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Policia and the Virgin Patron Saint

BOLIVIA | Saturday, 1 Dec 2007 | Views [2704]

We are so lucky to be in Copacabana today for one of their biggest festivals for the "Virgin" Patron Saint.  It happens to coincide with the big Police parade, in honor of all policia and those in the academia studying to be policia.  Marching ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Day of the Dead

ECUADOR | Friday, 2 Nov 2007 | Views [3471]

We intentionally wanted to spend November 2, Dia de los Difuntos (Day of the Dead), in a more rural area where we could experience what this family tradition is all about. We figured we would head to the town cemetery to see the festivities in action.... Read more >

Tags: Culture

In Search of the "Mask Man"

PANAMA | Saturday, 27 Oct 2007 | Views [2193]

The Panamanian Province of Los Santos is rich with culture, custom and is the heart of festivals.  We've stopped off here, in search of a famous mask artist, Carlos Ivan de Leon.  We've made our way to the very tiny town on Villa de Los Santos, purely ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Panama is Owned By Foreigners

PANAMA | Thursday, 25 Oct 2007 | Views [1252]

Walking through the streets of towns here in Panama, it’s more common to see real estate offices, than locally owned shops, restaurants and other local businesses.  Branches of US owned real estate companies are on every corner, in addition to Panamanian ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Sights and Sounds of Bocas del Toro

PANAMA | Tuesday, 23 Oct 2007 | Views [1811]

The Central American Caribbean coast is a very unique cultural area. Similar to the Caribbean coastline of Costa Rica, Panama's population is rich with diversity. The Bocas area has an Afro-Caribbean feel, people are strikingly different physically ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Our Second Wedding Guatemala Style

GUATEMALA | Wednesday, 10 Oct 2007 | Views [2805]

Tucked away in a small pueblo outside Antigua, we had the opportunity to participate in a local wedding ceremony.  In the hill tribes, local Mayan custom runs deep and they are proud of their heritage and traditions.  Here the women and men wear their ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Old Habits Do Change: Role of La Mujer

GUATEMALA | Tuesday, 9 Oct 2007 | Views [2096]

Men in Guatemala definitely wear the pants in the family in this country.  However, the younger generations are driving change for more balanced, shared family roles, despite centuries steeped in tradition.  In my all-Spanish dialogues with my teacher ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

El Cuerpo de Cristo

GUATEMALA | Sunday, 7 Oct 2007 | Views [1949]

We are non-practicing Catholics - CEO's (Christmas and Easter Only), the types my Mom would rip on (well, I must admit the entire family would join in with Mom) at church during the holidays when all the good parking spots and front row pews were taken ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Tiny Men, Big Guns

GUATEMALA | Wednesday, 3 Oct 2007 | Views [1646]

Guatemala is not a real safe place.  It's evident from the number of armed men everywhere.  Some look professional, others seem like your every day parking lot rent-a-cop, and some look like kids; all with big guns.  There are armed guards in front of ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Chicken Bus to Totonicapán

GUATEMALA | Saturday, 29 Sep 2007 | Views [2333]

We took a half day adventure to a little highland town called San Miguel Totonicapán for their big annual festival, Feria Titular de San Miguel Arcángel.  Most little towns in Guatemala have a special saint that's revered by the town, and we're lucky ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Passion for "La Virgen"

GUATEMALA | Friday, 28 Sep 2007 | Views [1134]

La Virgen stands tall, above the crowds, and she sways as she rounds the corner.  Darrin and I wonder if she'll make it the entire way around Parque Central, without being pitched from her wooden platform.   Rest assured, she's in the good hands of about ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Diablo Bush

GUATEMALA | Thursday, 27 Sep 2007 | Views [1465]

George W. Bush is known down here as "Diablo Bush" or The Devil.  If his antics in the middle east haven't pissed off most people we meet along the way, an even bigger point of contention here in Guatemala, with all spectrum of people from the ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

The Mysterious Maximón

GUATEMALA | Saturday, 22 Sep 2007 | Views [903]

We're in Lago Atitlán, an amazing little town surrounding a dormant and now flooded crater lake.  The vistas surrounding the lago are stunning, and local culture is alive and thriving here.  Looking out over the lake we can see three other volcanoes:  ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Alphabet Soup for Brains

GUATEMALA | Friday, 21 Sep 2007 | Views [684]

It's been five straight days of class, five hours a day, one hour lunch break and then hours of study at the local cafe, another hour break for dinner, and more studying, review of flash cards and finishing up homework before we drop into a sound sleep ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

First Day of Living Locally in Guatemala

GUATEMALA | Monday, 17 Sep 2007 | Views [574]

We wake up at 5:30 a.m. to the sound of fireworks.  We thought the fireworks in the morning in Antigua were more for the Independence Day celebration, but as we learn, in Guatemala every birthday is celebrated early in the morning by firing off rounds ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Happy Independence Day: Guatemala Style

GUATEMALA | Saturday, 15 Sep 2007 | Views [670]

The streets were transformed this morning, into musical masses of young students marching through town with their school bands proudly displaying school flags and Guatemala country flags.  The streets are packed with marching bands, students dressed in ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Firecrackers for Alarm Clocks

GUATEMALA | Friday, 14 Sep 2007 | Views [887]

We awake at 4:30 am to the all so familiar wounds of calling roosters, along with the sunlight slipping through the slits in our eyes.  We hear firecrackers ripping in the distance, crackling through the sky.  We're still on Spain time, and our stomachs ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

No Wind, Why Not Join the Festiva?

SPAIN | Sunday, 9 Sep 2007 | Views [682]

Ok, we're starting to get concerned that bad conditions of water and weather patterns surround us, like some big negative energy force.  We awake this morning, Darrin considering to take another kite-surfing lesson, only to find the wind completely ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Portugal and the European Union

PORTUGAL | Sunday, 2 Sep 2007 | Views [747]

It's always interesting talking to EU locals about the impact the EU has had on their own country.  While the Portuguese economy did quite well when it was first integrated into the EU, the 2000's have not been easy years for Portugal.  Locals sing ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Take the Pluge for Long Life

PORTUGAL | Wednesday, 29 Aug 2007 | Views [983]

We've been told tonight is special, there will be great bonfires and festivities on the beach at midnight here, it's a scene not to miss. Locals have been coming to the beach for years at midnight on August 29th, to dunk their bodies into the freezing ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

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