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One week in Cuzco before Machu Picchu!

Peru | Saturday, May 16, 2015 | 22 photos

Well, well. Finally we took the airplane instead of a bus. While the 24 hour bus to Cuzco was tempting, we were still recovering from some altitude sickness. And don't forget we still did the overnight bus from the Cordillera Blanca back to Lima to catch our flight! Cuzco was great, quite possibly the most beautiful city in Latin America. Since every building and every street is full of architectural gems, we didn't actually end up taking many photos of the city. Sorry! But the best part is that almost half of the architectural gems were precolombian. Yes, Inca! Forget colonial, they've got Inca here. Seriously, never seen any other city with significant precolombian architecture. Hotel was nice, but the wifi was crap. But how can you know that before you pay!? Sorry everyone for the lack of contact. When wifi did work (which was rare) we had to go out in the courtyard where it was often cold and rainy. As a last note, if you're curious about costs; 5 kilos of laundry costs 3$, lunch special with starter/main and drink cost 2$, 1 coca tea bag for altitude sickness costs 3 cents and 1 liter of beer costs 2$ But this assumes you eat local and avoid tourist traps. Yes, we're still under our 100$ per day budget!! Enough blah blah, enjoy the photos of various Inca ruins (warm-up for Machu Picchu, in our next post!), more Quechua indigenous color and the Sunday market.

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