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Europe 2017

Prom Night at the Carrelets in Fouras

FRANCE | Saturday, 26 August 2017 | Views [542]

For three evenings, just after the sun sets, the carrelets are lit up as if by magic. Just about everyone turns out to see them and they are treated to  a charming sight. Since each carrelet is a bit different, I would assume that it is up to the individual owner to plan how he wants to decorate it. The town helps with the lighting of the coastal paths, however. It wouldn't be good for tourism, if some visitors fell off a cliff while appreciating the "Carrelets en Lumiere".
If you venture on the sea path on most nights, you'd need to take a flashlight to find your way. Depending on the moon, the carrelets are visible in shadow; but are much more interesting during the day. However, during these special three evenings, the carrelets are decorated with mobiles made from reeds resembling fish dangling from their underside. Others are made from some sort of reflective material that shines in the spotlights.

The paths are lit with thousands of tiny white lights that might have been purchased at a Xmas sale. They are about the same size and are strung together along the entire pathway. Classical music being piped in, completes the atmosphere. Fortunately, we just had to walk a short distance from our house to the path. Parking was at a premium and since the streets are so narrow to begin with, it was hard to navigate the crowds.



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