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Back to work soon

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 31 March 2008 | Views [1078] | Comments [4]

Well, my latest holiday is now over.  All that is left is for me to pack my bags and head back out West.

Before I do this, in the tradition of rasing cultural awareness, telling you the highlights and the laughs of the last month, that have somehow been missed.  Here Goes.

1) Are Canada and Americans really that different.  The trip to Fraser Island was one of the highlights of the tour.  Not only because of the wonderful rainforest, the amazing beaches and the fresh water lakes, but like all these trips, also because of the people you meet.  On this particular tour, were some English, Italian, Brazillian, and Canadians.  The English comprised of 3 lads (Us) and middle aged man and his wife, and their parents.  Now the old man of the group was origianally from the North East and while he may have been a little mad, he was great fun.  He told us all about himself and even kept up with us on the beers.  The best thing he told us was about his son - "You know" he said, "My son is a top doctor in Brisbane", "I know he doesn't look very clever but he really is a smart lad"  He was of course right, and I still can't decide if this was a compliment.  The Brazilian and Italian were great fun, and laughed along with us about everything ! 

The Canadians on the other hand were a new beed of traveller that I have not before come accross.  The were indeed very well travelled and spent the majority of time discussing where they had been when.  I'll give you and example - HIM "two years ago I was in Singapore having a look around whatever" HER "no that was three years ago because two years ago you were in China while I was in Turkey, I can't believe you don't remember that" HIM "No it was definetly two years ago because three years ago i travelled to Mexico while you were in Spain and France, don't you remember anything"  Seriously that could go on talking at you for hours and at the end of the 'conversation' you had neither said nor learnt anything.

75 Mile beach is actually a recognised road in Oz and has road rules like and other road.  It is also quite busy with around 400 motors a day going up and down it.  While our guide was talking to us about some of the food that you could find on the beach and pulled over to show us an example of some shell fish that we could eat, we noticed a large number of jellyfish on the beach.  They are known as blue bottles as they are blue in colour.  The Canadian chick spotted one of these jellyfish that has been runover by around half of the motors that day.  The first question she asked was . . . . get ready . . . . "is this one dead ?"  Unfortunatly I didn't get to hear the answer the guide gave I I had passed out laughing at her.  When I came around I had a look (just to make sure it was dead you understand) and you could actually see tyre prints over the top of it.  I can't believe that pople that have survived the number of trips that they had done, could still ask questions such as that.

At Manly - a suburb of Sydney we all went into a restuarant to a meal.  It was about 930, but there was no mention of the time.  We ordered a started and a main each, and were impressed when the strated came aftoe only about 5/6 mins.  Unfortunatly the main arrived about 5mins after the starter.  Needless to say none of us had finished the starter.  We got the impression that the staff wanted to go home, and this was confirmed when the staff began to pack up around us.  Tables were taken away, unberellas folded away and we were pretty much left in the middle of the street by ourselves having a strated and a mian togerther with groups of drunks wandered by.  Just before we finished and before we even had the option of ordering a sweet (Yeah right) the waiter came over and asked us to pay so they could finish balancing the till.  I will never eat there again.

Anpther mealtime story happened at Airlie Beach (Catcus Jacks)  Easter Sunday.  We ahd arrived back of the trip around the Whitsundays and were looking forward to a shower and a meal and Mel decided Mexican was the way to go.  He even knew where the resturant was and we followed along.  The resturant was busy but the guy said that if we were happy to wait 15/20 mins in the bar they would have a table ready for us.  Not wanting to miss out on drinking time we said that would be fine.  Sure enough after a couple of drinks we were seated and our order was taken.  Is arrived about 30 mins later with an apology.  No too bad so far.  However the starter was finished and the plates not cleared away.  Eventually we had to ask for our mains to be served and after a wait of about an hour I got my chicken and tucked in.  About 10 mins later Andy and Mel got their chilli.  By this point were were just about passed hungry but gave it ago anyway.  When it came time to pay we did have a go with the guy that had booked us into the resturant, and he said -

We were lucky to get a table on Easter Sunday with out pre booking (God I really felt soo lucky)

We were told we would have to wait (But not told we would have to wait 1 hour between courses)

The grill was very busy - it had suprised them (We didn't have anything off the grill so it really suprised us)

If we had booked the service we had recieved would have been better (How is that a logical explanation for anything)

So to anybody that reads this and apologies now the the keyworlds I am putting on here now

Cactus Jacks Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach Mexican

Mexican Food Airlie Beach

Do not eat at CACTUS JACKS - Airlie Beach.  Hogs Beath Cafe is really good !!

I know what you are all thinking . . . God he moans - Food too quickly/not quickly enough.  I like my food to be served with a short gap between the courses.  Surely that is not too difficult. 

Thats all for now and I'll be intouch again when I get back to Jessivale.





Hi Eddy
So many memories and so many tales to tell, keep them coming!
We have had two days of sunshine and thank you for that - reached 14 degrees today - quite barmy!
Hope you have a good journey back to Jessievale and that now the water is receeding you manage to retrieve your boots from the mud.
We are having a nice steady week, I am meeting up with Helen Roberts tomorrow to catch up on all the news and if this nice weather continues we will probably have a day out somewhere. Then at the weekend we are going ovver to Wetherby for lunch at Holly Trees. We then have to sort out who is having which horse on the Grand National so that should be fun! Then in the evening we are going to the Cricket Club race night in Garforth so should be in gambling mode good and proper!
Do hope you are fully recovered from your mad month with Andy and Mel annd that you continue to enjoy life in Jessievale.
Take good care Eddy
Lots of love Mum & Dad xxxx

  Mum & Dad Apr 1, 2008 3:57 AM


hi eddy hope ya had a great holliday and by the way

annabelles here seeya


  Marshall McMillan Apr 2, 2008 6:14 PM


Hello Edd
We hope you have arrived safely in Jessievale and have recovered from your long journey. We have been thinking about you and hope all is well.
We were up in Northallerton, Bedale, Leyburn and Middleham on Wednesday and drove back down through Coverdale and called at The Tennant Arms at Kilnsey for a nice meal. A lovely day out and we are now enjoying the lighter evenings as we altered the clocks last weekend.
Tomorrow we are going over to Holly Trees and will I am sure have lots of fun as usual, and hope also to catch up with Andy and Ms and learn more about Andys trip to Oz.
Mary has been for tea this evening and has taken the Blog home to read. She is on good form and sends her love to you.
Hope all is well = take good care Ed.
LOL Mum & Dad xxx

  Mum & Dad Apr 5, 2008 5:48 AM


Hi Eddy
How are you? All well at home. Weather remains changeable, we have had sunshine, rain sleet and snow today, warm one minute and cold the next.
We went up to Farndale on Wednesd ay to see the wild daffodils and after an initial soaking we had a lovely walk allbeit very muddy underfoot. The daffodils were there in profusion but the rain had made their heads heavy and so they were not as upright but never the less nice to see. We decided not to walk back through the mud and climbed the hill and walked back along the road. Having climbed a little we were actually on the snow line and all the gullies were filled with snow!
We had a good night at the Garforth Cricket Club Race Night. They do things rather differently over there you know! I volunteered to be a jockey for one of the races, first time I have been in a race and actually had the horse running behind me! (and I didn't fall off) I am told that my performance was quite respectable and I didn't let the side down. We had enjoyed a lovely lunch at Holly Trees with Shirley and Charles.
Next weekend we are invited to Kendall Gardens and we are hoping to see Andy's photographs which we are really looking forward to. We have got the Sydney Bridge Climb DVD and have enjoyed looking at that. Eddy you have really slimmed down, we were quite surprised. I think I had better do a stint on the station with you!
Hope to hear from you soon and that you are keeping well.
Take good care. LOL Mum & Dad xxxx

  Mum & Dad Apr 12, 2008 5:56 AM

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