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Travels and back to Work

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 30 September 2008 | Views [672] | Comments [5]

well I've just had a month off traveling around Australia with Mum & Dad.  Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Mt Isa, Rockhampton.  Had a really good time and seen plenty of new things.  Will be heading back to work soon and will update again when I can.

All the best to everyone at home and if you could send some rain over this way that would be good. 





Hi Eddy
We have arrived home safely after a very smooth and on time journey and landed in Manchester where it was pouring down and pretty cool! However there was a very welcome ray of sunshine - Jeff and Mel were there to greet us and brought us home which was so kind of them.
We had a wonderful time "down under" Ed was able to have time off and so we were able to go exploring together which was great. We hired cars on three occasions, took internal flights and certainly covered a great many kilometres. THere were lots of highlights and it is difficult to mention them all here but perhaps the greatest experience for us was the visit to Jessievale. We were made most welcome by everyone on the stations around Jessievale and must mention our visit to the infamous Quamby Pub which is a great place. Only Ed would ever manage to find a station with such a fantastic watering hole at the end of the station road! We stayed at Jessievale for 4 nights and were lucky enough to go out on Musters with everyone. The first muster was a relatively small one but the second involved somewhere in the region of 900 head of cattle and was an amazng experience. Now I do hope you are all paying attention - Ed works very hard indeed believe you me. He works long hours in tremendous heat and dusty difficult terrain. He is quite accomplished in many areas including riding and shoeing horses,drafting cattle, driving many different vehicles, and is a good member of the team which is so important. He moves the cattle around so that they can be branded, castrated, dehorned and ear tagged. He also is able to chase, drop and deal with "wild cows" or clean skins which is pretty difficult and dangerous.
We had rain when we arrived in Sydney annd it was rather cold but gradually as we moved west and then north it warmed up and the highest temperatures which we had were in Darwin where it touched 39 degrees C but it was pretty humid up there and I was not so comfortable. We visited Alice Springs and Uluru, went to Adelaide show, paddled in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, saw many wild animals including Crocs! We rounded off our trip back in Rockhampton and flew from there to Sydney and then home.
Ed was a great tour guide and we had a wonderful time together - you certainly did us proud Ed and we thank you so much. Take good care Ed and do keep in touch.
Lots of love Mum & Dad the grey nomads!! xxxx

  Mum & Dad Oct 3, 2008 6:51 AM


Hello Eddy
Do hope all is well, that you had a safe journey back to Jessievale and that you are now back into work mode.
All is well back in Blighty, well if you close your eyes and ears to the worsening situation with regard to the banks and the financial hole which we seem to find ourselves in!
We have just had a super weekend. We went with Shirley and Charles to a 1940's event in Pickering which was excellent and very much enjoyed by all. Mel was there with the Matador complete with gun hitched up to the back and it turned many heads. Mel was on good form and along with his pal Andy looked very smart in their khaki uniforms complete with very very shiny boots!! We took a picnic which stayed nice and cool in the Didgery Bag so many thanks for that Ed. Phil wore his new belt too and it looked really good. We went on a steam train to Grosmont which was really good - so Phil got his dose of trains which he yearned for in Oz. Everyone was very friendly and were so happy to talk about their input to the day and the weather was warm and dry! We rounded the day off by having a meal in Kirbymoorside and then stayed over in Wetherby with Shirley and Charles. Barbara and Derrick came round for breakfast and so we were able to catch up with them which was nice. Derrick did really well but has swollen legs at the moment which makes it difficult for him to walk so lets hope something can be done to relieve that for him.
Cricket dinner next week with Shirley and Charles, Simon % Emma, Andy and Ms so looking forward to catching up with everyone again.
Is everyone back on the various stations now after school holidays and trips away.
Not managed to sort the photographs out yet but am working on it. How did Michael go on with the ones which I took for him? Remember us to everyone and take great care Eddy.
LOL Mum & Dad xxxx

  The Grey Nomads Oct 14, 2008 4:21 AM


Hello Eddy

Hope you are keeping well and that you have got back into the work mode again. We have just had a super weekend with Sue and Philip, as Sue said we went to the 1940's weekend at Pickering and it was an excellent day. It was great to hear of your experiences and all the places you have been too. We understand that you are into televisions ! especialy those that don't work and we hear you had an exceptional meal at one particular hotel. We are trying to acquire some frogs for Sue for the next time they stay! Sue and Philip have certainly had a marvellous experience and they both look so well. We are looking forward to seeing all the photo's.
It is good to hear that you are having such an experience, it's along way from sitting behind a desk, what a great decision you made.

Hope all your plans work out for you Ed

Hopefully see you soon

LOL Charles and Shirley

  Charles and Shirley Oct 15, 2008 5:02 AM


Hi Eddy
Brrr its ever so cold here in Halifax and yes we have had a flurry of snow already, and that, coupled with changing the clocks last weekend it now feels like winter is here. A far cry from the heat of Australia.
Had a drive through the Trough Of Bowland yesterday and whilst it was very nice we were hoping to catch a glimpse of autumnal colours but the sun didn't shine - it was rather grey! Anyway had a good day - took a picnic in the Didgery bag which is proving to be ever so useful.
Mary is much improved now and is always asking about you.
Phil has been busy in the garden pruning and so it all looks a little bare now but never mind - it won't show when it snows.
I am very busy with all the Oz photographs and am having difficulty with Fletch's video, I cannot get it to play and have been to see them at Hx Computers and they do not know why so I will keep persevering. Tell Fletch I will do my best to get it sorted.
Been busy making Christmas cakes today and also a couple of Christmas puddings so feel to be a bit better organised.
Do hope all is well with you. Take good care
LOL Mum & Dad xxxx

  Mum & Dad Oct 31, 2008 3:58 AM


long time no hear!things hear pretty much the same! i'm still at post office, si still at bank, still live in same place...stll got tilly she sends her love in licks n meows.. i've just applied for a new job with the department of works n pensions (dwp)so fingers crossed i'll get an interview.. have seen ure mum n dad once since they've been back they came to cricket presentation.. have u booked ure month off for our wedding which is taking place on fri 15th may 2009! hope u can make it.. hope u get things sorted at ure end n that ul be home for xmas, it'll be great to see u.
take care n have a xxxx for me!!!
lol emj n si

  emma n si Nov 21, 2008 6:39 AM

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