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Peterhof, Our Favorite Tour Destination

Sunday, 28 Aug 2016 | Views [199]

Peterhof was built by Peter the Great as his Summer Palace for the use of his family and the royal court. We lucked out with the weather and it was sunny, and warm. (According to our guide, there were only 12 or 13 rain free days the whole summer). ... Read more >

Walking Tallinn, Skype's Home

Thursday, 25 Aug 2016 | Views [413]

Tallinn, Estonia is truly a gem. The entire old city, which is quite large, is a UNESCO, World Heritage Site (We walked over 8 miles in the “old city”). It is steeped in history and beauty. And you can see the different cultural influences ... Read more >

A Day of “Rest”

Wednesday, 24 Aug 2016 | Views [272]

We are at sea today heading for Tallin, Estonia. There is always so much to do and choices to make. Our Trivia team is doing quite well and we have a great deal of fun, even when our answers are incorrect! Here is a taste of life on board... See Photo ... Read more >

Aarhus, Denmark, The Cultural Capital of Europe 2017 (according to them)

Tuesday, 23 Aug 2016 | Views [247] | Comments [2]

Aarhus is a college city with lots of new buildings going up which are mostly museums and theaters. It also has the tallest and longest church in Denmark and a brand new waterside library. There is also a cool looking museum that has a unique exterior ... Read more >

Oslo's and its Iceberg

Monday, 22 Aug 2016 | Views [282]

Oslo has a new Opera and Ballet Theater. It is right in the Harbor and it is truly lovely. You can walk on its roof and admire a majestic sight of new Oslo going up before your eyes. The theater is supposed to capture the spirit of an iceberg. And it ... Read more >

Photos: Celebrity Baltic Cruise

Monday, 22 Aug 2016 | Photo Gallery

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Welcome Aboard

Sunday, 21 Aug 2016 | Views [215]

So nice to relax and be waited on hand and foot! We have met some delightful people from Canada, Australia and the States. Here are some of our favorite places on the ship (including a lawn with real grass). But, I love the coffee from the specialty ... Read more >

Goodbye Amsterdam; Here We Come Oslo!

Saturday, 20 Aug 2016 | Views [291] | Comments [2]

We say farewell to Amsterdam and board the Celebrity Silhouette today for the beginning of our two week Baltic Cruise. My neck is looking forward to some rest after having to swivel multiple times before taking each step. Supposedly, the internet ... Read more >

So, When Does A Bike Create More of a Problem Than Help the Environment?

Friday, 19 Aug 2016 | Views [302] | Comments [1]

There are some 800,000 people in Amsterdam and approximately 880,000 bikes!!!!! And no, I haven't counted them. Many people with whom we have spoken, explain that they keep as many as three bikes around town in different areas. This massive quantity, ... Read more >

Exploring Amsterdam's Museum Area On A Sunny Day

Thursday, 18 Aug 2016 | Views [343]

Amsterdam is rather unique in that several major museums are located quite close to one another. For example near the Van Gogh Museum, you also have the Museum of Modern Art, The Rembrandt Museum as well as the Concert Hall. The area is filled with ... Read more >

The Van Gogh Museum and Special Exhibit

Wednesday, 17 Aug 2016 | Views [281]

Interestingly enough, the dream for the museum was brought to fruition by Van Gogh's nephew, Vincent (who was named after his famous uncle by Van Gogh's brother, Theo.) The museum is an amazing tribute to Van Gogh. His works are beautifully displayed ... Read more >

Making Dutch Wooden Shoes

Tuesday, 16 Aug 2016 | Views [315] | Comments [1]

This was a really neat experience! A machine ( made in France) can make a pair of wooden shoes in 5 minutes and the gentleman demonstrated how it's done. He began with a hunk of wet poplar wood. With a very sharp knife, that looked more like a sword, ... Read more >

A New Neighborhood

Monday, 15 Aug 2016 | Views [198]

Today we explored a different section of Amsterdam. It is called Jordaan and is known as the “arty” area. The streets are a wee bit smaller (which makes them really narrow) and they are a great deal less crowded! The shops were even more ... Read more >

Dutch Humor or "What's in a Name"?

Sunday, 14 Aug 2016 | Views [304]

You judge for yourself. We have found the names of some of the shops either clever, humorous and/ or thought-provoking. Here are some of favorites. See Photo Gallery to view them.  

Class Trip

Saturday, 13 Aug 2016 | Views [343] | Comments [2]

At one of the entrance's to our local park there is a kindergarten. On several of our excursions we have seen the children playing in the park. Just outside the main door are special bicycles that hold eight children each. The other day we saw the bikes ... Read more >

The Land of the Windmills

Friday, 12 Aug 2016 | Views [293]

In the Zaan region of the Netherlands, which is the oldest industrial area of Western Europe you find what remains of the 600 plus windmills that used to generate power for the mills. Today fewer than 10 remain and they saw wood, grind flour, produce ... Read more >

The Automatic Transportation Machine Is Eating Ed's Credit Card!

Thursday, 11 Aug 2016 | Views [247]

Public transportation here is relatively expensive. In Paris you can buy a book of 10 tickets for about $12. One ticket will take you from one side of Paris to the other. And it is simple to follow the visual instructions even if you don't speak French.... Read more >

Who Knew Edam Was Not Only Delicious But Beautiful As Well?

Wednesday, 10 Aug 2016 | Views [274]

We took a tour out of the city today to Edam. And yes, the famous cheese is made there. But, the city itself is quaint and quite charming. There are flowers everywhere and of course canals crisscross the little city. There is even one bride that has ... Read more >

Begining to unravel the secrets of Amsterdam

Tuesday, 9 Aug 2016 | Views [289]

We set off this morning to explore another area of Amsterdam. Although our destination was the Flower district, we meandered aimlessly through the streets enjoying all the sights to behold on our way. It doesn't take long to leave our peaceful neighborhood ... Read more >

Cinderella Lost Her Head and It's Not To Prince Charming!

Monday, 8 Aug 2016 | Views [288]

I've mentioned that we are very close to a lovely, large park with a running track, tennis courts, a few small lakes, and a canal on one of its boundaries. The other day we were strolling in the park near one of the lakes and I did a double-take. Floating ... Read more >

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