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Trip: Oz 2006 - 2008

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AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 23 Dec 2009 | Views [763] | Comments [8]

Hello and Merry christmas to you all.  i thought i would show you a couple of pictures of were i am now (Airlie beach) and what i am upto, but before i upload these photos, i would like you to have a look at the Australian geographic website.  I have ... Read more >

Bit of pre-Christmas excitement

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 16 Dec 2009 | Views [893] | Comments [1]

Well afer no updates for a while two in a short space of time. We are now winding down for Christmas and have been fencing this week.  managed to do about 1km yesterday which isn't bad going really although it doesn't sound like a lot.  Had a beer ... Read more >

How time flys

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 10 Dec 2009 | Views [421]

I really didn't reaslise it had been so long since I put anything on here.  Sorry, but with me and my parents now having Skype I am able to ring and update them so not as much call for me to put things up, but I mussed contine as it is good to keep a ... Read more >

I Hit A Cow

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 25 Oct 2009 | Views [918] | Comments [4]

Hello all Well what a weekend !  On Saturday we (Me Charlie & The Kids) went fishing in a water hole on the Dougald River near Jessievale and had a great day, one or two beers and a bit of a swim.  I even caught a cat fish !  Today we went on ... Read more >

Busy Busy Busy

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 2 Oct 2009 | Views [614] | Comments [2]

Well I am now back at work, and can't I tell I've had 6 weeks off.  My shoulders,finfers arms and legs all ache !!  We have been bust mustering and sorking cattle this week and have had about 3000 head throught he yards.  It's been pretty full on with ... Read more >

On te Road again

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 14 Sep 2009 | Views [583] | Comments [3]

Back on a Greyhound now and heading back out to Jessievale.   The weather is hot hot hot and the roos were so think on the road last night.   The sun has just come up and the evidence is all over the roads !   Dead roos everywhere.   Unfortunatly ... Read more >

Back In Oz

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 11 Sep 2009 | Views [551] | Comments [1]

  Well I write this blog entry sitting outside the YHA in Brisbane in 25 degree heat !!!   It’s been clear blue sky since I arrived and I am having a ball.   Since I have been back I have spent most of my time with Charlotte having a look ... Read more >

Tags: riverfire

Thoughts on Home

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 9 Sep 2009 | Views [529] | Comments [1]

I really wanted to start this entry with a list of historic things that have happened while I have been at home, but the best I can come up with is that Oasis have split up. . . . sorry best I can do ! Well after 5 weeks back in the UK, what can ... Read more >

Busness class basards

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Saturday, 1 Aug 2009 | Views [439] | Comments [1]

They have changed the propper towels for paper towels - they mst have noticed I was going often. On the positive sde, my hands are now nice and soft !!  Still on the carlsberg !!  Almost time for brekky !!

Business Class Good or BAD ....

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Saturday, 1 Aug 2009 | Views [454] | Comments [1]

Well I am now offically a little drunk, and a lot tired.  I am sitting in the business class lounge of the Abu Dhabi airport using free internet and drinking free alcahol.  Great I hear you say, but maybe not.  If I had done what my body had told me ... Read more >

Tags: pissed in business class

Wow - Technology

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 29 Jul 2009 | Views [385]

I am writing to you today from a Greyhound bus just outside of Longreach.  I am on a bus on the internet.  Amazing !!  This is the first leg of the journey home, and one of the last blog entries I will be writing as I will no longer need travel insurance ... Read more >


AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 11 Jul 2009 | Views [468] | Comments [1]

Hello All I've got good internet reception today so thought I would update this again I have a day off today as I have hurt my knee again so while everyone else is working I have a sick note !!  No damaged bones, but possibly some ligament damage ... Read more >

All sorted

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 28 Jun 2009 | Views [491] | Comments [2]

Well the good news is that I now have a new visa which allows me to stay in Australia for the next 4 years.  I have internet access in my bedroom and am currently writing to you from a wireless connection at . . . Quamby Hotel !!  I know it's sunday ... Read more >

Tags: visa sorted

Goats, Jokes & Immigration

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 13 May 2009 | Views [2004] | Comments [8]

Blog Update   Well since I last wrote to you all I have been keeping myself busy doing various things.   My knee is still a little sore after the motorbike crash down at Cunnamulla, but it is definitely on the mend.   Had a couple of weekends ... Read more >

Tags: goats, jokes

Sorry it's been so long

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 15 Apr 2009 | Views [887] | Comments [7]

Well, I didn't realise how long it had been since I last updated on here.  Not really been doing too much !!  Only mustered 15000 cattle at Clio & Wetherby.  Not too eventful really, but long hot days.  No dustthough, due to further showers. ... Read more >

Rained Out

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 28 Jan 2009 | Views [890] | Comments [11]

Hello again. Mty second update for 2009 and again been really busy.  We have had 7 days in January without rain so the country is looking a lot better.  Plenty of green grass about at the moment, but this dose also cause some problems. . . 1) The ... Read more >

Tags: rained out - floods

Gallery: 2009

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 5 Jan 2009 | Photo Gallery

Photos from 2009
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Happy New Year

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 5 Jan 2009 | Views [497] | Comments [2]

It's only 5 days into the new year, and already so much has happened.  as part of the NY celebrations in Rocky, they have a week of events aimed at the 18-30s.  It all kicks off with a cruise to Great Kepple Island followed by a party at the heritage ... Read more >

Tags: long awaited rain


AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 29 Nov 2008 | Views [635] | Comments [6]

Well hello again to all and thanks for the comments since I last put comment on.  I've been busy here, playing hard and having a good time.  I was down in Brisbane a couple of weekends back and saw the mighty NZ Kiwis beat the Kangaroos in the World ... Read more >

Travels and back to Work

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 30 Sep 2008 | Views [699] | Comments [5]

well I've just had a month off traveling around Australia with Mum & Dad.  Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Mt Isa, Rockhampton.  Had a really good time and seen plenty of new things.  Will be heading back to work soon and will update ... Read more >

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