is over her warm heart

Her right hand is over her warm heart

As I sit here at Maria's flat in Brentford, a suburb of London, I think of all the beautiful and nice girls I've met on my travels. Throughout my journeys, from high atop the icecaps of Iceland, to the paddocks of New Zealand, to the dusty streets of Havana I've met many loving and gorgeous ladies. In previous stories I've mentioned ex-loves (Chrissy, Teressa, etc.). Once I said "it will be on my travels in which I find my soulmate." Of all the people I've met on my travels, none are more special than the lovely Maria. She's wonderful, caring, amazing, beautiful, jovial, adventurous, thoughtful...I can keep writing. Maria is rather soft-spoken but her voice is incredible! Love eminates all around with her soft tone, and at first glance she seems rather quiet but she's extremely outgoing with a very active social life. She's always doing something, whether it's zumba, yoga, travelling, hanging out with friends, or whatever. She's a true example of someone who lives a full life, meaning she does a lot other than work and bills.

As I went on a walk with her to Beachy Head yesterday, I kept thinking to myself "I really like Maria." We met halfway around the world in New Zealand; I mentioned that in Sailing from the Barrier to Paihia. For the longest time Maria and I kept in contact. She even sent me a box of deliciously delectable melt-in-your-mouth Scottish shortbread for Christmas last year, and then...well, here I am. Maria is, honestly, the only lady I've ever met whom I can say I love everything about. With striking pounamu-green eyes, a smile which lights a whole room, a personality that should set an example for others, and especially how she cares about and relates to others, Maria is the consummate lady. She works in cancer research, and she's very active in charitable causes, including the Japan relief efforts and feeding the homeless on Christmas Day. I admire her so much for that! She's always thinking of others! When I tell her how much she's accomplished, her response is "I try" but she doesn't just try, she succeeds greatly! In fact, she succeeds better than most people. Her friends have even quoted "Maria gives very good advice and she's very caring." The way Maria looks at me is what catches me the most; it's as if she's not just looking at my eyes...it's as though she's looking further, as though she sees my heart. Maria has truly touched my heart! When I first met Maria, I knew straight away that there is something very special about her. She's 36 (10 years older than me) and she's never been married and has no children. She travels very often and her "Travel CV" is extensive: New Zealand, Cuba, Argentina, Zambia, South Africa, Turkey, USA, India, and so forth, and she has a mindful of stories to share regarding each place she's travelled. For me, Maria seems to be that missing piece in my life, and sometimes I wonder if Maria really likes me as well.

Everything seemed to fall in place precisely for me to meet this lovely Spanish jewel. Two weeks before I met her, I was on Niue when I emailed a CSer in South Auckland asking if I could stay with her for a night or two because my flight got in late and it was a good two hours or so to Whitianga, not including waiting time. She said she couldn't host me, so I thought I'd try to get back to Whitianga that night. Fortunately I made it home that night, and then the next day my mates were within a half-hour or so of sailing to the Barrier. For some reason I asked if I could join them, and they said I could go. We stayed on Great Barrier for four days and then sailed up to the Bay of Islands. It took a day and a half to get there. However, it was another incredible turn of good luck that caused me to meet Maria: when I was at the internet cafe, the manager had a problem with his computer, so he needed to take the computer I was on and move it to his desk. When I explained that I had a heap of stuff I was working on (stories, uploading photos, emails, etc.) he told me he'd give me an hour of free internet time if I moved to another computer. I agreed, and then Maria showed up with about 20 minutes left on my free time. All that in place, I met her! Here we are now, not too far from the antipodal point of where we met!

The next day I lazed in the grass in Bloomsbury Square (near the British Museum) whilst Maria was at her weekly zumba class, thinking deeply of her I penned her a poem, and here I quote it:

One young lady I gaze upon
She is seen from high above
My darlin' Maria: she is my love
I love her sparking, shining eyes
Of pounamu-jade green
Most beautiful I've ever seen
And her gorgeous smile
She walks along, and it's alight
From a mile away, what a delight
On a sunny day, you see her from afar
Whilst on a gloomy evening, she's always there
I admire her heaps, and she is here
She is from the far north of Spain
Maria Varela mi amor
Never found a girl like her before
She's extremely loving and caring
With a very warm heart
And that's what sets her apart
After several days of sailing
We met in a cafe by chance
I was sent spinning in a trance!
It's the gorgeous Maria I fancy
With her great sense of fashion
And her travel spirit; filled with passion
There are many ladies in this world
From the Bay of Islands to Soho
To Logroño to Boho
Maria is worthy and consummate
Her mind, her looks, her grace
She touches the soul; always leaves a trace
Maria waits for me
I would travel coast to coast
It's her I care about most
Nobody else is like Maria
Stands out like an ivory-coloured dove
Genuinely I say "Maria is my love"

When I was in Australia, someone compared me to Jack from Titanic, and when I think about that comparison it's a very similar story. I'm adventurous, free-spirited, have no commitments, and live life to the fullest. To me Maria is like Rose. However, instead of drawing Maria (I'm a terrible artist), I'm describing her with my poetry.  

Whilst Maria and I are not in a relationship, I really do fancy her. If we were together it'd make the perfect travel love story. Honestly, I'd love to have a future with Maria. I envision us travelling the world together, helping out children in Africa, and creating many more special travel moments than ever before. As I look into her beautiful eyes, I've said "I love you" and I mean that. For now, Maria and I are really good friends, but maybe someday it will become something more. Maria is extremely special and after all, I see her as my love. 

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