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Europe 2017

Trip: Europe 2016

There are [87] stories from my trip: Europe 2016

Love Affair With the Sun

FRANCE | Sunday, 24 Jul 2016 | Views [247]

The whole country has warmed up, so much so that many of the departments have been placed in a canacule alert. This means that the temperature won't drop enough at night to cool off an area and offer relief. So, people are being warned to drink plenty ... Read more >

The Valley of Traouiero or “Oh My Gosh, I Can't Believe We Are Climbing in Here!”

FRANCE | Saturday, 23 Jul 2016 | Views [420]

It is another cloudless, sunny and warm day today. So, Ed had the idea to hike in the Valley of Traouiero because the entire valley is in deep shade provided by huge boulders and an abundance of different fauna and trees. The trail starts out relatively ... Read more >

Fun and Games

FRANCE | Friday, 22 Jul 2016 | Views [181]

On the promenade, next to the beach, there are games set up for kids and adults to play. And we waited our turn and had a go of rolling a metal ball through a maze to the center of the bulls-eye. The key, of course, is patience, so Ed and I were able ... Read more >

A Tough Crowd

FRANCE | Thursday, 21 Jul 2016 | Views [249]

Considering that the water temperature is a cool 61 degrees (on a good day), these people are tough! When we first arrived, most people in the water, especially the surfers, were wearing wet suits. The air temperature is a delightful 72-73. Of course, ... Read more >

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure (So They Say!)

FRANCE | Wednesday, 20 Jul 2016 | Views [242]

Another close-by town held a “Vide Grenier” today. It is like our garage sales but in France it is an “emptying of the attic”. They claimed to have 260 tables and I would be willing to bet that there were far more. People were ... Read more >

Rock and Not Roll

FRANCE | Tuesday, 19 Jul 2016 | Views [194]

This area is known for the magnificent natural splendor of its coast which is decorated with gigantic stone structures, some measuring as high as 60-65 ft. Walking along the coastal paths is exciting for two reasons. First, you have to be careful where ... Read more >


FRANCE | Monday, 18 Jul 2016 | Views [283]

Off we went to another market town, always looking for a great bargain or something different or a terrific souvenir. Well, this little town was quite a surprise! We have to go back for three reasons: 1)Ed forgot the camera, 2) We couldn't take pictures ... Read more >

Pontivy or Bridge of Ivy or Little Town in the Middle of Nowhere!

FRANCE | Sunday, 17 Jul 2016 | Views [281] | Comments [1]

Pontivy is situated on the Blavet River and there are a complex network of canals that crisscross it. These canals once insured that Napoleon's troops would always have access to much needed supplies. Even if the channel were blocked, his generals could ... Read more >

The Joy and Comfort of Visiting With Friends

FRANCE | Saturday, 16 Jul 2016 | Views [330]

Every summer when we are in Bretagne, we get together with our dear friends, Rosy and Patrick.(We met over 10 years ago when we rented their apartment in La Baule. And it is Rosy, with her infinite patience, who has allowed my French to progress with ... Read more >

A Great Fireworks Display for July14 Before The World Went Crazy Again in Nice

FRANCE | Friday, 15 Jul 2016 | Views [262]

Perrros-Guirec is the most well known little town in this region. It owes its popularity to the magnificent rock formations found along a long a lengthy section of its coast. Not only are the shapes extraordinary, but the color of the granite has a ... Read more >

Perros in full swing

FRANCE | Friday, 15 Jul 2016 | Views [182]

It turns out that our town, in season, has a Marche Nocturnal every Tuesday evening. And it is season! When I first saw the sign, I assumed that a few sellers would set up little tables and people would stroll by the beach looking at the wares being ... Read more >

So What's the Difference Between A Town of “Charm and Character” and a Town of “Character” Without

FRANCE | Wednesday, 13 Jul 2016 | Views [312]

Frankly, I have no idea! Although Pontrieux was quite lovely, so is Treguer. They both had great displays of flowers throughout their towns and they both encouraged local artisans to fill their shops with handmade pieces of art. We particularly enjoyed ... Read more >

A Pretty Little “Venice” in France

FRANCE | Tuesday, 12 Jul 2016 | Views [289]

The town of Pontrieux on the river Trieux is another well deserved 4 Star Ville Fleure as well as “A City of Charm and Character”. So, now we have discovered 1) The 100 Plus Beaux Villages in France 2) The 100 Plus Beaux Detours 3) 22 “... Read more >

Get Ready For Some Interesting Sounding Names!

FRANCE | Monday, 11 Jul 2016 | Views [253]

We have arrived in Perros-Gueric, the land of the Rose Colored Granite. And we were warmly greeted by our friend Pierre from whom we rented several years ago. In fact, our friendship is a good example of “paying it forward”. When we first ... Read more >

Photos: France 2016 Perros-Gueric

FRANCE | Monday, 11 Jul 2016 | Photo Gallery

Second stay for July
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Hug of War

FRANCE | Monday, 11 Jul 2016 | Views [221]

It seems to me that this Shel Silverstein poem makes a great deal of sense in this crazy mixed up world we are now living in! Hugs, giggles, and kisses to all of you!!!!

Adieu Deauville

FRANCE | Monday, 11 Jul 2016 | Views [574]

It is hard to believe that we have been here for all most four weeks! We have done and seen so much. I will miss the great walks around Deauville. There are so many different paths to choose from. After dinner we usually walk through the marina over ... Read more >

Serendipity of Finding A Little Jewel and a New BBF

FRANCE | Sunday, 10 Jul 2016 | Views [274] | Comments [1]

There is a little village about 20 minutes from here, it's called Cambremer. We had no idea what to expect as we drove in to the town and we were so pleasantly surprised. The whole village is dedicated to keeping beautiful gardens and they have decorated ... Read more >

Finding Monet (yes we did)

FRANCE | Saturday, 9 Jul 2016 | Views [238]

The largest city in Normandy is Rouen. Its history is rich and plentiful. We followed the Joan D'Arc trail on another vsist Today, we concentrated on the Cathedral made famous by Monet. It too is under construction as a result of contributions from ... Read more >

Remember “1066 and All That”?

FRANCE | Friday, 8 Jul 2016 | Views [227]

Well in Caen, aside from the famous WWII Memorial, is the largest Chateau/Fort in all of Europe and it belonged to none other than William the Conqueror or the Duke of Normandy as he is known here. The place is massive and now houses a few different ... Read more >

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