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My Last Australia Night

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 29 January 2007 | Views [868]

Today was, sadly, my final day in this amazing country called Australia, the Lucky Country, Oz, Down Under…you name it! It’s all beautiful. I woke up at 8:30 from the cute dogs jumping on the bed. Jessica was getting ready to leave for work, so I gave her a hug goodbye. I’ll sure miss them! I tried to check my email, but the computer wasn’t working properly. I sure hope I didn’t do anything to it. I then washed up and washed my clothes in the laundry sink and hung them to dry. I had to wait a while they dried. I left at a little after 10:00 and did the usual half hour walk to the bus stop. I got a Red Bull at the BP station, and the bus came shortly after. The driver wouldn’t give me a reduced fare with my student card. I got lucky down here a few weeks ago, because some of the drivers are nice. I got off at Nerang and walked up to the train platform where I met this girl named Karen from the UK. We talked about travels of course. The train ride went to Brisbane with no disturbances unlike the past few days. It took an hour like usual, but it will be my last train ride to Brisbane, at least for several years. I’m unsure about when I’ll return to Australia for the third time. I got off the train and then stopped at the travel place to check my email. I’ve got free internet on a good portion of my trip, because I stayed at Jessica’s and Pearl’s houses, and because I booked a tour at the tour place. I left at about 1:00 and then looked around for Australia jackets. I needed one for Mom and one for Vanessa. I also wanted another one for me. I found them for $24 at one place and decided I’d come back later. I got Macca’s for lunch. After that, I got a discount train ticket for $10 and found out at a travel agent that last train is at 7:00. I was thinking of leaving around 8:30. I then walked as fast as I could to Cloud 9, because I wanted to say goodbye to Louise and Erica, but neither of them were there. It’s OK, I’ve got Louise’ email. I still had my voucher for the boomerang workshop, so I then walked down there. I found out though that the people who ran it had a funeral to attend, so it wasn’t going on. However, I got to swap my voucher for a boomerang at the Tribal Collections place. I talked with the owner and he told me about a tour guide who once told a group that there was no such thing as a didgeridoo that’s bored out by termites, but that’s a heap of rubbish. That may settle the canyon/gorge discrepancy that Leith told me about that Mr. Hanley disputes. I just hung out at the shop for like an hour. While there I also talked to this girl named Shannon from Alberta, and she teaches in South Korea. She was traveling around with her boyfriend. I hung around at the shop until 5:30. Then I went jacket shopping. I got a white jacket for Vanessa and a blue one for Mom. I also got a white one for me. When I walked out I saw an ibis, which is a type of bird with a long, slender beak. After my only big souvenir shopping trip during my stay, I went back to the travel place and jumped on the computer again. I wrote to Vanessa telling her I got the jacket and asked her to have Nora email me. At 6:30, I reluctantly headed to the train station. I did not want to leave! For a second I had the temptation to run as far as I could the other direction, but I didn’t do it. I had to wait for the train, and I nearly missed it because I was looking the wrong way. Good thing I was on the right platform. On the train there was this guy acting strangely; he was likely drunk. I got to the airport at 7:30 and check-in wasn’t to start for another hour and a half. I just relaxed and got dinner at Red Rooster. I talked to this guy from Ireland who lives in Brisbane. He was at the airport to meet a friend. Afterward, I talked to these guys from Britain who were doing a round-the-world trip and they just arrived here. It sure seems that the Brits often do trips around the world, because I don’t know any Americans who have done that. I gave the guys an inside scoop on what Australia is like and what to do here. New Zealand is their next destination, and I told them practically everything to there. I told them they have to jump into freezing Milford Sound, like I did; and take a flight over the Southern Alps. I’m still wondering what wondrous place is next up for me. After talking to them for awhile, I checked in for my flight. I found out they would let me out of the airport in Fiji. I then went back and talked with the guys and joked about how the trains are “pick-up joints” because I met Pearl and “Miss Australia” on the train. I also talked with some people from Fiji. After about a half hour, I said goodbye to the guys and I gave them my email and invited them to stay at my house when they come to the United States. They said they would be in California in June or July. I went downstairs and had my bags weighed and then went through security. I got my Australia exit stamp and then just walked around. I browsed around in the shops and then got a Bundaberg ginger beer for $4! I had to count my loose change, but that’s OK because it will probably be the last one I have for a long, long time. As I waited for my flight, I met this young lady from Kiribati, and she was traveling with her two little brothers. I felt so emotional, because I’m leaving this beautiful land for the second time. I’m going to get ready for my flight, so I’ll see you over the Pacific Ocean.

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