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On te Road again

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 14 September 2009 | Views [580] | Comments [3]

Back on a Greyhound now and heading back out to Jessievale.  The weather is hot hot hot and the roos were so think on the road last night.  The sun has just come up and the evidence is all over the roads !  Dead roos everywhere.  Unfortunatly when there are so many the bus drivers can’t help but hit them, which means one of two things.  Firstly the roos come across the road & the driver doesn’t have time to react and hits them at around 60mph.  While this does no harm to the bus due to the bull/roo bar, it does make quite a loud bang, and if you have managed to get to sleep wakes you up again.  The other scenario is that the driver does see the roo and hits the breaks to try and give the roo time to move off the road and stop the loud 60mph collision.  However, if for example you are laying across two, or even four seats snoozing and the driver hits the breaks you end up falling of your seat and onto the floor with the final outcome of on roo possibly saved, but 10 or so passengers in various forms of being stuck under seats.  I think the drivers do it on purpose !


We are going to be stopping at Blackall shortly for breakfast and a leg stretch, and also a much needed toilet stop – if I go on the bus I end up peeing on my feet.  It’s also Charlottes birthday today and can you think of a better way to spend your birthday than sitting on a bus which in a few hours is going to be too hot, too cramped and with the prospect of another 9hrs to go.  It’s a 24hr journey from Brisbane to Cloncurry !


The driver (the fourth one on this journey) has promised to put a film on after breakfast so I will get some sleep with that is on.  I managed to watch about 25mins of Shrek the Third yesterday evening before having the best hours of sleep on the entire journey, only waking up when we stopped and when the credit rolled.



Happy Birthday Charlie. You will have to celebrate in style when you get back to Quamby & Jessievale. Enjoy yourself anyway.
Found Blackall on the map so hope you got a good breakfast there.
We are still enjoying good weather although its a little cooler than it was.
Please remember us to everyone and I guess it will be back to work shortly. You have had a good long holiday anyway.
Take real good care and hope to speak to yoy soon.
LOL Mum & Dad xxx

  Mum & Dsd Sep 15, 2009 2:14 AM


Now then Mrs D. Hope all is well back in the land of Oz and you've settled back into work. Some of us never left and haven't settled yet but that's the financial world for you I guess!

All fun and games at this end - having a new bathroom installed currently having constructed an ensuite and now kitting it out. As you can imagine, very messy, time consumiong and just really rather annoying. Sooner it is sorted the better for me.

Other news is that Atkinson number 3 is due at Christmas (Dec 25th as it happens!). I think I've worked out how it happens now so won't be doing that again. Can't afford to! Quite looking forward to it now actally even though the price of pushchairs has gone through the roof - can you believe it's £600 for a decent one?! That's a lot of beer.

Work is work. Having a good year but not nearly as much fun as we used to have - like sending Martin Lyons to the banking hall to look for Miss Hughes on April Fool's Day - a classic.

Will go and finish off work for tonight (see what I mean about it not being fun?!).

Take care, MDF.

Mitta Atty

  Androo Sep 15, 2009 6:20 AM


Hello Eddie

It was really nice to see you when you were back in the UK,your time back home certainly went quickly and here you on your way back to work.
We are sure you will quickly get back into the work routine, it never takes very long.
It is great to see Andrew and Emma move into their new house at last they both worked very hard with Melvyn and Sue and Philip to move in and unpack and they even managed to clean on the same day. They all worked really hard.
I am sure Andrew and Emma will soon have the redecoration completed to their own style.
We both hope work goes down ok and we look forward to reading your next entry.

All the best



  Charles and Shirley Sep 23, 2009 5:37 AM

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