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Surf and Seafood

Thursday, 6 Sep 2007 | Views [816]

It's now been nearly 3 more days, and the surf is non-existent.  We stop off at Carrapateira to kick it on the beach and rent a board if the surf comes up.  The only thing up today is the wind, it's blowing fierce, and those guys out in the water ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

The Alentejo Coast

Wednesday, 5 Sep 2007 | Views [1067]

Driving up the west coast is easier and quicker than we had originally imagined.  In the Algarve, the roads are well labeled, and very easy to get around.  So we figured today we'd head across the border from the Algarve into the Alentejo, which ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

The Wild Coast of Portugal

Tuesday, 4 Sep 2007 | Views [1837]

As we drive north of Sagres, the coastline of Portugal grows more dramatic.  The furthest southwesterly point on the European continent is Cabo de Sao Vincente, a windswept point, jutting far out into the ocean, equipped with lighthouse and fortaleza ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

Darrin and His Opal

Monday, 3 Sep 2007 | Views [1000]

The surf still has not picked up, aside from one day where it maybe reached 1M, but still wasn't worth paying the exorbitant cost (about $50 US) to rent the equipment to surf the couple hours on a long board and thick neoprene.  So we now hear a ... Read more >

Tags: planes trains & automobiles

Portugal and the European Union

Sunday, 2 Sep 2007 | Views [832]

It's always interesting talking to EU locals about the impact the EU has had on their own country.  While the Portuguese economy did quite well when it was first integrated into the EU, the 2000's have not been easy years for Portugal.  Locals sing ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Sleepless in Sagres

Saturday, 1 Sep 2007 | Views [1247]

The weather here has been unbearably hot the past few days, literally it's about 35 degrees just after sunrise, and by mid-day our skin is cooking and the rubber sealant on our backpack zippers are bubbling and melting. The water is too cold to ... Read more >

Tags: Misadventures

Cake Job: Lifeguards in Portugal

Friday, 31 Aug 2007 | Views [4177]

I know the job of lifeguarding well, as it paid my way through university. Not all lifeguard jobs are alike. Different skills for different conditions and different degrees of difficulty and physical exertion are required. My admiration goes ... Read more >

Tags: Work

Redemption Dinner: Deep Sea Delights

Thursday, 30 Aug 2007 | Views [995]

After chatting with our surf shop owner buddy, Celios, we're keen to try a real local Portuguese specialty seafood dish.  The Algarve coast is known for some very specific dishes; arroz con piexe (rice and fish stew), caldeirada (big pot with all types ... Read more >

Tags: Food & eating

Take the Pluge for Long Life

Wednesday, 29 Aug 2007 | Views [1069]

We've been told tonight is special, there will be great bonfires and festivities on the beach at midnight here, it's a scene not to miss. Locals have been coming to the beach for years at midnight on August 29th, to dunk their bodies into the freezing ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Treasures From the Sea

Tuesday, 28 Aug 2007 | Views [985]

The Algarve Coast is known for it's freshly prepared seafood. The fisherman are out in force, in boats and clinging to the cliff sides so high above the sea - I'm not sure how they find a reel with fishing line long enough to reach the water line, ... Read more >

Tags: Food & eating

Surf Central - Sagres

Monday, 27 Aug 2007 | Views [1297]

After two days of spending our time at a beach with absolutely no waves, not even a ripple on still water... We decide to bus it to a small surf town called Sagres. Sagres is located on the very southwestern tip of Portugal, and for that matter, ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

Lingering in Lagos

Saturday, 25 Aug 2007 | Views [1192]

Up early this morning, we decide to train it further along the southwest coast to a beach town called Lagos.  A quaint town, surrounded by river channel and ocean, this is one of the most touristy places on the south coast.  We haven't been able ... Read more >

Tags: Relaxation

From Barcelona to Madrid to Faro, Portugal

Friday, 24 Aug 2007 | Views [3168]

We overnighted last night in Madrid, one of my most favorite cities in Spain, en route to Portugal.  Madrid is one of those magical European cities, for me, that holds a ton of culture, history, and a place where I immediately feel at home.  Gorgeous ... Read more >

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