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Quirky Myanmar

Myanmar | Friday, December 11, 2015 | 2 photos

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Why no news from our intrepid travelers for several weeks? They're just victims of the extremely sloooow wifi. Sorry, impossible to upload photos. One email takes 5-10 mins to send! :-(
By the way we are still in Myanmar so we are just adding this small post for now.

In the meantime, amuse yourself with some Myanmar anecdotes.

1. KARAOKE BUSES: Love karaoke? Then Myanmar is your country!! Bus entertainment starts with 30 minutes of droning Buddhist prayers followed by several hours of Burmese karaoke music videos - heavy metal, rap, pop, etc. If only I could read the lyrics!! บำมtดมดยก!! Dammit!!
2. SPIT BAGS: Airplanes have barf bags and Myanmar buses have ... spit bags. As in India, Myanmar people like to spit. A lot. Partially due to their heavy tobacco chewing, they just can't stop spitting. No joke. Take a bus, and every few minutes you'll hear someone heartily using their spit bag. Don't worry, extra bags are free! Eeeew. :-( Why no spit bags in India? No AC means you just spit out the window. :-)
3. FREE SOUP: Soup comes free with every meal in Myanmar. Except of course if you order ... a soup. Tea is also free (think weak green tea like in Chinese restaurants). Nonetheless, if you order regular tea you'll still get your free Chinese tea too! Go figure. Btw, both soup and tea are bottomless/all you can drink.
4. RIGHT SIDE RIGHT SIDE: Myanmar bucks the trend of neighbors India and Thailand and prefers to drive on the right. Buuut, their cars are all "British" style with the steering wheel on the right. What?!That's because it's a poor country so they only buy used cars from ... India and Thailand.

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