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The Good Life

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 15 Jan 2007 | Views [463]

...abounds in Australia.  I forgot what it was like to have a nicely balanced life and healthy perspective each day.  We arrived here this morning and by early evening we were walking around one of the many bays of water with our good friends, who after ... Read more >

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Waiheke Me

NEW ZEALAND | Sunday, 14 Jan 2007 | Views [769]

If you’re in Auckland, make the time to see Waiheke Island... it’s a short ferry ride away, and so worth the trip. They have a ton of great hiking trails, wrapping around the coast and cliffs. Don’t forget to take the water... the walks ... Read more >

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“de Mombacho”

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 11 Jan 2007 | Views [771]

… was our saying as we explored the big volcano islands of Nicaragua, the stunning Mombacho Volcano in particular. New Zealand was formed from hundreds of volcanoes. Today we hiked remains of dormant volcanoes. It was the first clear, sunny day we’ve ... Read more >

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One Notch Above Nasty

NEW ZEALAND | Wednesday, 10 Jan 2007 | Views [726]

… is the type of accommodations that some of our friends have described how they traveled on a budget for similar duration/budget round the world trips. We know we also will get there, but going cold turkey I think would put us in a state of shock ... Read more >

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“Five Dollars Eighty for a Long Black”

NEW ZEALAND | Tuesday, 9 Jan 2007 | Views [640]

…says the young woman behind the register. Perhaps I’m delerious, after a 14 hour flight, and now that it’s only 6:00am. Or the fact that we’ve been searching for two hours since our 4:00am flight arrival for a cup ‘o caffeine to keep us up till we ... Read more >

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Waves roll through

NEW ZEALAND | Sunday, 7 Jan 2007 | Views [714]

…an unusually calm day at sea, not a ripple on the surface, glassy conditions and head high. A typical day out at Wilkes, a distance offshore from Tavarua, Fiji. The boatman drops me off into the middle of the ocean, a reef break, no land in sight.... Read more >

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