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Truth Revealed About French Food!

FRANCE | Monday, 21 August 2017 | Views [338]

Well there has been a great deal of talk this summer about "MalBouffee" a recently coined French expression for junk food. it has not escaped the notice of the French eye that their people are putting on more weight despite the article last year about "Why French Women Don't Gain Weight". It's not true anymore! And, it's not because of an invasion of American junk food. That's been here for years and years.
If you look at all the fatty meats in the super markets, it is impossible to figure out why it wasn't more of a problem sooner.
But, in traditional French Style, they have responded with an Ad Campaign "Manger, Bouger' - "Eat, Move". So, people are being encouraged to hop on their bikes, lace up their sneakers and head out to EXERCISE! And, many of them are, right after they finish their wine and and a cigarette!  Oh right, they are also being reminded to eat at least five pieces of fruit a day too. (Pardon the sarcasm but after a decline in smoking, cigarette prices were lowered and guess what? More people started smoking again! Now, of course, the price of cigarettes are going up again.
And the poor "sandwich" is also under attack and being blamed for the weight gain. Pretty much gone are the long and formal 4 or 5 course, two hour lunches. Instead, many people just order a freshly made sandwich from a boulangerie. It's much less expensive and  can't have as many calories as a 4 course two hour lunch.

In closing, it would be remiss not to mention the French love/hate relationship with "fast food". They decry how awful it is, but they jam into McD's and  now Burger King.  And we do know that what they are serving isn't particularly known for its great nutrition.

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