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Not Wasting A Minute In the Autumn of 2014 I decided to not go to school, not get a job, and not renew an apartment lease. Crazy? Fun? Scary? Yes, yes and yes. But it's time to take a bite out of the world before it chews me up and spits me out like a bad taste

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Friends know me as Jason. Family knows me as Hans. Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate student and a full time Engineer by day. City explorer and part-time traveller by night.  I'm the kind of person that is not bothered by moving. Actually, it bothers me more to stay still. This has led me to make some truly unforgettable friends (unfortunately often long-distance friends) and experience settings I could only have dreamed about as a kid. When I'm on the clock, I work with sustainable energy as it gets ready for prime time implementation. Off the clock I like to meet up with my friends and explore the world. Either way I'm drinking coffee by the carafe because I prefer to be awake while I enjoy life.


Post frequency always varies depending on how much is going on in my life and how much of my data plan I have used for the month.

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