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Too Much Sadness

FRANCE | Saturday, 19 August 2017 | Views [389] | Comments [1]

Dear Blog Readers, I find the the events in the U.S.A. and here in Europe very upsetting. Since most of you know me quite well, you know that I feel very strongly about what is happening to our country with the president. I find that I don't want to continue writing humorous pieces of fluff while being surrounded by so much negativity. There are a few more which I wrote before Heather Heyer was killed by a white supremacist and before the dreadful man in the White House made his awful response, giving his positive nod to the extreme right, encouraging this kind of horrible behavior even more.
So, I'll send them out, but then I'm finished.
I hope that all of you will take some kind of action, no matter how small, to reaffirm all the good that our country has always stood for.
The images flying across the TV screen were painful to watch and listen to as I heard chants and images that were too reminiscent of the films I have seen from Nazi Germany so many years ago. And to think that they were happening again, in modern Charlottesville, VA!!!!   And that the person who represents this country is so morally bankrupt that he can't find the words to  condemn the actions of these hate-filled miscreants. Then, to make matters even worse, he tries to tell the world that both sides were equally at fault.
As a former history professor, I am stupefied. This man has no sense of history and he is truly without a moral compass. But, didn't I know this? - he made fun of a handicapped journalist, he insulted our Mexican neighbors and farm workers, an American born judge, all women, and of course he told a crowd of his followers to "beat the crap" out of someone who was disagreeing with him and he also told the audience that he would pay the legal fees for anyone who did what he asked!
Yesterday I was listening to Chris Cillizza and he suggested that the man truly enjoys being a provocateur. It fits his narcissistic needs. The man will stop at nothing to be the center of attention. His words and actions make no sense to rational people. And it is time, actually past time, that all of us stand up and say so. We are also tired of his lies and must encourage Republican Senators and Representatives to speak out as well. I commend Sen. Corker for yesterday's remarks about and against the orange man. More politicians must join him. And don't be fooled; he wants us talking about Bannon, not Charlottesville. Bannon was only a symptom, not the disease!
And remember what Edmund Burke said so many years ago, "All that is required for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing."  



Since I agree with you completely, brava for posting it. We are now in
A beautiful city in Poland, Wroclaw for an international librarians convention.
We arrived from Berlin where everyone we met agree with us on the severity on our situation and asked "how could this happen?". The day before we left we saw a protest against Trump a
Trump of 5,000 people at the stately Brandenburg Gate. We felt validated.
Now in Poland , same question, same support for the resistance. There is a large group
Of Americans who say everyone has been very sympathetic toward the US and hopes
That he will be out of office asap. Then they say , you know, we all loved Obama. So do we , we tell them.

  Catherine Borchmann Aug 21, 2017 10:50 PM

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