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Europe 2017

Thank You

FRANCE | Saturday, 2 Sep 2017 | Views [466] | Comments [1]

It's been a super summer and I'd like to thank you for following our travels and for your kind words concerning my blog entrees. In the past two years close to 16,000 people have read my blogs; maybe there is a book here?!   We've had a ... Read more >

Setting the Record Straight

FRANCE | Friday, 1 Sep 2017 | Views [335]

I want to make sure that you understand that not everyone living during the Middle Ages was an inhabitant within a stone walled city. In fact they were the lucky ones. Lest we forget, the village of Kerihnet was reconstructed for visitors to actually ... Read more >

Sanibel Has Its Shells and Guerande Has Its SALT!

FRANCE | Thursday, 31 Aug 2017 | Views [450]

We visited the famous walled city of Guerande today. It is unique because the entire wall is in place and inside there is a small but thriving little town with many of the shop owners living within the city walls in charming homes that are hundreds of ... Read more >

Surf, Sun and Sea Along the Rocky Coast

ITALY | Wednesday, 30 Aug 2017 | Views [328]

I never tire of walking along the rocky coast that this area offers. I would assume that part of my fascination is that the topography is so very different from Florida.There is also the thrill of a different spectacular view to behold, each time you ... Read more >

La Baule or Paris West!

FRANCE | Tuesday, 29 Aug 2017 | Views [428] | Comments [2]

We've left Fouras for La Baule. We are staying in the apartment of friends who we rented from 12 years ago.Through the years we have stayed in touch and in fact we have become close friends. Many of you know that Rosy and I speak via Skype every Thursday ... Read more >

Ed's Favorite French Food

FRANCE | Monday, 28 Aug 2017 | Views [492]

Tielle sétoise   People often ask what "our" favorite French food is.I thought you might enjoy seeing Ed's. Twenty years ago, a friend in Sete introduced himto this local delicacy. About five years ago, a company in Sete ... Read more >

An Intrepid Trooper

FRANCE | Sunday, 27 Aug 2017 | Views [384] | Comments [1]

So, there is a lovely flower  (by my standards anyway) here in the Charente Maritime called the Rose Tremiere. In English, it is the Hollyhock. Now, I hasten to add, I have seen them in other regions, but not in the quantities that one finds ... Read more >

Prom Night at the Carrelets in Fouras

FRANCE | Saturday, 26 Aug 2017 | Views [562]

For three evenings, just after the sun sets, the carrelets are lit up as if by magic. Just about everyone turns out to see them and they are treated to  a charming sight. Since each carrelet is a bit different, I would assume that it is up to the ... Read more >

St Savinien Sur Charente Another "Petite Cite de Character

FRANCE | Friday, 25 Aug 2017 | Views [654] | Comments [2]

Well there is another Petite Cite de Character" in our region so of course we had to check it out. It also has the title of "The Venice of the Charente". I wonder how many places are the "Venice of Something"? Last summer we visited a different one as ... Read more >

Fouras Is Always Hopping

ITALY | Thursday, 24 Aug 2017 | Views [309]

Granted it is the height of the tourist season. And Fouras has risen to the occasion. Just about every day there is some sort of entertainment going on somewhere.   We've seen concerts in the forest, at  the town bandstand and on one ... Read more >

Chatelaillon Plage-Belle Epoch

FRANCE | Wednesday, 23 Aug 2017 | Views [341]

There is a little beach town not very far from here called Chatelaillon Plage. It has two great things to recommend it. For some reason, the architecture of the Bell Epoch has been preserved here more than in most other towns in France. I have no idea ... Read more >

American Tourists Step Back in Time to the Bell Epoch in France

FRANCE | Tuesday, 22 Aug 2017 | Views [416] | Comments [2]

We had some fun the other day posing in these cut-outs. It's amazing how many people were just walking by them. But, when they saw us using them, they became quite popular. One year, in Cannes, they had a very real life-size cut -out of Brad and Angelina, ... Read more >

Truth Revealed About French Food!

FRANCE | Monday, 21 Aug 2017 | Views [407]

Well there has been a great deal of talk this summer about "MalBouffee" a recently coined French expression for junk food. it has not escaped the notice of the French eye that their people are putting on more weight despite the article last year about ... Read more >

So, How Old Is Your House?

FRANCE | Sunday, 20 Aug 2017 | Views [325]

We visited dear friends today. We exchanged with them 18 years ago! And, whenever we are in the Charente, we always get together. So, we've seen them several times but today was even extra special because two of their three children were there with their ... Read more >

Too Much Sadness

FRANCE | Saturday, 19 Aug 2017 | Views [457] | Comments [1]

Dear Blog Readers, I find the the events in the U.S.A. and here in Europe very upsetting. Since most of you know me quite well, you know that I feel very strongly about what is happening to our country with the president. I find that I don't want ... Read more >

Another Super Concert

FRANCE | Saturday, 19 Aug 2017 | Views [377]

Today's concert was held at mid-day and it too was very well attended. Five distinguished musicians - 2 from the National Symphony Orchestra of Paris, 2 from the National Symphony of Bordeaux and the leader who plays with the Guardians de la Pays (a ... Read more >

Fouras' Claim To Fame - Fort Vauban

FRANCE | Friday, 18 Aug 2017 | Views [482]

I would be remiss if I didn't mention "our fort". It is a reminder of Fouras' early history as it dates back to the early 1300's. The huge dungeon was added later and it now houses a tiny museum.   What's unique about the Fort, is that you ... Read more >

Rochefort - Home of the Hermione and Much More!

FRANCE | Thursday, 17 Aug 2017 | Views [353]

I'm willing to bet that if you ask most people coming into Rochefort today, they'll tell you that a visit to the Hermione brought them. But, the town has much more to offer tourists. We first visited before the construction of the Hermione ... Read more >

The Marquis de Lafayette Prepares To Leave for America!

FRANCE | Wednesday, 16 Aug 2017 | Views [477]

Someone here in France decided that it would be a great idea to build a replica of Lafayette's ship, The Hermione". And to build it using the same techniques and materials that were available to ship builders some 250 years ago. Thus began the story ... Read more >

A Two Donkey Town

FRANCE | Tuesday, 15 Aug 2017 | Views [375]

Off we went to a town, Port Barques" we've never been to. In a brochure, it said it was having a two day Festival and we like festivals!   Do you know the term "one horse town"? Well, this place is a "two donkey town"!  The "festival' ... Read more >

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