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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka | Monday, June 20, 2016 | 18 photos

Sri Lanka is our second last country on this trip around the world and the 25th one overall!!! Our adventure is coming to an end and it feels so weird. We are on the one hand looking forward to a more comfortable life and on the other hand we're sad it's almost over.

After Australia and New Zealand, we are back to our cheap challenging backpacking lifestyle, taking local buses, crowded trains, eating street food and pinching every penny possible on everything we do. We're really good at this now! Lol

We arrived in Colombo, took the train to the tea plantations region in Kandy and Ella, took the bus to the beach in Unawatuna and then back to Colombo.

The two weeks in Sri Lanka were nothing compared to India. We found that Sri Lankan people are so much nicer than Indian people and much less pushy. We didn't have to negotiate for everything all the time, we could actually trust them, they're very polite and friendly and they're really easy to talk to. But there's still an Indian side to them like for example they stared at us a lot - but still less than in India.

The food though turned out to be less varied than in India. We ate the same thing almost everyday; rice and curry or kottu. Also, the streets are much cleaner than in India. Sri Lanka is a very easy country to travel in. This has all ended up to be a perfect stop for us on our way back because it wasn't on our initial list of countries to visit.

The next country and the last is Turkey. As with Sri Lanka, this was added last minute rather spontaneously. It was also on our way back and easy in terms of a visa. Our first choice would have been Iran but the visa turned out to be too expensive and complicated. Too bad it would have been so interesting!

We'll be in Turkey during Ramadan, it's going to be an interesting experience. Inshalla! :-)

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