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Not Wasting A Minute In the Autumn of 2014 I decided to not go to school, not get a job, and not renew an apartment lease. Crazy? Fun? Scary? Yes, yes and yes. But it's time to take a bite out of the world before it chews me up and spits me out like a bad taste

From Where We Left Off...

USA | Wednesday, 9 November 2016 | Views [601]

Ocean Beach in San Diego

Ocean Beach in San Diego

About two years have passed from where we left off and much has happened. My last post had me running through the morning grind from my friend’s place in Wilhelmsburg to the airport back to the US. I left saying I would be traveling the US on my return and do some new posts at that time. I held up half of that promise.  The traveling did happen, but I didn’t write anything about it until now.

A few weeks after returning, I headed to the West (and faaaar West) Coast to catch up with some friends in San Diego and Hawaii. My time in San Diego was spent relaxing and exploring the town. It is a pretty nice place (Spoiler: I ended up move there a year later). Hawaii was awesome. I got to hang with my college buddy Hale and all his buddies from the base. We did a fair bit of hiking and even caught a UofH football game (they got crushed).  I’m glad I got to take a few extra weeks and see those folks.

When I returned to Ohio, it was time to pour all of my knowledge and effort into a thesis for graduate school. The next five months consisted of grad school for 12-18 hours a day…every day, but I graduated and got to commiserate with some great friends along the way.

There was about a week of celebration time before I flew back out to San Diego to do apartment hunting. Remember that job offer I received while sitting at Matt’s couch at his Schonholzer Staβe apartment eating pizza and drinking beer? Yes, the one from (Sept 15, 2014). Well, I accepted it with the stipulation that I get assigned to the San Diego office. My future roommate (a coworker from my time in Pittsburgh) happened to be in San Diego for work at the time. Together with our friendly real estate agent, we found a decent place to live (thanks Jessuh!). I moved on Independence Day weekend after several weeks training in Pittsburgh.

Since the move, trips to Tijuana, Vegas, Seattle (twice), Sequoia, Flagstaff, Denver, Montreal (Matt lives there now), and others have occurred, surgeries have happened, some friends have died, some friends (including my sister!) have married, some friends have been locked up, and other friends have decided to join me on my next trip. A hell of a lot has happened in the blank space between this post and the last.

Why am I even bothering posting again? It’s time for a new adventure with an old friend. Stevie, my long time friend (20+ years), and I are headed to Japan for a few weeks. We leave at the end of the week. If I have time during the trip, I plan on updating this site again (likely time delayed).

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