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Family Christmas in Thailand ;-)

Thailand | Thursday, December 31, 2015 | 15 photos

We just spent an unforgettable week with Christine and her husband and two boys!!! :-)
We knew they were coming to Thailand for Christmas and we were sooo lucky to be able to coordinate our schedules. Now we both have such great memories together. They literally followed us step by step as backpackers; even with two kids they did local guest houses, buses and street food. It was their big 2015 vacation but they forfeited a chance at lying on the beach with a piña colada for all this. We were like a big backpacker family! ;-)

We did so many awesome things: a Thai cooking class, a 2-day trek, 13th century Buddhist ruins, multiple 5-10 hr bus rides and maybe best of all we celebrated Christmas together in a French-Thai fusion restaurant in Sukhothai. We do miss them a lot now, the 4 of them!

We have now transitioned on to Cambodia and back to the "tough" life of backpackers. Our first days in Cambodia really challenged us to the maximum of our backpacker capabilities! Very stressful compared to our "easy" stay in Thailand. Everything is more difficult here in Cambodia (almooooost but no, not as bad as India ;-) Patience and perseverance, and we'll get through it all. Inshallah!

We'll tell you more about our Cambodia adventures in the next post. We will be spending New Year's Eve on the beach in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

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