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Sand Dunes and Pinnacles

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 10 Feb 2007 | Views [578]

Today was a long haul day of driving, with phenomenal sights along the way.   We left behind Lancelin, the town famous for wind and extreme sports such as kiteboarding, windsurfing, sandboarding, and surfing, and headed up the coast line over ... Read more >

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Movin' on Up in Western Australia

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 9 Feb 2007 | Views [707]

We decided to splurge and hire a classier vehicle for our next two weeks on the road.   We really wanted to hire a Britz or Maui campervan, but they were all booked out.   So between the high end and the "wicked" end, we found "... Read more >

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Gallery: Dalama Photos

NEW ZEALAND | Friday, 9 Feb 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Internet Sweatshops

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 8 Feb 2007 | Views [546]

The last thing I really wanted to be doing on my birthday, today, is hanging out in an internet sweatshop... But we really had no choice, we had gone without access for so long on the road, that there were bills to pay, tax docs to download, ... Read more >

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Sniffer Beagle in Perth

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 7 Feb 2007 | Views [689]

Arriving to 38 degree celsius weather in Perth was quite a warm welcome.   Hotter and more frustrating was the fact that all the hostels and backpacker accommodations were booked out.   The woman at the information desk was useless, so we ... Read more >

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Happy's Last Big Night Out

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 6 Feb 2007 | Views [570]

Happy has done us well, and has led us over 1400 kilometers over the past week, without once breaking down.   There was the one instance that we had the big red exclamation point light go on, and only   realized 50k's later it was the emergency ... Read more >

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Backpacker Budget Tips

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 5 Feb 2007 | Views [833]

Nothing like sleeping in late on a Monday and not having to rush to do anything.   Our second day in the beautiful seaside town of Robe brought us windy cool weather, with dolphins playing in the surf in front of our camp.   I have ... Read more >

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Finally a Bargain!

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 4 Feb 2007 | Views [694]

Penola is paradise found for wine tasting...   Yes, folks, the wine here compares to those big earthy cabs of Napa, but without the snob... Wine tasting here is all free, which was a pleasant surprise when we showed up to taste.   We were ... Read more >

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Spa for One

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 3 Feb 2007 | Views [744]

Today has been one of those reinvigorating, refreshing days.   I feel like I've been to a spa for a week, and have caught my second wind.   A long morning run on a desolate beach, brought back memories of trips years ago down to Mexico with ... Read more >

Tags: Relaxation

Pigs in the Park

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 2 Feb 2007 | Views [470]

You know you're old when people camping next to you make too much noise at night and keep you up.   However, this nights caravan park was a bit over the top.   We awoke at 3:00am, and the couple camping next to us turned up their car stereo ... Read more >

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Job with a View

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 2 Feb 2007 | Views [721]

There are so many amazing things we could write about our experience on the Great Ocean Road...   The State of Victoria has National Reserves & Park development mastered.   Each site along the way is well marked, and finely manicured.... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

Creme Brule Beach

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 1 Feb 2007 | Views [1577]

After a good day of driving and finding our way out of Melbourne yesterday, we have finally made it to the Great Ocean Road.   Stopping off along the was at the epic breaks of Torquay and Bells Beach, the surf breaks that have put Australia ... Read more >

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AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 31 Jan 2007 | Views [899]

Happy is the name of our home on wheels for the next 8 days.   It’s one of the many in a fleet of Wicked campervans.   We had the choice between two that were available - either Happy, or Jesus Fish.   The sales agent wasn’t able to give us ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

Queen Victoria Market

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 30 Jan 2007 | Views [1353]

This market is famous in Melbourne, and from the time we spent browsing there, it was well worth the sights, sounds and smells. Experiencing a local market gives great insight to a culture and way of life of the local community. Once thing we ... Read more >

Tags: Food & eating

Downsized in Melbourne

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 29 Jan 2007 | Views [556]

Life on the road meets reality for us today in our first hostel accommodation... cubicle room, no ventilation, and a sink to boot!   We need to quickly transition to shared en suites (bathroom/shower) and rooms just big enough to fit a bed... and this ... Read more >

Tags: Budgets & money

Last Day in Sydney

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 28 Jan 2007 | Views [480]

Our last full day in Sydney with friends has come and it feels like it’s gone by so fast. Probably not for the friends we’ve been staying with who are anxious to get back to the normalcy of their life routine. A big part of this trip for ... Read more >

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Palm Beach Grommet

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 27 Jan 2007 | Views [557]

There’s a hot new surfer out in the lineup at Palm Beach, Northern Beaches, Sydney...   It’s little Zach Tate!   While the conditions today were blown out everywhere, due to a southerly change that came through with gale force winds, we were ... Read more >

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Mexican Fiesta at the Tate's

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 26 Jan 2007 | Views [799]

Those of us from San Diego really appreciate our Mexican food.   I think that’s the biggest thing we’re missing at the moment- the good hearty fix of warm flour tortillas, carne asado, refried beans, and fish tacos.   Although they do have Corona ... Read more >

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Australia Day!

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 25 Jan 2007 | Views [519]

26 January 1788 was the date on which the First Fleet, under Captain Arthur Phillip arrived at Sydney Cove and set up the Colony of New South Wales.    We rang in Australia Day at my old local watering hole in Newport Beach... The Newport Arms.... Read more >

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Surfing the Northern Beaches

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 22 Jan 2007 | Views [496]

...is my favourite past time here in Australia.   I’ve surfed all the way up the coast to Noosa, and I always loved coming back to my old ‘home break’ of Mona Vale.   The water is warm and clear, the beach break is steep and peaky, and it’s ... Read more >

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Tropical Paradise

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 21 Jan 2007 | Views [658]

I have found my tropical paradise in Church Point, NSW. Staying with friends at their home in the forest perched high up in the trees, overlooking the Pittwater viewing the sailboats and sparkling blue water... sounds of cockatoos awake us in the morning, ... Read more >

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Bondi Beach

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 20 Jan 2007 | Views [912]

Bondi Beach is one of the most fun places to hang out and just people watch, and “sun bake” as they call it in Australia (quite appropriately so on the hot beaches here). The cafes here line the main beach road, and there’s an amazing ocean ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

Manly Beach

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 19 Jan 2007 | Views [527]

Another fun filled day, venturing with Anna and the kids up to Manly Beach. One of the wonderful things about Sydney is the ability to get around so easily on public transport. We took two ferries - one into Circular Quay, then caught another ... Read more >

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Sydney Rock Art

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 18 Jan 2007 | Views [761]

Sydney has some great Art Galleries.   While I was checking out the Female Diva Goddess exhibit that detailed out Indian, Tibetan and Nepalese Buddhism and the power and prominence of their goddesses, Darrin was enthralled with this local talking ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Good Food, Wine & Friends

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 16 Jan 2007 | Views [458]

We’ve been enjoying reconnecting with friends... the old HR Crew from NCR, and three of us who have left and still keep in touch were able to make time to drink & dine together.   It’s funny how time passes, but it seems like just yesterday ... Read more >

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