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Rodeo Rodeo Rodeo

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 7 August 2008 | Views [1314] | Comments [4]

Well what a busy time I have had since last updating this !! Two weekends ago was the world famous Quamby Rodeo. An event which I attended last year before I came home. This years event was bigger and better . . as is tradition the committe members all turn up at the grounds to prepare a week in advance. This year we had to build yards, and run the stack through the arena, pick up horses for the bronc rides and grneral trimming up of the arena.  Usually this was followed by a can at the pub, just to check that the preperations were going ok there.  The day before rodeo (Friday) the water truck arrived to spray the arena and I was given the lesson on how to use this.  Everything went fine and it was decided while I was driving that I would do this again in the morning.  The Friday evening we all went to the pub for a relax before the big day.  I was required to be up at 5am to fill the water truck, and be in the arena at 6 to spry.  Events started at 8.  I was just crawling into my swag at the pub when a car pulled up to pick me up.  Back to the rodeo grounds to start work.  No sleep !!  23hrs now.  Spraying went well and I was in the first event.  Ladys Barrel Race. . . an event in which you have to race in a pre set order around 3 barrels.  Ladies only.  I was the last lady in, dressed in mini skirt, wig and hat.  Unfortunatly I didn't win !!  Later in the day I was also in the Wild Cow Ride, and the Donkey Ride.  In the cow ride I did a little better than last year, but didn't manage to hang on for the required 8 seconds.  More practice required !!  The Donkey ride is the last event at the rodeo and is really good fun.  I was shifted from competitor to official with the job of opening one of the gates.  A simple but crucial job.  The second time I had to open the gate the donkey took a liking to me and bit my hand, which it then proceeded to hang onto for a good few seconds,  (the only way I could get if off was to poke it up the nose and in the eye) not one to let a little accident to stand in the way of a good time I continued working the gate.  Then time for drinks at the bar till 9pm before heading back to the pub to check on progress there.  I eventually got to bed around 1am.  43 hrs after my last sleep !!  Work began clearing up at 7 the next morning.

Last weekend was the Cloncurry Merry Muster - another rodeo in town.  Another good weekend catching up with people and generally having a bit of a laugh !!  A few beers and a bad sleep near the railway lines !

This weekend is the biggest rodeo in Oz, in the city next door.  Mt Isa.  I am setting off tomorrow and will be back hopefully on Sunday.  It will be a weekend of having a laugh, having a few beers and grenrally meeting the same people I met last week and the week before, but I'm sure I'll still have a good time.  In between all the weekend fun, I've done a bit of work and enjoyed myself. 

Hope all is well int he UK and congratualtions to Skel & Amanda, Tim & Nicola & Joe & Andrea on the engagements.  Please co-ordinate the stag do's into one weekend.  Skel you can have the Thursday night, Tim the Friday night and Joe the Saturday night.  Now thats sorted, I can go !

Photos in a couple of weeks of some of the action





Hi EddyO of Rodeo Fame
I am sure with all the practicing you will soon be able to stay on the Wild Cow for however long and you will be the All Ozzy Champion. That will be the day especially with all the beer which you sound to be putting away! Are you actually on the Committee now?
What is all this about sleepng near the railway line? Thought we had knocked that idea out of you when we camped up at Aviemore (do you remember when the six five special came down the line!!) Cannot think how you failed to win the Ladies Barrel race, come on Eddy you are letting the side down. Had this happened after the altercation with the Donkey we could have understood it !!
Then the Cloncurry Rodeo and now the one in Mount Isa - thought you were working really hard Eddy
We are not in the market for a fully qualified waterer.
The sky is dropping plenty on us at the moment! Mind you it was Hx show on Saturday so why are we surprised it rained.
We went to the show in Bakewell on Thursday and chose a near perfect day all very interesting and of course we had the compulsary Bakewell tart annd Bakewell pudding and we even managed a half of Shandy each! So you see we can live it up too.
Continue to enjoy yourself Eddy and take real good care
Lots of love Mum & Dad xxxxx

  Mum & Dad Aug 11, 2008 4:23 AM


Hi Eddy
All is well here and we hope all is well with you too.
The rain continues to fall almost every day so we have had a very soggy summer.
I went to Ilkley last week with Kathy and we had a lovely day together. The Wharfe was flowing very quickly the poor ducks had difficulty holding their own. The Wharfe has been in flood down in Wetherby this weekend and an old gentleman got into difficulties and had to be rescued.
We went over to see Wendy & John at the weekend and we popped up to see Lisa & Mark who have just had a lovely baby, Emily Jayne. She slept most of the time but I did get a little cuddle which was lovely.
Shirley Charles Andy Ms Emma & Simon are coming over here on Sunday and we are going out for a celebration meal so it will be nice to be all together again.
Not much news I am afraid so take good care and hope to hear from you soon
LOL Mum & Dad xxx

  Mum & Dad Aug 19, 2008 5:10 AM


Hiya Eddy
Well believe me or believe me not it is the 22nd of August and the first signs of haymaking are in progress. Keith M.has had a chap into the field across the road today and they have managed to cut the grass and they are hoping to bale for sillage over the weekend. Nothing has happened in the fields behind the house yet but they are hoping to sort it out soon although I doubt that it will be fit for hay.
The weather has really taken its toll and Keith has loads of jobs to do but has been unable to get on with them. He asks about you - and we tell him!!
I spent the afternoon with Mary on Wed. and she is on good form and sends her love to you.
Have you had much time for the Olympics? We have really enjoyed each discipline and are so pleased that Team GB are doing so very well - even beating the Australians on the medal table at the moment!!
We have had a good day today and have managed to cut both the lawns - they are growing like billy with all the wet weather.
This time last year it was the wedding of the year! Time does seem to fly by these days.
We have enjoyed a tv programme which has been on for four nights this week about Mark Beaumont who cycled right round the world and broke the world record into the bargain. He found the South coast of Australia
very lonely in places as he cycled from Perth to Brissy. Just imagine - what a feat. I rather think he has written a book about his adventures which will certainly be a good read.
Hope all iz well with you - do take good care Eddy and hope to hear from you soon.
Lots of love Mum & Dad xxxx

  Mum & Dad Aug 23, 2008 1:44 AM


Hello Eddy

Just been catching up with your Blog, life seems to get better and better over in Oz. You are certainly kept busy both with work and living the australian life style.
We are all developing web feet over here,we have given up hope of seeing anymore sun this summer.We have managed one barbeque in May and sat on the garden chairs once in May !. So we are doing well.
We were supposed to be on cricket teas again today, however the pitch is so wet it was cancelled for the third week running. So instead we went with Andrew and Emma to Wakefield to be measured for our wedding suits. Andrew and I are a bit suspect of the measurements, they have gone up since last year, she got my inside leg as 34 inches, It didn't click until I heard her say Andrews was 30. So we are positive she has it wrong, she also said that we were both a 36 inch waist, well I know I can get in 34's, especially if they have a stretch waist line!
Looks like a few more visits to the Gym are required.
We are going over to Sue and Philips tomorrow to celebrate Andrew's and Emma wedding anniversary,so we are looking forward to spending the day with Sue and Philip and everyone, it's hard to believe it is a year since the wedding and you were here.
We will raise a glass and have a drink for you tomorrow Eddy, don't know if Sue will have us riding donkeys or cows, we may be able to manage to pin the tail on the donkey !
Take care of yourself Eddy and enjoy your future trips and experiences.

Charles and Shirley

  Charles and Shirley Aug 24, 2008 5:17 AM



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