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Anikka Double-K

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 14 January 2017 | Views [836]

Two years ago, I was at a rather dull moment in my journeys. Dealing with a bad case of heat rash, less than $100 to my name, hitchhiking the spine of Australia without my camera, and overall fatigue I found myself in Adelaide and on my way to Melbourne. Then, I was staying with a CSer until a couple leaving for Mount Gambier that day offered me a lift toward Melbourne if I met them in town. I sat down during what I thought would be just like any other train ride...

A few rows away sat this beautiful, vivacious-looking lady wearing a white top. I wanted to talk to her but I immediately thought "well, what if she shows no interest, or finds me creepy?" With nothing to lose I moved seats to sit across from this gorgeous young lady. I introduced myself and learned her name was Anikka. Immediately I could tell she was no ordinary young lady; she showed a genuine interest in me and what I was up to. We sat and discussed travel, dreams, and life before disembarking together in downtown Adelaide. Holding hands, we walked to Hungry Jacks for a $2 coffee whilst I hoped Anikka would change plans and spend a bit more time with me. She couldn't do so but gave me her number, Facebook info, and about the most loving hug you'll ever receive.

Circumstances and other travels would keep Anikka and I apart for a long, long time but a couple of weeks ago I sent a message to Anikka, saying boldly "I'm coming to Adelaide and there's no turning back this time!" Several times I've promised her I'd visit and then I'd put it in the too-hard basket. After visiting with Alison in Sydney, Jo and Loz in Queensland, and Christine in Mildura (Alison and Jo need no introduction, but Christine is a friend I met in Darwin a couple of years ago and is one of my "Aussie mums"), I ended up travelling 2,522 km by thumb to visit this lovely Aussie jewel named Anikka.

As I showed up at Anikka's home yesterday I wasn't sure what to expect. In the last week I messaged a number of CSers asking if they could host me. All of them declined, so in a desperate move I said "Anikka, is there any way you can host me at your flat" and she said "oh of course, my mum offered for you to come over." I'd never once even spoken to Anikka's mum to introduce myself, but as soon as I tapped on the door, Melissa welcomed me with open arms. Before getting comfortable, I had some work to do: being the absolutely hopeless romantic that I am, I ran to the store to get Anikka some flowers.

Anikka's name is spelled rather uniquely: "Anikka" instead of "Annika." Affectionately, I call her "Miss Double-K" or "Anikka Double-K." She has the warmest smile and lights up a room with her personality. When she returned home from her shift as a gelato maker she ran up to me and threw her arms around me with a hug that I'll never forget! She says she's not very affectionate yet when Anikka gives a hug, it truly comes from the heart. We just couldn't let each other go and she loved her flowers (even though her cat would later knock them over).

Anikka truly spoils me rotten. In addition to hugs, she loves to cook (her garlic bread is my favourite), and gives me her "royal treatment" which is massaging coconut oil through my hair to go with a coffee body scrub. Anikka's sense of touch sends all kinds of positive energy flowing through me, and I most certainly feel the love. All around, she is beautiful...

I must admit that I truly love Anikka. She's only 18 yet is very mature for her age. Rather surprisingly, she has never travelled outside of Australia but her mum declares that 2017 is the year! They're discussing Thailand or elsewhere in Southeast Asia and Anikka's father, Anthony has picked up a second job so they can start travelling. The world is calling Anikka and she deserves to see it. Someday I'd love to take Anikka with me for a week and give her a lesson of my travel style. Thailand or Norfolk Island would be ideal first destinations since the former is cheap and the latter is familiar (to me). With my arsenal of travel stories, Anikka loves my voice and enjoys listening to me speak. She'll have me recite letters and stories just so she can hear my voice.

Anikka's family really likes me and they're happy that I make Anikka happy. She has been through some difficult experiences with people, and her mum tells me how it's so nice to hear Anikka speaking nice and highly of someone. Anikka has said many kind things about me and I love that about her. She makes me feel loved, and I hope I make her feel loved. It's the first time I've met a lady whose family actively admires and endorses me. Anikka's two dogs seem to like me and even they can sense how I care about Anikka.

This fine young lady is worthy of a crossing of half a continent filled with vast deserts, extreme temperatures, and deadly snakes, enduring long rides and sleepless nights to arrive in Anikka's arms. In retrospect, I feel I didn't try hard enough to get to Adelaide to visit my darling Miss Anikka Double-K. Most definitely, she is no ordinary young lady. She is even more amazing in person; a living embodiment of love. Meeting up with Anikka has brought us much closer together.  I can't recall the last time I've smiled as much as I have these past couple of days.

Anikka, I love you with all my heart...

Anikka, love you I do...

I'm very lovestruck...

...Anikka I love you!

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